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Chapter 605: The King’s Fury!

Chapter 605: The King’s Fury!

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Crown Prince was trembling. His teeth were quivering. and he couldn’t manage to say even a word.

The officials in the court all stared at him.

"Say it! Why don’t you talk?" The king suddenly shouted like thunder, "Tell me! Why?"

Crown Prince was totally limp and feeble on the floor.

[Second Prince had powerful supports. Second Prince was overwhelming! Father, you like him a lot! I felt in danger…] These were his reasons, but he couldn’t say a word of it now.

He didn’t dare to.

"You all. Tell me. Why? Who can solve this puzzle for me?" The king looked around the officials, vigorous and domineering.

The officials were all frightened. They all got down on their knees and kowtowed, "We are guilty! We deserve death!"

The King was gasping. He shouted, "Why guilty? Why die? You think I can’t put you all on penalty? Minister Zuo! Mei Jianli was your student! Tell me, why did he work with Crown Prince on treason? Give me a reason! Grand Tutor! Qu Wuqi is your son-in-law. Tell me, why would he betray me? Grand Preceptor! Lan Zhongxin is your student. Tell me!"

The old guys all kneeled on the floor with sweat on their forehead. They were scared the hell out.

They thought only Prime Minister Zuo was in trouble, yet they all were…

What a bad luck…

Prime Minister Zuo complained in his heart. [I have been the chief examiner for so many times in my life. I can’t even remember it. Over a dozen for sure. Each time I sat there as the chief examiner, I would have dozens more students. Over a dozen times being the chief examiner, I have a great group of students.]

[How the fxck did I know which of them would commit treason years later?]

[You actually blame me on that? Mei Jianli? Who the hell is Mei Jianli? I barely know that guy! Maybe he said hello to me several times, but I never even answered him!]

Grand Tutor, [My daughter got married fxcking twenty-five years ago. How would I know her husband would commit treason!]

Grant Preceptor Song, [I sat on the chair of chief examiner more frequently than the old Prime Minister Zuo! I have so many students… Lan Zhongxin… Who the hell is he? Do I know him?]

"Don’t tell me anything about guilt and death again! You three! Take the order! Dig this case out thoroughly!" The king stood up and slapped on the table. "Give me a reason why they commit treason! If you fail to give me the answer, you will bear the same charge for treason!"


[Is he out of his mind?]

The three old men were stunned. They really didn’t know what to say anymore.

[Treason… What more reason does it need?]

"Your majesty… Your majesty…" The three old men were stunned. "I… I really…"

The King stood up in fury and walked down the stage. He didn’t stop when he passed the Crown Prince.

Crown Prince saw his father’s yellow robe moved over him, and he shouted like a mad man, "Father… Father… Please, I can explain…"

The king finally stopped.

He stood right at the door of the hall, with his back on the court, facing the splendid sunlight. He spoke in a deep voice, "You don’t need to say anything! You can only disgust me!"

"I don’t want to see you again!"

Crown Prince felt extremely cold.

He knew it now.

His father knew everything about it! He had all the evidence! He must also know the other things which was even more disgusting than committing treason!


Crown Prince shouted and spat out blood. He passed out on the floor of the court.

The king finished talking. He just ignored Crown Prince and walked out.

At the moment, someone run over to the hall while riding the horse, "Report, your majesty! All convicts are captured! None missing! Your majesty, please place your order!"

The officials in the court felt a chill in their hearts. [What? Already… captured?]

The king coldly spoke in a deep voice, "Order? What order? They are all traitors or relatives to traitors! Kill them with bludgeons! Throw their bodies to the wild! Wipe out their clans!"

"Your majesty… the… what about… the Mu Clan…"

"Wipe out! No mercy!"

The king swayed his sleeve and left with big strides!

Under the rising sunlight, his shadow on the floor turned even longer while he was walking further. That looked so lonely!

He was solitary!

A king was indeed bound to be solitary!

Crown Prince committed treason!

The breaking news was like a windstorm rolling over the entire kingdom!

People all sighed about it. The Kingdom of Chen was truly getting through a tough time. Troubles came from both outside and inside.

The kingdom was surrounded by enemies from four sides, fighting a war that had thousands of miles long battles. While the four sides were at war, Second Prince’s dirty business was revealed and he got his entire family wiped out. After less than five days, Crown Prince’s treason was revealed!



In other words, the king lost two sons within seven days!

Thousands of people in Crown Prince’s Palace were killed by bludgeons within one day! No survivors!

Within one night, the Crown Prince’s Palace was torn down!

The king’s fury was much more fierce and powerful than any other times in the history.

This time, it was murderous and bloody!

If Crown Prince only committed treason, maybe the King would wait till the end of the war before he punished Crown Prince. The kingdom was in danger after all. He didn’t need to hurry at all, as his life was extended a great deal.

Second Prince just died and the war is happening in four sides. Even though Crown Prince was ambitious, he wouldn’t do anything during this time.

It would only lead to death if he took a rebellion at this special time after all.

However, adultery with the king’s concubines aroused the king’s unbearable raging fury!

It not only offended his dignity as a king, also dignity as a man!

The king was extremely furious. He didn’t care about other things anymore. He just did it.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Crown Prince would die! Officials who worked for him would die! All that followed him would die!

Whoever loyal to Crown Prince was would all be vanished!


When Ye Xiao heard of it, he was stunned!

He knew the king would definitely do something, but he didn’t expect it to happen this soon!