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Chapter 607: Memory Revival

Chapter 607: Memory Revival

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Bing-Er still couldn’t understand it.

She knew her thought was against the nature rule, but that feeling did exist inside her.

No matter how she wanted to figure it out, she had to keep it only to herself. She couldn’t tell anybody. She didn’t dare to.

If she did, she was afraid her master would think her as a sl*t…

She didn’t want him to think that she made up such an excuse to have sex!

Bing-Er blushed. She just kept that secret deep buried in her heart.

"Bing-Er, what is going on with you, girl? Why is your face so red?" Ye Xiao was surprised. He looked at Bing-Er and held her in arms immediately. And then he kissed her small and pretty ears with his warm lips.

After being moistened for many days, Bing-Er had become even more beautiful and gorgeous. If she had been a saintly fairy, she was now combination of a fairy and an elf.

Especially… when she was with Ye Xiao.

After a few days test, Ye Xiao was sure that the ears must be one of the most important places of Bing-Er’s body.

Ye Xiao had tried that sweet feeling so many times, and every time he started it from the ears, he never failed. She always loved it.

When he gently blew his warm breath to her ear, Bing-Er would turn weak and soft immediately.

"Master…" Bing-Er moaned. She noticed an indescribable feeling was aroused inside her body. She gasped and said, "Master, something is strange…"

"What thing?" Ye Xiao asked.

"Hmmm…" Bing-Er moaned and tried to handle herself. She grabbed Ye Xiao’s hands tight and solemnly spoke, "Please wait… Master."

"Alright. I will wait." Ye Xiao stopped.

Bing-Er took a deep breath and cast an enchanting glance at Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao was nearly aroused and became a thirsty wolf again. Then she said, "Master, it is said… that… that thing between man and woman… and…"

Bing-Er blushed. She only found it so difficult to say than to think in mind.

Ye Xiao held her hand and smiled. "Girl, why don’t you finish it? What about the thing between man and woman?" He sounded rather flirty.

Bing-Er tried to concentrate on talking and she solemnly said, "It is said… that it is harmful to the health at some point… Then… Master, don’t move… Why… Why do I feel… improved instead? Isn’t it… isn’t it unbelievable? I heard that there was another saying. Maybe… it looks benefiting, but in fact, it hurts inside the body… Maybe we are harmed already…"

Ye Xiao nearly burst into laughter. "You silly girl! Why do you have to put those all together. Little fool. Ordinary people will get hurt if they do that thing to frequently. However, we are very different people. We are cultivators. We have much more energy in our bodies. Besides… that thing… is the intersection of Yin and Yang, the creation of lives. You are soft as Yin, and I am tough as Yang. We communicate with each other, making the Yin and Yang blended. That means, as long as we do it under restraints… well it should be a good exercise for both you and I. Do you understand it now? Silly girl!"

Bing-Er nodded like she understood it. "I see. It turns out that thing is blending Yin and Yang, softness and toughness…"

She thought, [It must be so. I have been improved a lot, even though I haven’t cultivated at all. It is benefiting indeed!]

"Girl, do you have any other questions?" Ye Xiao was apparently impatient. He really was thirsty to do that benefiting exercise.

However, Bing-Er actually wanted to have some serious discussion at this special moment…

"I have been having the same dream every night these days… Strange dream…" Bing-Er was confused. She said, "In fact, it doesn’t feel like a dream. Sometimes, I didn’t even sleep…"

"What?" Ye Xiao was interested.

"I always feel that something is wrong, and a woman in black shows up a lot, staring at me coldly…" Bing-Er was confused. "She seemed angry at the beginning, like she is about to kill somebody. After that, she would become helpless…"

Ye Xiao didn’t understand. [Woman in black? Where is she?]

"In my dream…" Bing-Er stuck her tongue out. "When she shows up, I want to kill somebody. It is such an exciting feeling…"

Ye Xiao was confused. "Heavens… girl, after all you said just now… I still have no idea what you are talking about. Do you even know what you are talking about?"

Bing-Er tried to make it clearer, but she failed. She lowered her head, "I don’t know what I want to say either. What is going on… I…"

Ye Xiao was pleased by her adorable look. "Bing-Er, your are so lovely. Come on… Give me a kiss… Hmmm…"

And he kissed her.

Bing-Er opened her small mouth trying to explain, but her mouth was kissed. She couldn’t make a sound.

And then Ye Xiao got up, held up Bing-Er and walked to the bed. Apparently, he was turning into a thirsty wolf now…

Bing-Er was blushing. She just kept her head down in Ye Xiao’s arms. She was shaking, but she wouldn’t even think about stopping Ye Xiao.

At this moment, it seemed that woman in black showed up in her heart, staring at her with an embarrassed and angry look. In that woman’s eyes, there was only coldness and anger…

Bing-Er trembled. He felt something extremely cold rushing up from her heart. It seemed her entire body was unbelievably changed again…


(Author’s note: Ahem… Thirty million words abridged…)

(Author’s note: This is an abridged chapter. Five hundred words are missing…)