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Chapter 604: Inconceivable!

Chapter 604: Inconceivable!

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[Such a huge event. Even you, the king, had absolutely no idea. How could I know about it? I really didn’t know it, and even if I knew it, how could I dig on that? He was your son! He was supported by many powerful figures! The Second Prince! How could I supervise him? How?]

[You question me on that? Really?]

"Guilty? That was quick!" The king stared at Prime Minister Zuo who was on his knees. He blandly spoke, "Let me ask you. How many people have you gotten charged for bribery?"

"I am guilty." Prime Minister Zuo stayed on the floor. He felt something was wrong… [Second Prince was already an old case… Why is he digging on even older cases?]

He couldn’t help sweating on the forehead.

It was truly not easy to answer. Old officials were all loyal and had been following the king for decades.

"Do you know, among the officials you should supervise, somebody is planning treason?" The king’s deep voice was like a thunder striking in Minister Zuo’s heart.

At the same time, a sound of something hitting the floor sounded.

Crown Prince suddenly sat on the floor without reason.

The king didn’t look at him at all. He just kept looking at Prime Minister Zuo.

Nobody dared to make a sound. They saw Crown Prince fell on the floor, but nobody stepped over. They tried to move away from him. They were like baby ducks fearing lightning strikes.

They were totally astonished.

Prime Minister Zuo was soaked by cold sweat.

Crown Prince was about ten meters to him.

How could he not know?

As a old cunning figure in the court who had been in this place for decades, how could he not know what had been happening?

His heart nearly popped out of his chest.

He only had one thought, [Sky collapsed!]

"I don’t. I should die for malfeasance…" When he said so, he didn’t really want to die, but he already started to consider it…

He was smart. As Crown Prince acted that way, he could already figure out the truth. If he could do whatever he wanted this moment, he would probably rush to the Crown Prince and beat him up to death! [You are a fxcking Crown Prince! Why do you have to plan any stupid treason?]

[Even I know the king is ill. He is not going to last long! Why can’t you just wait for a few more days!]

[Even though you are so stupid and you don’t want to wait, can’t you just leave me alone! Fxck you all! What the hell do I have to do with this sh*t…]

"Oh? You don’t know? You should die?" The king nodded. "I don’t want you to die yet. I want you to tell me, what is the penalty for treason?"

"Family wipe out! Clan extermination! No amnesty!" Sweat came down of Prime Minister Zuo’s forehead. His eyes were soaked by sweat too. He didn’t even look like the head of the officials in court.

"Hmm. What is the penalty for not fulfilling supervision duty?" the king continued.

Prime Minister Zuo nearly lied to the floor. He said, "I should die over ten thousand times! Please, your majesty, whatever you say!"

The king half closed his eyes and stared at him for a long time. He didn’t tell him to stand up or to get back. He just let him stay on the floor.

After a while, he casually said, "Where is my Crown Prince?"

‘My Crown Prince’ seemed to be full of bloody smell from the king’s mouth!

Officials in the court all showed a pale face immediately.

"Fa… Father… Father… I… I am… am here." Crown Prince crawled forward and kneeled on the floor, shaking.

The king’s eyes were filled with disdain. He seemed disgusted.

"My son. Raise your head. Let me have a good look at you. I want to look at my son," the king spoke in a deep and cold voice.

"I… wouldn’t dare…" Crown Prince kept his head lowered. He didn’t dare to look up. He didn’t dare to face his father, the king on the throne!

"Wouldn’t dare? Hahahaha…" The king laughed in a tragical voice. "Is there anything you wouldn’t dare to do in the world? You have done many things that are absolutely unforgivable, and you did them with your own hands! Now, I want you to look at me, and you said you wouldn’t dare? How humble! My son. My good son! Great Crown Prince!"

The hall was suddenly silent. Even the sound of a needle hitting the floor could be heard clearly.

Crown Prince only felt his heart beating so fast like his heart had been moved to his head, booming inside.

Every time it beat, it shocked him.

He slowly raised up his head with a pale face. He looked at his father, right in the eyes that were sharp like hawks’.

There was nothing but coldness inside the king’s eyes.

"You are my Crown Prince indeed. Beautiful face. Handsome." The King half closed his eyes and blandly spoke, "Let me ask you. Did I take off your position as a Crown Prince? Or did I act like I was going to do it?"

Crown Prince spoke in a quivering voice, "Not… Not really."

"Did I tell you that I am in a bad condition, and I will let you sit on this throne within a few years?"

"You… You did."

"Did I tell you that my body is running down? That I am seriously ill and I won’t live long?"

"You d… You did…"

The King’s voice became calm. "Such private talk. Such secret. I have never hidden it from you! All kings in history would avoid talking about their own physical conditions, yet I told you everything. I just want you to be a good king after me, and make our kingdom long live in resplendence. That is all!"

Crown Prince got down to the floor. He truly didn’t dare to raise his head again.

"I don’t understand. You know everything. You know nobody could take over your position as a Crown Prince! You just needed to wait till I die. You know that day is coming soon. You just needed to wait for that day, and you will get the throne. But you still have to plan treason. Why? Answer me!"

The king frowned.

He really didn’t understand.

He was a good king with brilliant knowledge, but he really didn’t understand why his son would do such a thing, especially when the latter knew the day of his crowning would come soon.

He had never hidden anything from the Crown Prince.

A few years later, even sooner, a few months, Crown Prince would become king for sure!

Why would he choose to commit treason!

The king truly didn’t understand!