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Chapter 602: Disgusting!

Chapter 602: Disgusting!

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When Crown Prince became king, she would become the Queen! When that day came, she wouldn’t need to care if Mu Clan was still powerful or not. She didn’t need it anymore!

Thus, the only thing she needed to do now was to peacefully get along with the Crown Prince for the next period of time. She had to make Crown Prince happy no matter how difficult it was. She would endure any insulting ways he liked, and she would just give him whatever she could!

Crown Prince crazily rode on Crown Princess’s soft body. For so many years, he only managed to feel like a real man for several days on her body!

Crown Princess was trying everything to match up with him. All the suppression she made to him was now the source of his excitement! Staring at the woman who had always been insufferably arrogant moaning under his legs, he felt so good and pleased!

However, at this moment, somewhere else...

The Royal House.

The king stared at the numbers that were highlighted and the witnesses that martial artists captured at night. His face was totally green.

He couldn’t trust Feng Zhiling after just what he said, even though he strongly felt that he should. He needed to be cautious.

When he returned to the royal house, he started to check the records and started the research.

However, after all it was done, he actually found… that everything Feng Zhiling said was true!

Such things were always fragile. The king wanted to dig it out, so it would definitely be dug deep. Everything was clear, and all results led to a much more unforgivable and contemptible truth than what Feng Zhiling told him.

The officials who worked for Crown Prince had never thought that things would end up like that, not even in their dreams. When they were pushed down in front of the king’s seat, they didn’t even know what was happening.

When they heard the question of the king, they were totally broken.

"Your majesty..." Master Sun worriedly looked at the king’s face.

Nobody could understand the king more than these masters.

His second son was recently killed and he couldn’t avenge him. His eldest son had been planning on treason. Two miserable things happened in the same few days.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine how bad he felt as a father at this moment.

The king was seriously ill. In fact, these masters had injected lots of spiritual qi many times into the king’s body to stabilize his health condition. If not, the king should have died long ago. Now, he must be in a worst situation. They knew he was unable to handle this!

However, they were in for a surprise. The king took a breath heavily. His face was getting more and more gloomy, but he didn’t seem unhealthy at all. Instead, he was getting spirited up.

He stared at those officials who kneeled in front of him.

He had so much to say now.

Something like ‘I am so disappointed’.

‘I have been so nice to you all. I am always proud that you are all loyal men…’

‘For so many years, we get along so well with each other. How can you do this to me, after what I have done for you, with my trust on you…’

He wanted to say something like that.

He wanted to, but he didn’t.

At last, he just waved his hand and spoke in a low voice, "Get them to the dungeon!"

"Your majesty! Your majesty…"

The officials exclaimed in tears while being dragged off by the guards.

Looking at the water stains on the floor, the king was silent for a while. It was stains of the tears of the officials and the piss that they made because they were terrified.

"Your majesty… Crown Prince… How?" Master Sun cautiously asked.

If he had another choice, he really didn’t want to ask. He didn’t think the king could handle more shocks, however, he had to ask, because it was his duty!

"Do not mention that animal again!" The king spoke in a gloomy voice, "Bring those b*tches over now!"

The people in the court were confused. They knew what the king would like to do, but they didn’t know why the king looked so well dealing with all these things. He didn’t puke blood or pass out. In fact, he was so energetic!

They didn’t think that was normal!

Three Royal Concubines were brought to the king’s bedroom. When they arrived, what they saw was a group of guards and a strange smell in the air. They knew they had done something wrong, so they were extremely terrified.

The king’s face was dark. He glanced at the faces of the concubines and spoke only a few words, "You are so disgusting!"

"Disgusting!" He repeated the word.

One concubine fell down right there, trembling on the floor.

The other two showed pale faces and rattled eyes. However, they were still holding it, "Your majesty, why so?"

The king stared at them with the fire of anger burning in the eyes. "You don’t know? Well, let me give you a hint."

He took in a deep breath and said, "… Crown Prince!"

As he said it, the two concubines passed out right there.

Things were clear.


Crown Prince!

What else could make the king talk like that?

Their secret was revealed!

The king finally confirmed it when he saw the reaction of the three women. He closed his eyes, his temples trembling. After a while, he gritted with his teeth and said, "Get them out! Kill them all! Kill their entire clans!"

At dawn.

A bunch of officials lined up in the court to hand in their reports. However, the gate suddenly opened up and it was not the eunuch walking out as usual. Instead, it was a troop of royal guards stepping out!

The guards looked straight forward and marched out. Horns sounded at the same time from different places. Horse steps resounded everywhere.

The troops were gone.

The officials were terrified, but they didn’t know what exactly was happening.