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Chapter 600: Heavens Aren’t Blind!

Chapter 600: Heavens Aren’t Blind!

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The fog in the air suddenly rolled up and gathered on Ye Xiao’s hand so rapidly, turning into a giant hand!

His hand didn’t move, but the fog rushed over to it and shaped up.

Guan Zhengwen realized that he couldn’t move ahead or retreat under the restraint of the palm. He couldn’t escape.

As the giant hand showed up, it blocked the four sides around the two of them.

The only option left for Guan Zhengwen was to have a tough fight against Ye Xiao!

His eyes turned bloodshot; suddenly, he reached out his hand and crept towards Ye Xiao and his giant hand like a snake.

Bone Melting Palm!

The fatal and vicious palm skill that almost killed Ye Xiao! Or at least Guan Zhengwen thought so!

Ye Xiao smiled indifferently. He rolled over the hand and made a palm hit all of a sudden!

Guan Zhengwen made over a dozen different gestures in order to confuse Ye Xiao. However, before the fog palm hit on him, he already felt an overwhelming suppression rushing over like a huge mountain. The palm suddenly hit on his real hand directly!

His over a dozen gestures didn’t work at all!

Ye Xiao actually found the real hand among dozens of fake palms and hit it!

- Boom! -

As the two palms touched, the fog palm exploded. The fog around them rolled away like clouds. Ye Xiao had actually hit Guan Zhengwen’s palm ninety-nine times within such a short time!

Ninety-nine heavy hits!

Every hit was right on Guan Zhengwen’s palm.

Guan Zhengwen was shocked. He couldn’t believe it! After that, he heard the sound of bones cracking. He watched how his fingers, palm, wrist, arm softened… like a soggy noodle.

Suddenly, bones and flesh all became ashes!

He then exclaimed loudly and rolled away.

He didn’t get away himself. He was hit away!

Guan Zhengwen only had one thought, [How is this possible?]

[He only spent an instant to see through my phantom palms and remove the Bone Melting Palm power on my hand. Within just that moment, he hit my palm ninety-nine times badly!]

[The fog is still rolling away, but my arm is totally doomed.]

[He just made a counterattack against my attack... It should only hurt my hand, but why did my entire arm get broken?]

[Is it some palm art like Bone Melting Palm?]

[If it is, he should have been in quite a high level in that martial art, according to the damage it just caused!]

Guan Zhengwen was terrified. He didn’t want to believe this, even though he knew that it was the most possible answer!

"Don’t be so surprised. This is not some special palm art. What I did, it truly doesn’t mean anything. If I develop it to the prime level, it should be able to make one thousand hit instantly. That is why it is called Thousand Strikes Palm!"

With his white clothes fluttering in the air, Ye Xiao showed up like a ghost. He moved to Guan Zhengwen and lightly spoke, "Of course, it is not always attacking the same place. In fact, it can hit on any part of your body. One thousand hits on one place or one thousand places are both workable!"

Guan Zhengwen’s face turned grey. He was trembling.

He looked at Ye Xiao as if looking at a demon!

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "I am much younger than you, but it doesn’t mean I have to be much weaker than you. Regretfully, I have to tell you that you are completely wrong! Now, let me show you mercy. Just kill yourself now."

[Kill myself?]

Guan Zhengwen breathed heavily. His face showed his desperation. He suddenly shouted loudly and then rushed out like a flying arrow!

However, just as he shot out, a white figure flashed and caught up with him. Ye Xiao was right in front of him, staring at him with a pair of cold eyes.

"Well then, since you really don’t want to die with dignity, I guess I should show you my fist art too!"

Suddenly, Guan Zhengwen felt his chest was punched continuously, like beating drums. He felt all his inner organs were crazily trembling because of the consecutive strikes. He also felt his body was constantly moving backwards out of his control.

He couldn’t defend it at all.

When he wanted to defend with his left hand, three fist strikes landed on it broke his entire left arm!

"Well, let me also show you my kicking art! You are never going to have any chance to see this again anyway. Now, feel them all with your body and the rest of you life!"

- Bang! - He kicked on Guan Zhengwen’s chest like a whirlwind.

There was no sign of his foot when he kicked!

However, his chest was damaged badly by that invisible foot!

"This is One Kick Before Hell, which once shocked the entire Qing-Yun Realm!"

When Guan Zhengwen heard it, he was flying out like a kite without a string.

He fell down and hit the floor. Blood was running out through his eyes, nose, mouth and ears—he had such heavy injuries! He coughed out blood as he tried to open his eyes, only to realize that he was kicked back to his original position!

It was right on the spot!

He couldn’t believe Ye Xiao could actually control his power so well.

Apparently, not all older men had a higher achievement, and older men were not sure to be more capable!

Guan Zhengwen smiled bitterly and struggled to stand up.

He found his two arms were like noodles. Not to mention lifting them, he couldn’t even move them. He lowered his head only to see two feet in front of him.

The white robe was still fluttering in his sight.

He looked up with surprise and saw Ye Xiao’s pretty face. His face was so exquisite that it didn’t even seem to belong to this world. The eyes were cold like an ice mountain.

"You know what? What you feel now is exactly how it feels when you are hit by Bone Melting Palm. You can’t move, your bones are melted… Five years ago, Li Yunsong, Minister Li of Penalty Ministry, who had always been honorable and righteous, died in his home with his bones all melted. Murderer escaped. Four years ago… Three years ago, the guard of Royal Concubine Wu died with melted bones. Murderer escaped… After that, she was raped by Crown Prince. She was forced to be his informant… One year ago…"

Ye Xiao stated all crimes Guan Zhengwen committed as his eyes turned colder. "Guan Zhengwen, say it yourself. If you really became a big figure in the court and held great power, heavens must be so blind!"

"However, heavens aren’t blind!" Ye Xiao smiled. "Because I am here!"