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Chapter 603: Thunder Up

Chapter 603: Thunder Up

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The officials were confused. [What’s happening? It is still early in the morning. Is there any accident? Maybe… It was said the king is ill, and he may not have lots days to live. Did he just…]

The Crown Prince had the same thought. He looked confused, but was quite happy in mind. If his father truly died, he would become the new king. He surely was happy. [Gods are blessing me. Once I sit on the throne, I am king!]

He was still having his sweet dream, because he didn’t know what happened the previous night. The masters captured those officials secretly and rapidly!

Not even a chicken or a dog escaped.

Masters around the king were all in top levels of Sky Origin Stage. They were totally powerful in ordinary people’s eyes. One night was long enough for them to do so many things!

"What’s going on?"

"I don’t know. Anything big happening?"

"I didn’t hear anything about this. Why?"

Somebody frowned and asked Crown Prince, "Your highness, do you know what is happening?"

Crown Prince’s face turned pale. He didn’t seem so vigorous anymore. He wasn’t a fool after all. After thinking deeper for a few minutes, he realized there was something wrong about it. There were a few officials absent in the court. The absent officials were exactly those who were working for him. If one or two of them were missing, he might still try to believe that they were sick or something else. However, all the officials who worked for him were missing. Apparently, they were all in trouble!

They all got in trouble at the same time… That meant…

Crown Prince’s heart started to beat heavily. His face was turning pale and gloomy. He shook his head and blankly spoke, "I don’t know!"

He was turning more and more depressed though.

His heart felt like falling deeper and deeper down to the abyss.

It was like a nightmare to him. The most horrible nightmare was happening to him. He tried to wake up but he just couldn’t.

A sweet dream turned into a nightmare. Heavens and hell. What a huge difference!

"The king announces morning court!"

The eunuch’s familiar voice sounded. Crown Prince’s two legs were trembling. He knew he should get in, but he actually just couldn’t move his feet.

His feet were so heavy like they were rooted in the ground.

He tried so hard but couldn’t lift it.

An official behind him noticed it, so he got over to hold the Crown Prince. As he touched Crown Prince, he found his hands were wet and cold. Crown Prince’s sweat drenched his clothes.

[What is wrong? Is Crown Prince sick?]

"Your highness? You highness?" He was scared, so he called out to Crown Prince.

"I am fine." Crown Prince was back to himself. He tried to smile and slowly walk into the main hall.

"Your highness, if you don’t feel well, why not just ask for leave and take some rest back home. Don't hide your sickness for fear of treatment." The official was concerned.

Crown Prince’s face was pale. He didn’t seem sober at all. He didn’t even hear what people said to him.

In the main hall.

The king’s sharp eyes stared at the Crown Prince who was being held by an official. His eyes were sharp and cold, but in his heart, there were complex feelings.

The king, Chen Xuantian, truly had many questions hidden in the heart.

He just wanted to ask his own son, why!

Why would he deceive his father!

At this moment, officials were on their positions. It was awkwardly silent. It was so depressing that people felt suffocated.

They all felt something was wrong.

Nobody dared to talk first. They just tried to hold their breath.

These were all experienced and cunning officials. When they felt something was wrong in the court, they would lower their heads and stay silent.

Anybody who dared to step out and say anything stupid, something like ‘what a lovely day’… he would probably die instantly.

‘What a lovely day’ was actually a good opening to break the awkward situation though…

The king leaned back to the throne slightly. His eyes were closing up.

Prime Minister Zuo and a few other old officials were enlightened. [Something serious is going to happen!]

The king’s simple moves and the lazy and casual facial expression all meant something serious would happen!

The old officials had been there for dozens of years. They all knew the king so well. They all sensed the danger this time, so they all tried to stay out of it!

Even if a needle was stabbed deep into their butts, they wouldn’t make a sound.

"Prime Minister Zuo!" the king blandly spoke.

Prime Minister Zuo felt like there were ten thousand alpacas running over across his heart. [God damn it! I just want to play dead now! Why do I have to be the first? Did I forget to pray for blessing before I went out in the morning? Bloody bad days! This is not a good sign!]

He stepped forward one step and answered, "Yes, your majesty!"

"Let me ask you, what is your responsibility?" the king spoke in a gloomy voice.

Zuo quivered and said, "Your majesty, I am here to assist your majesty and supervise the officials, support…"

"Hmm." the king interrupted him when he just started to talk.

Prime Minister Zuo sighed with relief in his heart.

[Hmm. I guess it must have something to do with supervising officials. It won’t connect to me, right? Maybe another young stupid guy pissed the king off again?]

[Well, it should be no worse than ineffective supervision. That should be fine…]

The king continued, "Supervise the officials. Well said! Zuo Longcheng, let me ask you. The case about Second Prince. What do you think about official supervision?"

"I… I am guilty!" Prime Minister Zuo kneeled down immediately. However, he felt relieved in the heart.

[So this is it… Hmmm… No more than half a year salary deduction.]