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Chapter 595: I Want to Kill Crown Prince Too!

Chapter 595: I Want to Kill Crown Prince Too!

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The king said, "I understand. In thousands of years, whoever wanted to control Ling-Bao Hall, including some kings, ended up having nothing. I am certainly no exception. However, what I hope is that Ling-Bao Hall can stand where Feng Monarch stands to support the kingdom you are supporting now. I guess that is not against your will, right?"

That was the end of the topic.

None of them said anything more about it.

The king brought up another topic, "Feng Monarch, you are above this mortal world looking at the mess here. I guess you have your points about the Kingdom of Chen… I wonder… what is your thought about my kingdom?"

Ye Xiao blandly said, "Picturesque."

The king apparently didn’t want such perfunctoriness. He kept asking, "How do you think of my son, the Crown Prince?"

Ye Xiao’s eyes were sharp. He blandly spoke, "Your majesty, do you really want to hear the truth?"

The King answered, "Absolutely!"

Ye Xiao spoke word by word, "I want to kill him!"

The king was shocked!

He never thought that his question would lead to such an unexpected answer!

He would not be surprised if Feng Zhiling answered the question perfunctorily like he answered the first question. Even if he didn’t answer it, the king wouldn’t be surprised. He actually wanted to hear something positive about the Crown Prince. However, Feng Zhiling responded with such a sudden and murderous answer!

Before the king said anything, Ye Xiao moved his feet to kick away the evidence about Second Prince. He waved his hand and then lots of papers fell to the floor.

That was another big pile.

"These are the things your Crown Prince baby son has done. I haven’t finished the collection yet, as I don’t have enough time to do it."

"Here. These are evidences about how he colluded with foreign forces to try to drag you off the throne."

"These are evidences about how he persecuted the officials who didn’t agree to join him. Second Prince had committed unforgivable crimes, but the Crown Prince is also shameless!"

"These are the evidence of him fornicating with your concubines. I guess you have no idea at all. One horse, rode by two men. Hmm. Those are more than just one horse. Many horses, rode by two men? Father and son. Forgive me for my ignorance. I really don’t know how to describe that…"

"These are… how he…"

"These are…"

The king looked at the evidences being sorted out by Ye Xiao one by one. He felt only cold in the body.

When he saw the evidences of treason and fornication… he felt like he fell into a frozen cave!

As he heard Feng Zhiling sneering with words like ‘one horse, rode by two men’, he felt extremely angry, disappointed, and hopeless at the same time. What surprised Ye Xiao was that he didn’t spit out blood or curse anything. Instead, he started to coldly laugh.


The king stood up and calmly spoke, "I apologize for laughing like this now."

Ye Xiao was calm and he spoke in a deep voice, "That is not hilarious at all, your majesty. Please, you should take care of yourself."

The King blandly spoke, "How? With such a wonderful son!"

And then he said, "I want a favor from you. Please!"

Ye Xiao said, "Please do tell."

"I want to take these things away! I don’t want anybody else to know this." The king pointed at the two piles of things.

"That I can promise you. What happened here will not be known by others." Ye Xiao said, "I guess we shouldn’t let others to take these things. Let me give you a space ring as a gift then."

He took out a space ring, sorted out the things on the floor and put them into the ring.

And then he taught the king how to use the ring.

The king’s face was cold like ice, "Feng Monarch, I apologize that I must have bothered you today. It is late. I should go… If… If there will be a chance for us to see again, let’s have a long and good talk again."

Apparently, the king couldn’t stay any second more.

As a king, he was disgraced.

As a husband, he was disgraced!

As a father, he was disgraced!

As… As a man, he completely lost his dignity!

Even a normal man would be disgraced to hell if such a thing happened to him, let alone he was a king of a great kingdom!

How could he stay any longer!

When he said ‘if there will be a chance’, he paused for a long time. He felt that he might not live long, so there might not be such a chance to meet Feng Zhiling again. Besides… even if he had the chance to see Feng Monarch again, he might not want to do it anymore!

Feng Monarch knew too much about his disgrace!

If not that Feng Monarch was too strong and hard to kill, no matter how honorable the king was, he would want to kill Feng Monarch without any hesitation!

His second son ran a giant brothel and murdered women. His oldest son was even worse. He actually planned treason. More unforgivably, he actually fxcked his father’s women…

The king’s face was all red. He walked staggeringly. He kept asking himself in the heart, [My… royal family… what family is it really?]

[Is it really that indecent?]

[Am I… really that frustrated?]

Ye Xiao watched the king staggering out. He felt sorry for him.

As a king, a good king, he has great ambition and determination. He worked so hard for the kingdom and loved his people so much. He ruled the kingdom in a tough way, but he never was arrogant.

Chen Xuantian, the king of Kingdom of Chen, was the most decent king Ye Xiao had ever seen!

However, such a king was betrayed like that!

And he was dying.

His life was full of darkness!

"Your majesty!" Ye Xiao suddenly said.

The King stopped and said, "Feng Monarch, what more do you want me to know?"

"Nothing." Ye Xiao said, "I know you are sick. I just want to help you on that."

The king was shocked, and then he bitterly smiled and shook his head, "Feng Monarch, thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it. I placed great expectations on supreme dan. I did take some supreme dan beads and my body became better. I was full of hope that time, but then the helplessness stroke me down… What I have is uncuttable."