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Chapter 594: Burnout?

Chapter 594: Burnout?

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"That means… over one hundred thousand soldiers who are royal to you, who serve you, who risk their lives to fight for you and the kingdom, left their wives, sisters, and daughters behind in the city under your protection. Yet your son made them prostitutes! If they know that the women they loved were treated that way by their king’s son, what would they think of you? What would they do? I wonder what would you think?"

Ye Xiao sneered.

What he said was like an extremely sharp needle stabbed deep into the king’s heart!

No matter how tough he was, he couldn’t help trembling with a pale face!

Suddenly, his heart was filled with complex emotions, there were anger and sorrow!


The king spat out warm blood. His face looked ill like gold paper. "Bastard!"

Ye Xiao was shocked. "Your majesty, are you ok?"

In fact, since the king had sent people to investigate about this case, the king should know about what he told earlier. He never expected to provoke the king like this. He just wanted to satirize it!

The king gasped and then looked better. He weakly smiled and said, "Nothing serious. Just a relapse."

He was quiet for a while and then said, "I am to be blame on this. No matter how, I have to… try to make it up for the soldiers!" His eyes were filled with determination.

That was a promise. "I shall never let the soldiers down!"

And then he sighed. "Feng Monarch, you don’t have many connections to the Kingdom of Chen really. I am sure about it today… I guess I don’t need to hide anything from you… I… don’t have much time to live."

Ye Xiao was surprised. He asked in a low voice, "Why?"

"I have traveled from south to north all my life. I am bearing so many wounds. My life essence is seriously damaged… I have been resting in recent years. That is just struggling on the edge. I feel myself burning out now. I am afraid I don’t have much time left."

The king blandly said, "I have been so weak these years. That’s why… I didn’t really pay attention to the education of my sons. I hope they can take over the throne by righteous methods…"

"I never expected… that it led to such big a mistake."

"Your life essence is damaged?" Ye Xiao frowned, "I remember that royal house has bought some supreme dan beads in the previous auction. I am sure my supreme dan beads can absolutely save you!"

The King bitterly smiled. "Your supreme dan is marvelous. We had some… I was so excited about it too. After taking those dan beads, I did get better. It brought me more time, but my body is like a giant funnel… no matter how many medicine materials are put into it, they will all be burned out in a short time."

"Supreme dan is powerful and marvelous. It created a big wave of medical effects. It made me spirited for several months, however, no matter how powerful it was, it would be used up. It could make me feel better temporarily, but couldn’t solve my problem. My loss in life essence is impossible to fix." The king bitterly smiled. "I guess this is my fate. Even supreme dan cannot change it."

"So please don’t worry, Feng Monarch." The king took a breath out. "I am resigned. I just want to make my kingdom peaceful and steady… I just want to make it a better place before I go… I want one of my son can take over the throne in a good way. I don’t want any chaos in the kingdom… That’s all I want before I die."

Ye Xiao was quiet.

The king was being honest and frank. Those were words from the bottom of his heart. Ye Xiao felt it trustworthy.

However, the king underestimated the dan beads of Feng Monarch. The supreme dan beads he had were just some Supreme Pei-Yuan Dan beads. Those were the basic dan beads in the martial world. Even though they were in supreme level, they were still Pei-Yuan Dan. There were also other dan beads that could save life from death.

Any of the dan beads Ye Xiao gave Bing-Er earlier could save the king! More than enough!

Ye Xiao was hesitating though. [Should I save him or not?]

Surely, the king knew nothing about that!

However, Ye Xiao didn’t understand why the king was being so frank and honest to a stranger.

That was not so like a king, was it?

The king knew Ye Xiao was confused. He said, "Feng Monarch, do you feel weird because of what I said?"

Ye Xiao nodded. "Yes."

The king smiled, "That is such a helpless thing for a king. The king is always the loneliest person. The only thing the king couldn’t have is friends. However, I am not that lonely after all. I guess I have friends. In the world, there are two people who can listen to me like this. Ye Nantian and you."

"Ye Nantian is like a brother to me. You, this is the first time we meet, so you are not my friend, but I know you are a man who I can really talk to!"

"Ye Nantian. I have kidnapped him for so many years. If I tell him these words, I am afraid he is going to stay here forever… You know he is such an honorable man…"

"So I can only talk to you."

"Feng Monarch is a person with broad sight of the entire world!"

"You spent seventy billion for the people in the Kingdom of Chen. You spent five hundred billion to save the people and to solve the chaos! You slaughtered a prince because you know that is justice. You did it for the innocent women and for the people in the world!"

"You are not a citizen of this kingdom. That’s true… But I am sure you are… kind to this kingdom!"

"If I can’t talk to you, who else can I talk to?"

The king smiled.

Ye Xiao looked peaceful, but in fact, he was entangled in his heart. [Am I really that noble? That great? Am I really that boring? I am the so called hero? Come on! Is it even possible? Really? No way!]

He then sighed and said, "I am flattered, your majesty. However, it really doesn’t mean a lot to me anyway. I am also leaving Land of Han-Yang, to be honest."

The king smiled. "I know you are going to leave this world sooner or later. I am not surprised. However, Ling-Bao Hall cannot leave with you, right?"

Ye Xiao bitterly smiled. He understood.

He understood what the king was asking for now.

"No matter whether I am here or not, maybe I am somewhere else, Ling-Bao Hall will never be controlled by others." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "So I have to tell you to stop planning on it. It will only bring you trouble."