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Chapter 608: Lots of Medicine!

Chapter 608: Lots of Medicine!

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After a long time, although the fever remained, the cloud and rain [1] had stopped.

Ye Xiao held Bing-Er’s soft body which was like baby sheep. He was gasping with satisfaction. He cheerfully said, "I never expected it could feel so good to have a wife…"

Deep inside his heart, he was grieving that he hadn’t taken good use of his time in the previous life.

[If only I hadn’t cultivated that bloody Pure Yang Martial Art…] He half closed his eyes and thought. He sighed and said, "I feel like I lived like a homeless dog those years… I actually haven’t tasted such a brilliant thing until now. I really wasted so many beautiful sources the heavens blessed me with…]

Bing-Er was gasping. Her face was red. She stayed quiet in his arms like a small kitten. She really couldn’t move a bit.

Ye Xiao seemed really strong on that thing though!

Bing-Er didn’t get over the joy of the pleasant moment yet, but that cold strange feeling was rising up again. She murmured, "Why is it so strange? It comes more and more frequently these days. What is going on…"

She spoke in a rather low voice that was almost impossible to hear.

Ye Xiao was gasping and restless too, so he didn’t hear it clearly. He asked, "What is it?"

Bing-Er had already fallen asleep on his chest. She didn’t answer.

Ye Xiao didn’t get a response, but he didn’t really put it in his mind. He then fell asleep too.

Seven days later, when Xiu-Er came to Ye Xiao, she took all those special metals that House of the Chaotic Storms collected. Other than that, she also brought a lot of treasures and fifteen hundred portions of materials for the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan.

What surprised Ye Xiao was that the medical materials for Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan were only a small part of the things she brought to him this time. There were a huge amount of other treasures and materials that nearly made Ye Xiao feel dizzy!

The way Xiu-Er gave him these materials was much more interesting though!

She firstly gave him something necessary for making Agerasia Dan, Snow Lotus!

There were even twenty-five thousand-year-old Snow Lotus!

Other than the ten thousand years old Snow Lotus, there were much more Snow Lotus in different ages, including thousands of years old, one thousand years old, hundreds of years old… She brought a great amount! There were over ten thousand in total!

How enormous!

[What… What the hell is this?]

"Heavens! No way! How could it be so many?" Ye Xiao looked at those Snow Lotus. He was extremely surprised. "My god! Did you turn the entire world over?"

"Humphed!" Xiu-Er was disdainful.

"I guess there will never be any ten thousand years old Snow Lotus for the next thousands of years in this world!" Ye Xiao was excited.

"Humph. Not thousands of years. At least ten thousand years. There will not be any Snow Lotus in this world!" Xiu-Er humphed again. She was not only disdainful, but also arrogant.

"What?" Ye Xiao looked at her, shocked. That was for real.

[Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration? Isn’t it too arrogant to say so?]

[Are you really so sure? None will be found in the entire Land of Han-Yang?]

Xiu-Er rolled up her eyes and humphed again without saying a word.

Ye Xiao was right!

Did they turn the entire world over?

Absolutely! The two ladies truly had turned over every inch of the world to find these lotus!

Xiu of the Heavens wasn’t exaggerating at all. It was the truth… There wouldn’t be any Snow Lotus in Land of Han-Yang for the next ten thousand years.

Nobody knew what much she and Wan-Er had done in the few days to find those ten thousand years old Snow Lotus.

The two ladies had each taken one dan bead of the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads they took from Ye Xiao. One third of their cultivation capability was unsealed. They were now apparently beyond the limitation of Land of Han-Yang, even Qing-Yun Realm. It was a piece of cake for them to casually break some mountains.

Right after taking the dan beads, one of them went to the north, and one to the south. They rushed so fast like lightnings and arrived at the extreme south and extreme north within a short time. They searched every inch of the mountains in the two ten thousand years frozen lands!

The south and the north points of the world were suffering earthquakes because of that.

Luckily, nobody lived there. Otherwise, they would have caused some serious trouble.

They actually cleared up all the snow on the mountains and looked for the Snow Lotus. That made it rather easier. All Snow Lotus older than five hundred years were taken away.

Surely, Snow Lotus was not the only thing they got. There were also Snow Ginseng, Blood Ginseng, Knotweed Root and other plants that were ten thousand years old.

All the materials in the snow mountains, none of those that were from old days could escape the two ladies’ hands!

All in all, they had gotten a huge amount of things in different kinds.

They got every medical materials that were able to grow in the snow mountains. And they were in different ages!

They gave Ye Xiao the Snow Lotus especially, but they just gave him a ring which contained all the other things. Xiu-Er started to take out those things out of the ring…

"Ten thousand years old Blood Lotus. Twenty five."

"Nine thousand years old Blood Lotus."

"Between eight thousand to nine thousand years old…"

"These are seven thousand years old…"


"These are between five hundred to two thousand years old…"

"These are Blood Lotus. We keep them in a one ring so that it won’t be affected by other materials. Snow Lotus and Blood Lotus are totally two different attributes. One is ice, while the other is fire. I don’t know whether it will help to make the Agerasia Dan. You are the master dan-maker. I don’t need to say this. Just have a look at them yourself!"

"Hmm… This ring has all Snow Ginseng in it. We didn’t sort them out in years. You can do it yourself. I don’t think you need it to make Agerasia Dan anyway…"

It seemed they didn’t care about those that were not useful for making Agerasia Dan at all. However, if they thought any might be able to help, they would cherish it like the most important thing. Snow Lotus and Blood Lotus were both lotus, so they treated them specially. Ginseng were just nothing to them…

Ye Xiao looked into the rings and found the rings filled with all kinds of materials… That was terrifying somehow…

"This ring…"

"And this ring…"

Xiu-Er was proud and happy.


[1] Cloud and rain means having sex.