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Chapter 593: I Did It!

Chapter 593: I Did It!

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"Only Ling-Bao Hall could get away without being noticed after the bloodshed, and then go to other places to process the reward warrant… Suspicion was cleared. That was flawless."

Ye Xiao coldly smiled. "Can I understand it this way. Your majesty, you are trying to put such conviction on us just because of what you just said?"

The king said, "Monarch, you misunderstood. I am not here to condemn anybody today. My son had committed such unforgivable crimes. He deserved to die! How could I mention anything about reproach. That would be shameless. Ling-Bao Hall sent assassins to do a great thing both for the kingdom and the people. What should be reproached there?"

Ye Xiao retorted, "I guess you are still trying to push this conviction on Ling-Bao Hall! There are so many people in the world who could do that. Why are you so sure it was us? Isn’t it a bit reckless?"

"There may be many powerful assassin organizations in the world, but none of them could be so righteous, except for Feng Monarch, who has strong sense of justice and hates evil that much!"

The king solemnly spoke.

Ye Xiao was surprised.

[Strong sense of justice?]


"I never have any sense of justice." Ye Xiao said, "I never want to be a heroic man. I will do whatever it takes to achieve what I want, no matter how dirty it needs to be. I will kill whoever I want to kill! That has nothing to do with any sense of justice!"

He blandly smiled and said, "Your majesty, you just can’t let go of this case. You want to know the truth so much. Since you have to believe Ling-Bao Hall did it, let me admit it then. Fine. I killed Second Prince’s entire family!"

When he said it, this situation reminded him the first time when he met the king in Prince Hua-Yang’s Palace.

The king was so aboveboard, great-hearted and generous.

He trusted Ye Nantian with all his heart!

Ye Xiao decided to tell him the truth. Surely, he acted like he was pestered beyond endurance and committed something he hadn’t done.

He didn’t really fear about committing the crime though, even as Feng Zhiling or Ye Xiao. [Even if it really turns into a fight, so what? The worst situation would be I get away from this place.]

[Who in this world could really tackle me?]

In fact, if Ling-Bao Hall turned against the Kingdom of Chen, that would only be a great trouble for the Kingdom of Chen!

The king stared at Feng Monarch with sharp eyes. He felt a prick in his heart.

The murderer who killed his son was right there, admitting it, but what could he do with it?

Could he avenge his son?

How could he be so shameless though?

He couldn’t avenge his son and he even had to reward the man who killed his son!

The king sighed and closed his eyes in sadness. He murmured, "If I… If I am not a king, I will kill you no matter what it takes to avenge my son. I may not be able to kill you, but I will try."

"No matter how unforgivable and heinous he was, he is still my son after all. He is blood of my blood…"

"Nobody could blame me for anything if I avenge my son. The worst they can say about me is only I am selfish…"

"But I am a king!"

"I can only… sigh with no words to say! With shame!"

The king made a long sigh.

"I understand. I do." Ye Xiao’s eyes seemed sharp. "But, I still have some words for you, since you came in person. If things could start over again, if I find somebody like your son again… I will still kill him!"

"In fact, you should be felicitated. I came here late. That gives you many years of happiness with your sons. I should have come much earlier and killed Second Prince’s family earlier. That would have saved countless innocent lives. Well, that would also take away many years of your happiness!"

"No matter what, I will kill those who deserve to die!"

"Even though it may put me in the opposite of the king, I will still do it!"

The king solemnly spoke, "Actually, I will make the same choice too. If I found somebody who committed such crimes, even if it is my son, I will!"

After that, he stopped talking. He couldn’t hold it anymore. Tears silently rolled down on his face.

Ye Xiao sighed. "Please don’t feel sad, your majesty. It is worse to have such a son than not!" He took in a deep breath and said, "There are so many unpleasant things in one’s life. Even a king has to make many choices that he doesn’t want to. Since you choose to be a good king, you can’t be a good father to such a vile son at the same time!"

The king’s body shook.

[Since you choose to be a good king, you can’t be a good father to such a vile son at the same time!]

"That’s right!" The king bitterly spoke, "I should be blamed!"

Ye Xiao sounded cold, "This time, the Second Prince was slaughtered. It was bloody and vicious, but it saved the kingdom from a big misfortune! I believe you have done some research. You know the power Second Prince had… It was hidden from the light, but it was absolutely powerful!"

He who heard the string song knew its magnificence.

The king was moved.

That was true. He did send many people to do the research. Before Second Prince died, even though he had just lost the support from the noble clan, he still had a rather powerful force. He had one top league Sky Origin Stage cultivator and a lot more cultivators in high levels of Sky Origin Stage. That was nearly equally powerful with Boundless Lake. If Second Prince rose up and fought for the throne, even though nobody knew who would win, one thing could be sure was that the kingdom would be in war and under chaos!

Ye Xiao touched the ring on his finger and then blandly smiled. "I knew you are on the way here, so I prepared these."

- Splash! - Suddenly, some account books and records showed up.

They were piled up like a small mountain.

"All the evidences are recorded in these books. It states how Second Prince took out the first step and also what exactly he did to the girls in different cities… The money he got… all the filthy things he did. That is shocking and aboveboard!"

"It shows the sins of him!"

"Some of the women were… wives and sisters of the soldiers who have been fighting with their lives in the battle!" Ye Xiao showed a smile with anger and sneer. "The number is… over one hundred thousand!"