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Chapter 589: You Misread!

Chapter 589: You Misread!

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"Who doesn’t want to sit on that throne? Everybody does. That is normal. Second Prince had such an ambition. He shouldn’t be blamed on that," Song Jue casually talked.

"And then?" the king asked.

"What do you expect? Who do you think he is? Of course, Xiao Xiao wouldn’t agree. It didn’t end with happiness." Song Jue still sounded casual. "I heard he got his entire family wiped out after that day. Those who look for trouble always die early!"

Song Jue’s words were sharp. He meant more than what he said, and he didn’t want to hide anything.

The king’s face contorted and he said, "Did he do anything he shouldn’t in the House of Ye? That bastard son. He didn’t say anything offensive, did he?"

Song Jue said, "If he did, do you think he could leave here safely?"

He emphasized the last few words.

The king was relieved. "That’s true."

[My second son was bodacious and vile, but he would never do anything he shouldn’t. He knew how to act under restraint. I believe he didn’t dare to seek troubles in Ye Nantian’s house after all.]

They had some casual talk after that and then the king took leave.

He hadn’t acted like a king since he stepped in this house. He was more like an old friend. Song Jue acted far from a servant. He acted like he was just trying to send away some unexpected visitor. He wasn’t that distant, but not enthusiastic at all!

However, the king didn’t mind. Steward Song didn’t mind either!

"I will go to Ling-Bao Hall and visit the man everybody is talking about recently, Feng Monarch."

That was his last word before he left.

Song Jue looked at the king and his men leaving. He felt stressed. [He suspects after all. However, so what? Look what your bastard son has done. Trouble after trouble. You are suspecting, so what? Even if you know the truth, what can you do?]

And he murmured after leaving with his hands on the back.

- Bang! -

He kicked on the door to shut it!

That was loud.

A few blood guards were frightened by the old man Song. They were nearly freaked out.

[Oh my bloody heavens!]

[The king has just left and you actually shut the door with a kick like this!]

[How about take it mildly to kick the door. That was loud enough to shock the entire Chen-Xing City there!]

[Why are you so disgruntled!]

[That is… That is the king. Even though you are disgruntled, you shouldn’t show it like this…]

[This is a firm and solid charge of offending the king!]

[That is looking for death! My lord! Lord Song!]

"What are you looking at? Shut the gate, will you?!" Song Jue humphed and then walked to the yard, murmuring, "What a fxcking day… Rats, dogs, all can get in for a visit now… Where do you think this is? I don’t have time to deal with you! Pah!"

As expected, the blood guards passed out at the door.

What Song Jue said… That was so valiant and bodacious, wasn’t it?

The king walked for a long distance after he left. He hadn’t said anything; he just showed a dark face.

Master Sun seemed like he wanted to say something. He looked at the king’s face and spoke in a low voice, "Your majesty, I wonder if I should say what I am thinking now."

The king half closed his eyes and said, "What is it? Go ahead!"

Master Sun got closer and spoke in a voice that only he and the king could hear, "Your majesty… I saw that steward in the House of Ye… I felt… familiar somehow…"

The king frowned and said in a deep voice, "Familiar? How?"

Master Sun’s eyes flashed. He said, "That day… The superior cultivator who threw Second Prince down from that tower… I fought against him but got defeated by one palm hit… I deeply remembered it… that man’s postures…"

The king’s face turned stiff. He turned to Master Sun and looked at him. His eyes were filled with cold lights. "Hmm? Do you mean…"

Master Sun was sweating. He said, "This Steward Song… I think… maybe… he could be that guy…"

The king’s face changed color as he stared at Master Sun’s face. His eyes looked extremely dangerous at the moment.

Master Sun felt terrified like he had never did!

He could feel the killing qi from the king!

It was not against the steward though. It was against Master Sun himself!

It was just for him!

Master Sun quivered.

However, the king only showed that for seconds. He returned to peace soon and looked at Master Sun. He said in a low voice, "You misread, I am afraid!"

And then he stared at Master Sun.

Master Sun felt wet on his back. He wiped the sweat and said, "Right. I was defeated by one hit. I must be lost there. I misread it."

"Sure you did," the king said again.

"Yes," Master Sun said. His heart beated even faster.

The king casually said, "Since you know it now, you should not mention it again. If it spread out to the public, that would cause a huge mistake!"

Master Sun nearly kneeled down. "Yes, your majesty! I will never mention a word about it in my life."

The king had shown his attitude and position about that. Master Sun had been following him for so many years. He surely knew what that meant.

[I don’t care if you are right about it or not! Remember you did misread it!]

[House of Ye can not be touched.]

[If the House of Ye falls, the kingdom falls.]

[Especially now!]

[Second Prince committed such a crime. How can we keep going behind this case?]

[Royal dignity? Honor?]

[We have lost it at the beginning!]

[If we stick on it in the name of the Royal House, everybody will treat us as fraud!]

The king blinked his eyes and answer with a ‘hmm’, then he stopped talking.

Master Sun didn’t dare to speak a word. He and the others were only following the king.

However, the king’s breath was unstable, sometimes heavy, while sometimes weak. His face was changing expressions too. Apparently, he was having multiple emotions.

Nobody noticed that the king’s eyes had a sense of confusion. [Song Jue? Was it really him?]

The king believed that the murderer must be somebody else. However, Master Sun’s words made him think deeper. Things were getting complicated…

It seemed everything was suddenly behind a thick cloud.

While he nearly arrived at Ling-Bao Hall, he finally took a long breath out and murmured something.

"The bastard deserves to die. I have no words to say!"

In fact, Master Sun didn’t know. The king decided to put this down because of something bigger!

Even if he decided to call charges to the murderer, could he?