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Chapter 596: Reconstruction!

Chapter 596: Reconstruction!

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The king was being frank. ‘I am incurable. I am hopeless. I am resigned!’

Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "Medicines cure disease. There is no incurable disease in the world. You can eat this dan bead before you make the judgement."

And then he gave him a jade bottle.

The king took the bottle. There was a mass of fog inside the jade bottle, flowing around a dan bead which shined with colored lights. It quietly sat inside the bottle.

"Supreme Dan bead…" The king bitterly smiled. "It is a marvelous dan bead, but I don’t think it can help me in any way. Well, it may spirit me up though… Thank you, Monarch."

He didn’t hesitate; he directly opened the bottle and took out the dan bead. He swallowed it without even looking at it.

"Farewell!" The King stepped out with big strides.

However, after a few steps, he stopped. He was shocked!

A stream of warmth rose inside his body and ran over his body in a rather comfortable way!

Chen Xuantian clearly felt that the wounds in his body that no medicines could cure in the past were actually fading away under the touch of the warmth. His inner organs that should have been dry for so long were being moistened and strengthened!

It all happened during an instant!

However, he clearly felt everything during this instant!

The life essence that had been drained up was refilled and enhanced immediately!

His body was even stronger than before! He was even more healthier than when he was young!

The king was a cultivator himself. He wasn’t weak at all. He felt the change and he operated his martial art to check it out. He understood that the dan bead he just ate actually cured his body that no other medicines could cure!

He was surprised with unparalleled joy!

That was stronger than the feeling of sorrow and shame!

He clearly felt the efficacy of the dan bead ongoing inside him. His body was getting better and better!

He felt that he could live another thirty years with this body!

[What kind of supreme dan is this? How marvelous!]

He turned around and stared at Ye Xiao. Hie lips were trembling. "What… What is this dan? How…"

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Just supreme dan. It’s good you feel better. In fact, you don’t need to know what dan it is. It isn’t worth mentioning. Just a small favor."

It was surely a supreme dan bead, but not a normal one. It was a Reconstruction Dan in supreme level!

It was rather famous in the world. It was known as a low version of the Nine-rolled Golden Dan. Nine-rolled Golden Dan was just a tiny bit lower than Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. Reconstruction Dan was surely something precious!

However, cultivators in higher stages didn’t really want the low version Nine-rolled Golden Dan. Nine-rolled Golden Dan could save any life from death as long as the soul was still there!

In fact, whatever was named with ‘nine-rolled’ must be reaching the limit of some efficacies, such as Nine-rolled Purple Cloud Dan which recovered souls; Nine-rolled Recovery Dan which recovered cultivation capabilities; and the Nine-rolled Creating Dan that Meng Huaiqing brought to Ye Xiao. They were all marvelous dan beads!

Reconstruction Dan was a low version of Nine-rolled Golden Dan. It only had great efficacy on people under Dream Origin Stage. It could solve all problems on physical damages, cultivation loss, soul deficiency and other worse diseases. However, for cultivators above Dream Origin Stage, it was close to nothing. That was why no high stage cultivators valued it.

However, those high level dan beads were dangerous. If people not strong enough ate those dan beads, they might explode to death because their bodies couldn’t handle the massive energy. However, Reconstruction Dan was special. It wouldn’t burst anybody into explosion.

It needed an enormous amount of different materials to make Reconstruction Dan. It was rather difficult to make. No dan-makers would make it largely. However, Brother Egg had went crazy earlier, and there were many Reconstruction Dan beads among the dan beads it made. He had given a few to Bing-Er, and now he was giving it to the king. The king was not a strong cultivator and he was ill, so he might not be able to hold other kinds of supreme dan.

In fact, the king was dying. Dan beads like Reconstruction Dan was the best choice for him!

As expected, it made the king recover to health. He was like having a rebirth.

"Thanks!" The king was silent for a while before he said in a low voice.

"No need." Ye Xiao smiled. "You and me… will never meet each other again in this life anyway. Take it as a farewell gift from me."

The king bitterly smiled, "True. I guess I will never see you again in this life."

He slowly turned around. "Feng Monarch, take care. We will never meet again, but I am grateful to you forever!"

"I promise. No matter where you go, as long as Ling-Bao Hall forever follows your guidance to do good for the people… the Kingdom of Chen will never let it fall in this world!"

After that, he stepped out with big strides. He was so vigorous, vividly an overwhelming king.

Ye Xiao took a breath out with relief.

It didn’t go as he expected, but it was a good relief for him anyway.

Crown Prince was going to fall soon.

Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed. He thought about the day when Crown Prince framed him. There was a Sky Origin Stage cultivator beside the prince.

Guan Zhengwen.

"It is time to deal with the old day’s business. If not, I probably will forget it. I didn’t want that stupid king to suffer, otherwise, I wouldn’t bring up the story about that bastard prince. Honorable man takes up to ten years to revenge. Well, I am no honorable man. I don’t want to wait ten years." Ye Xiao coldly smiled.