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Chapter 588: The King’s Visit!

Chapter 588: The King’s Visit!

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Bu Jingtian was powerful in cultivation. He had been over the limit of Sky Origin Stage for a long time, however, he had never taken the step forward, so he never acquired the Heavenly Spiritual Body. That was why he couldn’t reach the Dream Origin Stage in his life. What a shame!

However, Ye Xiao became Heavenly Spiritual Body before he reached the limit of Sky Origin Stage. That was so different between one and another!

"That is such a fast progress!" Ye Xiao took a long breath.

Actually, he had been looking forward to this moment. However, he thought that it would take him at least one year to reach such a level no matter how hard he worked and how lucky he was.

In fact, one year was actually an impractical and extravagant hope!

However, unexpectedly, he just made it so easily. One step into the heaven!

"I must work harder on the girl tonight. Maybe it will help me break through a few more levels!"

He clicked on the tongue and thought about it. He knew it was not right to think so, but he just couldn’t stop it.

As he thought of it, he felt burning hot down there. He nearly couldn’t hold it and jetted… that… out!

He hurriedly operated the East-rising Purple Qi to calm it down. That successfully suppressed it down.

"They said men mostly die on women’s belly. That thing… You just cannot get it out of your mind… It truly is…" Ye Xiao giggled. His face looked so wicked at the moment.

The next moment, luckily, he returned to normal, and he started to think about the business in Ling-Bao Hall.

It had been a few days since the reward warrant was sent out. There was no news coming in yet.

Those assassins were all cautious ones. Before they did it, they would do many works such as checking possible locations, putting watchdogs, getting intelligence, checking landscapes, and planning retreat. They had to be fully prepared before they made the killing strike!

After all, what they were doing now concerned the rests of their lives. None of them dared to be careless!

Because of that, Ye Xiao was quite free and leisure these days.

While Ye Xiao was in Ling-Bao Hall...

A group of people crowded to the gate of the General Ye’s House.

The blood guards reported to Song Jue inside. Song Jue was shocked and then confused.

"The king comes for a visit!"

Song Jue was blank. [Big Brother isn’t home now. Why does that old king come?]

However, Song Jue was the most exalted person in the house now. He had to go out and greet the king.

Surely, he didn’t put the king in his heart at all. Even when his cultivation hadn’t recovered, he never truly respected the King. Now, he absolutely wouldn’t need to. He was shocked because he didn’t expect the king would come, but the great Steward Song would never be scared!

In fact, if the king knew about Song Jue’s true capability, he should be the one scared!

"Your majesty, what can I do for you?"

Song Jue politely bowed, led the King to the inner hall, and then asked in a low voice.

The king asked Ye Nantian to be sworn brothers himself. Surely, he was quite familiar with Song Jue, as Song Jue was Ye Nantian’s brother too. The king didn’t see him as a steward. He didn’t feel offended when Song Jue talked to him like that. Instead, he felt it so casual and comfortable. He frowned and said, "Nothing serious. Too many things happened recently. I am bored. Just want to have a leisure chat with somebody. I looked around the capital. There is barely anybody to whom I can really talk with. Brother Song, you are a special one. I just want to come and check on you. It’s hard to find a moment of leisure in a busy life."

Song Jue thought, [He knows who I am. That’s fair. But we are not close enough for him to come and have a close chat with me.]

[He must be here for something important.]

Song Jue was ready for what would happen. [Before Second Prince died, he did come here.]

[I can’t lie about that.]

[When he left this place, his entire family got wiped out.]

[House of Ye is surely under suspicion.]

[But… So what? Even if I tell him the truth, so what?]

General Ye was playing a powerful and important role in the war. Song Jue didn’t really care about what the king thought.

[If I am pissed, I can kill all your sons, not to mention just one. What can you do to me though?]

The scorching fire of anger was raging up in Song Jue’s heart.

He didn’t notice the four martial artists beside the King were staring at him with astonishment.

They could never imagine that the king would be so polite to a steward of Ye Nantian!

The king acted like he and Song Jue were equals in this kingdom!

[Is this steward an outstanding figure too?]

Master Sun, the strongest martial artist among the four looked at Song Jue up and down, with confusion in the eyes.

The next moment, the king told the four of them to get away. He wanted to have a private talk with Song Jue.

The four guys were hesitating. They were not sure if it was right to leave him. The king smiled and said, "Look. If he wants to kill me, he could easily kill me a million times. Since he hasn’t tried to kill me even once, he won’t now… Just get off."

The four guys walked out humbly, but kept observing every movement in the room.

They were gone.

The king looked at Song Jue and said, "Brother Song, I am here to ask you about something. Please tell me the truth."

Song Jue blandly spoke, "Your majesty, just go ahead. I will tell you whatever I know."

"I just want to know, that day when Second Prince came here, what did he say? What did he do?" The king didn’t look at Song Jue. He was looking at somewhere else.

Song Jue blandly spoke, "That day when he came, he wanted to recruit Xiao Xiao. He wanted somebody from House of Ye to stand on his side. That is all. It is reasonable. The three noble clans have been killed by the two great sects there after all. The three princes returned to an equal starting line, so it is not a surprise that Second Prince want to recruit more forces."

"Bastard!" the king cursed with extreme anger.

In the Royal Clan, the fights between fathers and sons, among brothers, were the most painful but unavoidable things. The king had tried so hard not to have such things happen. When the fights among his sons had happened several times, he still pretended that nothing had gone wrong. However, whatever he did, they were useless. His three sons still ended up in the worst situation.