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Chapter 597: Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow

Chapter 597: Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow

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Crown Prince was celebrating with a feast in his place.

Second Prince had died several days. There was no sign of the murderer yet. Not that nobody caught the murderer, but there was no clue about who the murderer was at all.

However, no matter what, it didn’t matter for the Crown Prince!

The only thing mattered was that Second Prince was dead! Totally dead! Couldn’t be more dead!

In other words, his biggest opponent in fighting for the throne was gone!

Besides, Second Prince’s horrible reputation made Crown Prince look great and righteous!

He could just relax now!

How could he not enjoy it?

The fact that he just lost a brother…

[Humph! He is my brother? That horrible man whom the entire kingdom is cursing?]

"Man in royal clan has no kinsfolk!" Crown Prince respected such a statement greatly. "What brother? B*llshit! He deserved to die! Well done! He died in such a great time!"

He was holding a private feast in his house that night.

He didn’t want to be a brother to Second Prince, but in fact, nobody could deny it, including himself!

He made a feast to celebrate his brother’s death… That was a serious fault!

That was why he didn’t dare to do it conspicuously. He had to do it under cover. No matter how happy he was, he had to show a face of grief. However, gathering some friends to have a decent dinner was fine.

At the moment, he was toasting. "Elder Guan, I guess we won’t need to take that last step."

Guan Zhengwen was smiling.

General Ye didn’t find him. Now that the biggest opponent was gone, they didn’t need to kill Second Prince, but only to wait for the king to die. Crown Prince would get on the throne, and he would get on the highest position in the court, as he had been following and supporting the Crown Prince.

How could he not be happy with a bright future right there in front of him?

"When I become the king, I will never forget you all!" Crown Prince said. He put and end with this promise to the feast, which lasted till midnight.

Guan Zhengwen casually walked on the street. He felt like floating in the air.

The liquor made him anesthetic. He was excited in the head. What excited him most was the promise of the Crown Prince.

"Guan, you have done so much. You are beyond everybody else here. I won’t forget it. When I sit on the throne, you will definitely become an indispensable figure in the court!"

Crown Prince said these to him in private.

Whenever he thought of these words, he felt thrilled.


[I am never going to get any position on the old king’s side.]

[But… every new king brings his own courtiers! I eventually caught up with the fast train of the Crown Prince.]

[The three princes fought for the throne. Crown Prince and Second Prince were the most powerful ones. They both had massive impacts. Third Prince was nothing.]

[Now Second Prince is dead. He lost his life and his reputation. Third Prince is weak. Who on earth could defeat Crown Prince?]

[It is a certain thing that Crown Prince sits on that throne.]

[That means, it is a certain thing that my future, my family’s future… are full of hope!]

[My son… my grandson…]

[There is a good saying, when a man attains enlightenment, even his pets ascend to heaven. That fits the rule of court so much.]

[As long as me and my next two generations stand firm in the court, my clan will become an aristocratic clan of officials.]

[My clan will be standing in this kingdom forever.]

[All our children will be benefited by the fame!]

[My blood will continue for century after century!]

[With my cultivation capability, I can at least stay in court for fifty more years. With me in the court, my family will absolutely rise. That is for sure!]

Every time when he thought of the future of his family, he felt good.

He even felt the dark night was adorable.

The ghastly moonlight splashed in the sky. It covered the ingenuous glow of the moon.

The fog was dense.

Guan Zhengwen was still in high spirit. He casually walked into an alley. By making another turn, he would arrive home, his sweet and warm home.

He smiled. He needed to share the good news to his family as soon as he could. For so many years, he had done so many filthy things for the Crown Prince, but he knew it was worth doing.

Even though he sometimes felt guilty, he didn’t regret, because he did it for his family!

He walked into the next alley casually.

Right when he took the turn at the corner, his body was stiff because of what he saw.

His eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

In the narrow alley, in the dense fog, a man stood in front of him, quietly waiting for him.

"Here you are. What took you so long." That man sounded clear and loud. His voice resounded in the night.

Guan Zhengwen was frightened and shocked.

[This man has been standing here all along. Why haven’t I noticed him? I only got to realize it when I saw him. I just had a glance on him. He is wearing white clothes. He is tall, standing there right before me. However, he is not far away. Why can’t I see his true appearance? I can’t see through him. Does it mean…]

"Who is this? Why are you waiting for me here?" Guan Zhengwen said while he was secretly operating his spiritual power. He realized that this might be the most brutal fight he had in his life.

He might die under a small mistake!

That man in white didn’t show any killing intent.

But he showed up there waiting for him. That showed many things.

That man slowly turned over. The moonlight splashed on half of his face.

Guan Zhengwen was terrified. His eyeballs nearly popped out. He exclaimed, "Ye Xiao?"

The man was tall and pretty with decent manners. Hie eyes were profound. He smiled softly.

That was the young lord in the General’s House, Ye Xiao!

The man who had been framed by Guan Zhengwen!