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Chapter 590: Visiting Ling-Bao Hall

Chapter 590: Visiting Ling-Bao Hall

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Let alone how powerful Ye Nantian, the Great General was, the House of Ye had the power to wipe out Second Prince’s family in one day and their man could throw Second Prince down off the tower and defeat two great martial artists. Royal House didn’t have the capability to mess with them at all!

If the king decided to turn against the House of Ye, he would certainly lose and be laughed at!

Ling-Bao Hall.

Ye Xiao was lying on the bed after dealing with some small business. He was thinking of the day when Xiu of the Heavens would bring him more materials. He thought of the nine thousand more meteoric iron, and was filled with happiness…


"The king is coming!"

It was reported to the entire Ling-Bao Hall!

Wan Zhenghao was shouting as loudly as he could.

"Sweep the floor! Hurry! Damn it!"

"This way! Here…"

"There… There!"

"You… Hey! Go get on that thing…"

"You, you and you…"

"Guards, marshals!"

"Hurry up! For god’s sake! You assassins get the hell back to your rooms and sleep through it… You will be doomed if you got caught by the royal guards…"

"Oh for fxck’s sake! I know you are assassins. You can pretend not, can’t you…"

"Hurry! Red carpets…"

"Clean it, you fool! Fxck! The front hall is still making deals… I will be damned…"

Wan Zhenghao jumped up and down, busy like hell.

He was a rich man. He was the richest man in the world!

But apparently, he had never met a king so closely!

He had received a king before, but it was in the auction. There were so many treasures on sale. The king came to the auction because he should, but he didn’t even say a word to Wan Zhenghao.

Now, however, was different. The king came to his place on purpose. That was something he had never experienced before. Boss Wan really hadn’t seen a king so close before. This was record breaking.

That was why he was particularly thrilled!

It was like there was a clockwork in his butt, making him jump up and down in excitement.

His fat face was all red.

Wan Zhenghao was definitely better than any king in Land of Han-Yang on wealth, experience, knowledge and age. He could see a king with disdainfulness if he wanted, however, he was just too low. He wasn’t like the richest man in the world at all. He just heard that the king was coming for a visit, and he was so flattered, ready to suck up to the king. That was so low…

After that, his excitement was forcibly suppressed down by somebody else.

"What is it?" Feng Monarch frowned as he showed a dark face. He showed up at the stairs, looking down at those who were busy doing things with dissatisfaction. "Wan Zhenghao, what the hell are you doing? Are you insane?"

Wan rushed over with excitement, talking incoherently, "Monarch, his majesty, his majesty is… is coming…"

"So what? Is he an old friend to you whom you haven’t met in bed for a long time?" Feng Monarch looked down at him.

"Urh…" Wan Zhenghao felt like he was thrown cold water on. He faltered. "No… I am not that kind."

"No… Then why are you acting like you are sexually aroused?" Feng Monarch looked at him with disappointment. "As the boss of Ling-Bao Hall, you should be more sober and steady-going! Understand?"

Boss Wan stared at him. He couldn’t believe it. "Monarch, that is the king we are talking about…" He thought maybe Feng Monarch mistook it. He kept emphasizing it, "The king! It’s the king of the Kingdom of Chen… Ahhh…"

Feng Monarch took a long breath out and sighed. He looked at Wan Zhenghao with many emotions in the eyes such as ‘mud can never hold the wall’, ’this is so shameful’ and ‘how do I end up having you as my understrapper’. He sighed and said, "I know he is the king. He is the owner of this land. So what? What? Is he going to crown you or something?"

Wan Zhenghao was shocked. "No."

"Or maybe you want him to give you a chance to be an official?"

"Urhh… Maybe he wants to, but I really don’t like it."

"Or maybe he will give you money?"

"Urh… It is always me giving him money. The kingdom is never going to give us money."

"Is he going to swear brotherhood with you?"

"Hmm… Maybe he wants to, but I don’t like it either."

"Can he give you a wife?"

"Maybe he can and he plans to, but I still don’t like it. I don’t need a wife. I don’t need it!"

"Will he kill you if he feels offended by you?"

"Not really. Even though he may want to, but he wouldn’t dare."

"He is going to give you anything you need? What he can offer are things you don’t like. Then why are you so excited?" Ye Xiao looked at him and disappointedly said, "Look at your spiritless face! What the hell did you learn during all the years you have lived?"

Wan Zhenghao was enlightened. He was shocked. He felt ashamed!

He then gradually realized it. [That’s right. The king comes, so he does. It has nothing good to do to me. Why am I excited? What for?]

"Wan Zhenghao, you are the boss of Ling-Bao Hall. You have lived over three thousand years! You are the richest man in the world. You have a group of assassins under your command, including the three top assassins in the league. Ling-Bao Hall has just posted the reward warrant with the biggest bounty in the history! You should stay higher than any king in this world! You must be sober! You must stay firm! You must be stable! Calm down! You are a great figure! Understand?" Feng Monarch was giving him a lesson.

Wan Zhenghao was ashamed. He could only agree.

"However, things should be done to greet our guest after all. You just need to pay attention to your self-status." Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, "A powerful man’s heart will not be influenced by anybody!"

"Thanks for your guidance, Monarch!" Wan Zhenghao was convinced.

The king and his people finally arrived.

The first feeling he had was, [Great Ling-Bao Hall indeed!]

[So unique!]

[The legendary place indeed!]

Ling-Bao Hall was quiet and clean. Red carpets were on the floor, and business was paused for the visit.

However, the people in it were all steady and calm.

They were polite.

But they didn’t seem thrilled at all, even when the king arrived!

He couldn’t feel any greasiness at all.

Only respect, but it stayed within the boundary of respect.

The king praised in his mind. [This may be the only group of people I have ever seen who are so polite but not flattering in my country…]

He looked over and suddenly got astonished by what he saw!

He saw a giant fat guy stepping out from inside the hall. There should be a poem for this unbelievably fat guy.

‘The unique and only fatty in the history;

The fattest being in the firmament!

One footstep causes an earthquake;

One body shake leads to a big wave!’

[That is legendary fat, marvelously fat, fat in a myth!]

[That is such a miracle about being fat!]