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Chapter 601: Last Joy; Take Charge!

Chapter 601: Last Joy; Take Charge!

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Guan Zhengwen used his last energy to open up his eyes. As he spoke, he spat out blood. "But… My family… They… They…. Know nothing…"

"Oh you are begging? So you want me to spare them because you said they know nothing?" Ye Xiao mercilessly spoke, "Do you know what happened to Minister Li’s family after he died? His families were tortured till death. Two baby girls were missing… Do you know what happened to Lord Liang’s family after you killed him? They were all…"

Ye Xiao coldly asked, "So only you have a family? Only your family is innocent? What about them? They are all innocent! You killed them! You killed their beloved ones!"

Guan Zhengwen’s eyes turned gloomy.

"I won’t hurt your family myself. Like you said, they know nothing. They didn’t do anything vile. However, I won’t save them if somebody else want them dead. They are your family, and they have lived quite a good time because of what you did. They should also bear what will happen to them in the future thanks to you!" Ye Xiao blandly said, "The bright career in the future you have been dreaming… that is never going to happen. I am quite sure about this."

Guan Zhengwen moaned in pain and said, "Than… Thanks…"

And then he stopped breathing.

Apparently, he cut off the energy flow of himself with the last bit of energy.

Ye Xiao looked at his dead body and felt that something deep hidden inside his heart was melting.

That must be… the grievance in the previous Ye Xiao’s heart.

[Does it mean Guan Zhengwen was the person who poisoned Ye Xiao back then?]

Ye Xiao took in a long breath.

He looked at his own hands.

He thought that it would take him a lot of effort to defeat Guan Zhengwen, but it turned out so easy.

That surprising upgrade helped a lot.

Ye Xiao was level eight of Sky Origin Stage, but in fact, he should be capable enough to fight against cultivators under level three of Spirit Origin Stage in Qing-Yun Realm.

Guan Zhengwen was at the top of level nine of Sky Origin Stage. He was not as strong as Ning Biluo, Boundless Saint and Zhao Pingtian, but he was after all as powerful as a royalty-recruited martial artist. However, the fight was completely a one-sided win!

He was absolutely weaker than Ye Xiao, and his martial art was also not any top ranged martial art!

Guan Zhengwen had never learned any top ranged martial art! The only valuable one was the Bone Melting Palm, and he taught himself that.

Surely, it was already quite a marvelous martial art in the Land of Han-Yang. However, it was not a martial art method that could improve his cultivation capability thoroughly!

"What a shame. Such a man could easily become a great figure… if he was more righteous and had a good master. However, he chose a wrong path and messed with somebody he couldn’t afford to."

Ye Xiao sighed while looking at the dead body.

His white clothes flashed in the fog before vanishing.

The night was bound to be a sleepless night.

Especially for the Crown Prince’s Palace...

Under the influence of alcohol, Crown Prince felt himself particularly tough. When he faced the Crown Princess, his wife, he even acted arrogantly like a real big man.

After all, before that, he had been acting like a little girl facing his wife! He should have been used to it after all these years.

However, suddenly, he felt that things were different!

It was such a great feeling for him.

Mu Clan had been seriously damaged by the two great sects. They had totally lost their power.

They had turned hostile to the five clans, so they were now under suppression of the five clans. They were still living, but they would be vanished sooner or later. They had no power to stir any disturbance at all, not to mention offer the Crown Prince anything.

That was why Crown Princess became much less important to him.

In fact, they had always been using each other for all those years. Since Mu Clan had lost power, the certain thing to happen was that the Crown Prince would vent the grievances he endured in this marriage. For now, it was surely a winner subduing a loser!

That was exactly what Crown Prince was doing. He was at his prime moment. After the feast was finished, he returned to the bedroom and pushed Crown Princess on the bed. He was drunk and rude. He brutally ripped off her clothes, not caring what she would think. He just raised it up and pushed it in hard into her!

Crown Princess was in fact stronger than him in martial art. However, she didn’t dare to resist him. She could only endure it quietly.

Mu Clan was collapsing, and she needed Crown Prince’s support. Things have totally turned around now.

Crown Princess had her own plan knowing that her clan was bound to fall. The five clans were united and had chosen the right side in the battle earlier. They were barely damaged, and they even had supreme dan beads. They had also built good relation with Ling-Bao Hall. They were absolutely going to improve greatly soon.

However, Mu Clan had been seriously damaged by the two great sects. Lots of men were killed, and they lost the supreme dan and became enemies to the union of the five clans. They were so much weaker than their enemies. That was why they were collapsing at the moment!

Crown Prince was the last hope of Mu Clan. Also, he was the only person who could keep her alive. In fact, Crown Prince’s power didn’t mean much for Mu Clan, however, it meant so much for her alone.

At least, that was the reality in the Kingdom of Chen. Second Prince’s entire family was wiped out. Third Prince was too weak. The king was seriously ill and could die at any second. Crown Prince was the only possible person who could take over the throne and become the next king.