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Chapter 606: Strange!

Chapter 606: Strange!

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Ye Xiao thought deeper about it and then understood it immediately.

"Royalty have no relatives indeed. If not for the dan bead I gave him, he wouldn’t do this. He would at least wait till the war ends, because he knew he couldn’t handle it with his bad physical condition. However, my Reconstruction Dan extended his life for a long time. He should be able to live for a few more decades. The problems now won’t be problems by then. He could even just raise another heir… That is his confidence!"

"Maybe when he thought he would die very soon, he would want to leave the kingdom to his own son. He would do anything to keep him alive and teach him well. He would fear that he would lose his life before everything is well set for his son, so his kingdom will fall into chaos. However, now that he can live for decades more and the Crown Prince is threatening his position, he surely won’t stand it. It is better to raise another heir. He still has plenty of time after all!"

"The king is indeed wise and conquering. He is a good king with a decisive mind. However, he is just as selfish as all kings in the history. Royalty are cold-blooded!"

Ye Xiao lightly sighed.

"What’s happening on the battles?" Ye Xiao asked.

"General Ye controls the north. He is waiting for an opportunity to wipe out the Grassland Wolf. Zhan Qianshan and Prince Hua-Yang are in equal powers. Things in the east are stable. It is not possible to defeat the enemy, but it is also unlikely to be defeated. General Lan on the south is holding the position too. His son, Lan Langlang, has changed a lot since he went to the south battle. He stays in the battle to help his father. Father and son fighting side by side, they are nearly invincible!"

The chief of intelligence group knew that Ye Xiao cared about Lan Langlang a lot, so he spent more time on that. As he dug deeper, he found that this foppish young lord really had changed a lot.

He actually played quite a role in the south battle.

The south battle had been the weakest point among the four sides earlier!

Ye Xiao was surprised. "He… actually made contributions there?"

"I heard he is vice general now. Soldiers all love him…" The intelligence chief coughed.

Ye Xiao thought for a while and nodded. "Well that must be true…"

If Lan Langlang didn’t really make contributions, General Lan should have beaten him up half to death and thrown him back to the capital. He would never let his son get fake credits. In fact, Lan Langlang should be in a higher position than just a vice general.

Ye Xiao felt happy for him.

He really didn’t expect that the most useless one among the three lords in town actually made his own contribution now.

Who would have known that the three lords in town all had their own ways now. Zuo Wuji was likely going to be an official. Lan Langlang would become a figure in the military. Ye Xiao became Feng Zhiling, the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall who shocked the world! How unexpected fate was!

"Only… the west. Kingdom of Lan-Feng is attacking like tides. Our men have been retreating again and again. The west side is the most dangerous…" The chief said, "It shouldn’t end this way considering they are not much powerful than our troops. However, they sent out many superior cultivators and changed the situation… I guess the front line might have already collapsed… In fact, if the rainstorms didn’t break the balance and make our men lose the perfect moment to attack, Kingdom of Lan-Feng should have been defeated long ago."

Ye Xiao nodded.

He was sure that his father would control the north.

If Ye Nantian was defeated by those grassland folks, it would be a joke.

If Ye Nantian didn’t want to thoroughly wipe out the Grassland Wolf, he should have won the battle long ago!

The east and the south were in deadlock, but nothing to worry about.

Only the west battle…

It was truly a pain in the head.

"Enough for the national affairs. Tell me something about ourselves. Bring a happier topic." Ye Xiao stretched his legs.

"The reward warrant has been spread out to the entire Land of Han-Yang." The chief was spirited. "More than fifty men in the noble families are beheaded. Noble clans in the Kingdom of Tian-Yu and Kingdom of Lan-Feng feel imperiled, but there is nothing they can do to stop it. They fear every movement. They are panicking all the time."

"Some heads are being brought on the way to us…"

"Make sure the bounty is ready. We pay when we get the head. No delays." Ye Xiao nodded and knocked on the table.


"Wan Zhenghao!"

"I am here!"

"This concerns about the future of Ling-Bao Hall. Pay attention. You should take charge of it yourself. No mistakes are allowed."

"Yes, Monarch."

When Ye Xiao finished everything in the Ling-Bao Hall and returned to the House of Ye, it was already afternoon. He met Song Jue right there. In fact, Song Jue was waiting for him. The moment he saw Ye Xiao, he humphed and said, "Where the hell have you been? Are you addicted to that? Let me tell you something, son. It is not late to mend your way now. Do not become what you were again! If you dare to go out and screw around, I will show you how powerful my fists are!"

Ye Xiao laughed and said, "Haha… I was just hanging around… I didn’t do anything bad… Hey… Uncle Song, you know me… Haha…"

And then he sneaked away.

"Wait… You haven’t explained those things yet…" Song Jue shouted, but Ye Xiao had entered his own place. "Ahem, Uncle Song… Well… Now I have a lady in my small yard… I don’t think it’s a good idea to let you in. Look…"

Song Jue was speechless.

"You little prick! How dare you say that to me?" Song Jue cursed.

Ye Xiao was already gone. Song Jue wanted to get in to get him, but then he thought Ye Xiao was right about the lady thing. Maybe he shouldn’t get in there, so he just let Ye Xiao go!

"That was close…" Ye Xiao sighed with a long breath. "In my own house, being yelled at by my steward, and I can’t really offend him… What a strange young lord I am…"

"Master…" Bing-Er was blushing.

Since that night, Bing-Er realized she had done something wrong.

She seemed to have aroused a beast inside her master…

Everyday when he came back, he would get on her right away like a hungry wolf…

And after that… it was always a few hours of hard work…

Every time they finished, she would be exhausted, and her legs would be too weak to even get off the bed, not to mention cultivating martial art…

The strange thing was that… every time after she was… by her master, she felt something would change inside her body. It seemed there was something hurting her life, but that thing would be reduced every time after the ‘work’.

It was some special feeling, indescribable but real.

How could there be such a thing inside her body? Hurting her life? How was that possible?

It was unreasonable, but it existed.

[What is that and why do I have such a feeling?]