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Chapter 591: Come Meet Me Inside!

Chapter 591: Come Meet Me Inside!

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The fat guy walked over to the king with the fat on his body waving like waves. He bowed to the king. While he was about to say something, he suddenly fell on the floor!

The earth shook because of it, as if an earthquake was coming!

Everybody was shocked. [What the hell is happening?]

The king frowned. He was confused and thought, [What the hell is it? Is he showing respect to me? By touching the floor with his entire body?]

Wan Zhenghao was moving under the watch of everybody. He seemed to be trying to get up?

However, he was too heavy. It was really difficult for him to get up after falling on the floor. He pushed the floor with his hands three times, but he just couldn’t.

Some servants of Ling-Bao Hall came over and tried to pull him up together. Finally, he stood up.

The king was too shocked that he nearly couldn’t say a word. "It is… the first time we meet, my man. No need for such an inimitable salute."

He had heard that Boss Wan was badly overweight. However, he never expected that he would be so fat! It terrified him indeed.

Wan Zhenghao finally stood firm. He didn’t seem embarrassed at all. He just smiled and casually spoke, "Your majesty, you mistook me. I just tried to make a fist salute. However, I am seriously overweight. I lost balance and fell down. Ha. What a joke. I am just man from countryside. I am truly not the man you want, your majesty. Hehe!"

"Ahem…" The king suddenly lost his words. [He didn’t do that to make a salute. He didn’t even want to kneel! Countryside? Not the man I want? Isn’t it showing his position? He really is a big guy with big guts!]

"Is Feng Monarch here?" the king asked.

He apparently didn’t want to continue the topic about Wan Zhenghao anymore. The real owner of Ling-Bao Hall was Feng Zhiling. It was more important to see the real boss.

"He is in the inner hall, waiting for you, your majesty," Wan Zhenghao said. He admired Feng Monarch so much. [Great Monarch! What he said was so right. I didn’t flatter the king, and he still remained the same! We have power and wealth, why should I care about royal privilege? That is right!]

However, as Wan Zhenghao answered, the men around the king all were annoyed.

[Is this Feng Monarch in Ling-Bao Hall too arrogant?]

[His majesty has come and he actually didn’t come out!]

[Does he want his majesty to get in to meet him?]

[How bodacious!]

"Bodacious!" Master Sun angrily shouted. His eyes were like lightnings. "How dare Feng Zhiling not come out and greet his majesty? That is the crime of disgracing the king!"

Wan Zhenghao didn’t change the expression on his face. He blandly said, "Monarch is in the Kingdom of Chen, but he is never a citizen of Kingdom of Chen! Ling-Bao Hall is all around the three kingdoms, yet Monarch never bowed to any king yet. He will never. The reason he gave the kingdom so much money was for the interest of Ling-Bao Hall. He wasn’t doing it as a responsibility of a citizen. Maybe the kingdom never wanted to return any favor. Well, that would be a mistake we make in business then. That would also be a great mistake of the kingdom."

That was such a tough talk with sharp words. He actually outwitted the group of men by talking.

Nobody could argue against that.

Feng Monarch was not their people. Surely he wouldn’t need to bow to the king. He had devoted a huge fortune to the Kingdom of Chen. That was a great favor, but it was not something he should have done.

In other words… a favor should be returned!

The king smiled, "That’s right. Feng Monarch stayed in this kingdom and has helped the kingdom a great deal. I should have come and visit him a long time ago. Please, Boss Wan, could you go inform Feng Monarch."

He waved his hand to make Master Sun and others calm down.

Wan Zhenghao smiled like a big flower. "Monarch has given the order. If you come, you can go into the inner hall. No need for further report!"

That made the officials and martial artists more furious!

[Actually… No need for further report? What the hell! Who do you think you are?]

[That is inordinately bodacious!]

[That is no less criminal than treason!]

The king was quite casual though. He stopped the officials and smiled. "I am not his king anyway. He is the host while I am the guest. Please, lead the way, Boss Wan."

The king had experience dealing with such kind of men, such as Ye Nantian and Song Jue… He didn’t really feel difficult about Feng Zhiling’s attitude.

In fact, not to mention Feng Zhiling, Chen Xuantian even had certain respect for Wan Zhenghao.

That was a monster who had lived for over three thousand years after all. He was the richest man in the Land of Han-Yang. Even if Feng Zhiling didn’t suddenly pop up, Wan Zhenghao should still be a legend in the history. All kings in the world should respect him.

After all, all kings wanted to live longer. It would be perfect if they could be immortal. In Wan Zhenghao’s life, there were so many people who had tried to conquer Ling-Bao Hall for the secret of immortality. However, none of them truly got anything from him. Nobody got the secret of being immortal. Instead, those who had messed with Ling-Bao Hall all vanished within a few years!

There was a question people loved to discuss for a long time. If the House of the Chaotic Storms fought against Ling-Bao Hall, who would win? However, the House of the Chaotic Storms never wanted anything from Ling-Bao Hall—not even the secret of immortality or the money. The two forces had never fought against each other. If not for Feng Zhiling forcibly getting in Ling-Bao Hall and taking charge, the two forces would never have any relation!

Surely, there were just some guesses on that in the world. Only people of either of the two sides knew the truth.

No matter what, Chen Xuantian, the King of Kingdom of Chen, didn’t know the truth!

0He met Wan Zhenghao, the immortal man, and he was going to meet the man who was above Wan Zhenghao, the legendary supreme dan-maker, Feng Zhiling. Chen Xuantian really didn’t think he should see himself as a king!

To show sincerity, he stopped the royal martial artists from coming with him. He followed Wan Zhenghao into the inner hall alone!

They entered the inner hall.

The king finally met the legendary figure, Feng Monarch, Feng Zhiling!