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Chapter 592: Three Things!

Chapter 592: Three Things!

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He was a legendary master dan maker who could make supreme dan beads. He could stop a disturbance by himself. He could handle countless assassins by himself. He could fight against lots of superior cultivators in the world by himself. He could donate seventy billion to the military force by himself. He could spend five hundred billion to make a reward warrant! He set a new rule to the martial world by himself!

He was average height, average weight, average skin colors, not too young, not too old…

He looked so normal!

He was the kind that couldn’t be easily recognized in a crowd.

However, he had made such a great achievement!

"Finally, I am lucky to see the world-shocking Feng Monarch. I am most fortunate." The king smiled.

He wasn’t surprised though.

In fact, no matter what Feng Monarch looked like, the king wouldn’t be surprised! Those who made great achievements were not all with pretty faces.

In fact, the king felt it real that Feng Monarch looked this normal.

"Your majesty. I didn’t go out and greet you. You must not mind me." Ye Xiao stood up and slightly bowed. "There are so many assassins waiting to kill me. Once I show up there, troubles will come. If anything accidentally happens to you, that will be my fault."

That was a fair explanation though.

However, the king thought not. [He has a sharp tongue. That is not true. You can face all superior cultivators in the world and act casually… Now we are in your own place, yet you said you were afraid there would be any accident on me… To hell I believe you!]

But he still smiled and said, "Not at all. Feng Monarch, you are so thorough and thoughtful. That is what we all should be."

They looked at each other, smiling, then they took the seats. They didn’t sit as a king and his man. They sat only considering the relation of guest and host.

Ye Xiao made the tea himself. He introduced every piece of the tools and cups, and then he introduced the tea leaf. He even said many other meaningless words. The king was just smiling and listening. He didn’t look impatient at all.

Finally, when Ye Xiao finished, it became awkwardly silent. Nobody talked.

They seemed to compete on who had better manners. Nobody talked first.

The king apparently wanted the initiative. [I am the king of this great kingdom. I came for a visit in person now, and I try to be humble. Even though you are powerful, you should know how to treat me well as a person in high position!]

Ye Xiao didn’t hurry. [You came to me, being so humble. You must want something from me. Since you want something from me, you shouldn’t play high-hearted here. You don’t talk. Fine. I won’t talk. Let’s see who talks first!]

The king apparently thought too highly about Ye Xiao. He was in a high position in the world, but he barely knew anything about the manner he should follow. That was meaningless to him at all!

All he cared was to control everything, to take the initiative in all situation!

After a long time, the king finally gave up. He said, "I come for a few things."

The conversation finally started.

Ye Xiao sat up straight and said, "Please, your majesty."

The king spoke solemnly, "First. Thank you for the seventy billion donation, Feng Monarch. Thank you for the kindness. It solved a great financial problem for the kingdom! It helped a great deal in the war affairs! Feng Monarch, you have high merit and worthy prospects. You took off the blade upon billion people’s necks. I am grateful!"

Ye Xiao smiled. "I am flattered, your majesty. It is just a easy work. It really doesn’t mean anything. I may have saved many lives, but please, it is not my credit. It all depends on the Kingdom of Chen. Not me!"

The king’s face was a little stiff. And then he nicely said, "Second. The five hundred billion price reward warrant has put the other two kingdoms in great danger. It helped the Kingdom of Chen a lot. I will always remember this."

Ye Xiao waved his hand and smiled. "That is overpraise again. I just want to take revenge. That’s all. I can’t just do nothing knowing somebody had put a bounty for my head. I didn’t do it for the Kingdom of Chen really. I don’t think I should be credited!"

The king sincerely spoke, "No matter what you did it for, it benefited my kingdom a great deal! Feng Monarch, you did help the kingdom."

And then he changed expression on the face. He spoke in a low voice, "The third thing… In fact… Feng Monarch, how did you find out the unforgivable crime of my bastard son?"

Ye Xiao suddenly looked up and stared at the King.

There were sorrow, regret, and pain in the king’s eyes, but there was no hatred.

Ye Xiao shook his head and smiled. "Why, your majesty? Why don’t you just say what you really want to say? I really don’t understand what you just said."

The king shook his head and bitterly smiled. "Feng Monarch, we don’t need to be obscure on this."

Ye Xiao shook his head. "Your majesty, that was a charge of death. How could I commit it?"

The king said, "Ling-Bao Hall stands beyond all livings in the world. How will you die? Feng Monarch, one who dares to act should also dare to bear responsibility! Second Prince’s family was wiped out. The murderer should be extremely powerful, and he should lead a bunch of men. Those men killed like butchers. They are apparently well-trained assassins. That was an assassination group with strict discipline!"

"Only three forces in the world could lead such a group of assassins. Boundless Lake. House of the Chaotic Storms. Ling-Bao Hall!"

The King seriously spoke, "House of the Chaotic Storms is rather powerful, but they would never attack people in the royal clan. They only do things in the dark, so it is not the House of the Chaotic Storms."

"Boundless Lake. There are only a few golden label assassins in the Kingdom of Chen. Besides, they were seriously damaged in the previous disturbance. They are not in good condition. Besides, as I know about Boundless Lake and what I got to know about my bastard son, if Boundless Lake attacked him, that might not be a victory. Even if they won, they would have to pay a lot. Boundless Saint would never do that!"

"So, it all pointed to the last powerful force. Ling-Bao Hall is the only possible one."