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Chapter 599: Increase Your Knowledge

Chapter 599: Increase Your Knowledge

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"Guan Zhengwen, you have been gifted since you were a kid, learning fundamental martial arts from the martial artists in your family. After that, you secretly cultivated your martial art. When you had some achievement in cultivation, you sometimes hid martial art attainment. You sharpen your skills by practical fights, that is fine, but you killed a lot to collect more martial arts. Every man you killed, you would search their body. You forced people to teach you martial arts. You improved so fast, as you gathered different martial arts together. It was an accident when you found the Bone Melting Palm."

Ye Xiao sighed. "You have been through quite a rough life in cultivation. It must have taken you a great deal to have the capability you have now!"

"Most importantly, you actually disguised yourself as a scholar to cover your real personality as a cultivator. You have been trying to strengthen yourself and also be a gentle and humble scholar in front of the public. You are truly brilliant in both sides."

Ye Xiao’s eyes shined with colorful glow in the dense fog as he stared at Guan Zhengwen’s face.

Guan Zhengwen changed expression on the face again and again. After a while, he sighed.

What Ye Xiao said was right. It was the story of Guan Zhengwen from when he was a kid to the present day. It reminded him all that he had been through in his life! Memories kept running up to his mind.

"If you keep doing that, it may be fine. You killed a lot in the first half of your life, but nobody could blame you. Sometimes, you have to do something you don’t want to in martial world. That is the rule…"

"However, since you were recruited by the Crown Prince, you have become a complete vile and contemptible person. You want to fawn on him so much that you would do whatever the hell he asked you to do. You will complete those things so well to make him happy."

"You are loyal to him. You have no mercy, no kindness, and no humanity while you were carrying out a mission, even when you’re facing innocent people. You did everything."

"That is your life!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Tonight, I am going to hold justice for the heavens! I am here to kill you!"

He moved ahead in the dense fog and said, "By the way, there is one more thing I want to tell you. Something that will make you regret."

Guan Zhengwen’s eyes turned cold as he said, "What is it? Do I have anything to regret even in such a moment? I have done all that I want to in my life. I never did and never will regret!"

"Really? You are truly a talented cultivator. Your achievement today proves it well. If you didn’t spend much time playing a humble scholar and focused on cultivation, you may have broken the boundary of this world and become one among those in the higher realm."

Ye Xiao laughed. "If you gave up martial art and focused on literature, you should have been an important figure in the court long ago. It wouldn’t be difficult to be a man with great power that’s only beneath the king."

"However, you are so smart, but you went on two paths at the same time. You are limited in both ways!"

"You are bound to fail!"

He coldly spoke, "Maybe heavens want this for you. Heavens know when you kill. You murdered innocent and noble men. You have done all those vile things! You are not a noble cultivator, or an ingenuous scholar! Heavens would never let you stay well in both sides. Not only I want to kill you, but also the heavens."

"I am here now, so heavens must have decided to let you die in my hands! Heavens will is unchangeable!"

Guan Zhengwen stepped back with a gloomy expression.

He had been tough and confident in front of all the enemies he had met in his life, however, after Ye Xiao’s talk, he lost it!

Every word Ye Xiao said was breaking down the weak points in his heart!

He completely lost his will to fight!

He felt more and more terrified.

Suddenly, he went mad, "Hold justice? You don’t deserve that! You can’t kill me!"

He laughed. "Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? Even if you started cultivating when you were inside your mother, you are never my opponent! You are too young! You know nothing about the martial world! You know nothing about life and death in one instant! Haha…"

Ye Xiao looked at him like looking at a moron. He said, "Do you think cultivation level will decide the result of the fight here? Even though I am not stronger than you, do you dare to kill me? Do you dare to hit me by another Bone Melting Palm?"

Guan Zhengwen’s face twisted.

He didn’t! He didn’t dare at all!

Ye Nantian was stronger than heavens in his mind.

Guan Zhengwen’s entire family lived in the capital. Everybody knew it!

If he killed Ye Xiao now, the next morning, his entire clan would be wiped out!

Even if the king didn’t do it, the Crown Prince would do it in advance. He would definitely sacrifice Guan Zhengwen and his entire clan to exchange for General Ye’s forgiveness!

"If you die in my hands today, I promise you I won’t do anything to your family. You die, and you die alone." Ye Xiao coldly smiled. "But if you dare to hurt me even just on my finger, I promise you your entire clan will lose the chance to see the sun come up again!"

Guan Zhengwen stepped back once more. He was sweating on the forehead.

"But I will not just accept death!" He shouted, "It isn’t certain who would win!"

Ye Xiao shook his head and sighed. "Look at you, poor man. You don’t even dare to talk loudly. It might be a waste to use the word ‘tender love’ on you, but I guess I will take it for now."

Guan Zhengwen shouted like a tiger roaring. He suddenly moved, like a lightning rushing forward.

He didn’t dare to talk to Ye Xiao any longer, because he found that the longer he talked, the more terrified he would become.

He was afraid he would lose all his will to fight if he kept listening to Ye Xiao.

As the dense fog rolled over, Ye Xiao laughed coldly. His white clothes fluttered in the wind as he waved his long sleeve. A pale hand was shown, then he murmured, "Let me increase your knowledge today. Let me show you what a true powerful palm hit is!"

As he said so, an overwhelming power suddenly surged.