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Chapter 609: Dancing Egg!

Chapter 609: Dancing Egg!

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[It feels good to show you what real power is like and see how you bloat, you country man! You actually dared to look down upon us! I am going to blind your eyes with our shiny light and shock you till your heart stops beating by showing you our real power!]

[For so many years staying in this Land of Han-Yang, this is the most delightful thing I have ever done! You said it is difficult to find it? You said we can’t find them all?]

[Ha! Easy! Just turn over the mountains and split them into halves. That will show everything in it, won’t it…]

"In this ring…"

"There are metals and rocks in these three rings, not only what we had, but also those we found when we turned over the mountains…" Xiu-Er eventually said it. They had truly turned over the mountains.

Ye Xiao was shocked, with his jaw nearly touching the floor. He looked at her with blank eyes. He wasn’t blind yet, but his heart was about to stop beating soon!

[My heavens!]

[They turned over the snow mountains! Lots of mountains!]

[These two ladies are too powerful. Even the most powerful man in Qing-Yun Realm may not be their rival!]

[Hmm… They only have several Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. None of them could take all the dan beads. In other words, that is not their prime power. It should be eighty percent, seventy percent, or fifty percent, maybe less!]

[Oh my heavens and hell. How powerful are those freaks in Human Realm Upon Heavens?]

"Oh right. There are many inner cores of the spiritual animals in the snow mountains. There are… over two thousand in total. We didn’t kill the low level ones. We let them go. We should let the younger ones live and just kill the old ones."

"Hmm. Here are the notes. You were right. We don’t need any money. Here you are, thirty billion…"

Xiu-Er was so generous that Ye Xiao couldn’t believe it.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the value of all the things in those rings, even before the materials were made into Supreme Dan, was much higher than all Wan Zhenghao had earned in his three thousand years of life! In fact, Wan Zhenghao’s wealth was only an odd change compared to that!

Even if Wan Zhenghao worked hard for thirty thousand years more, he couldn’t make as much money!

Wan Zhenghao, the world’s recognized richest man meant nothing in front of all these treasures and materials!

That was the world’s biggest property!

However, Xiu of the Heavens threw them all to Ye Xiao like they were just a pile of garbage.

Oh, right, Feng Monarch, not Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao became generous too after all those great things went into his pocket.

He took out two jade bottles from inside his clothes and said, "Twelve Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. All I made during the past few days. Lady Xiu-Er, just take them! As I am getting more familiar to the process, the success rate will rise up for sure. I will make the rest as soon as possible, so that the day of your return will not be delayed!"

Xiu-Er’s eyes lit up as she grabbed the bottles over immediately. She totally forgot the annoyance she felt a moment earlier. "So soon? How come?"

Ye Xiao laughed. "It should be me asking this question. As I said, Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is although not a replicable dan according to the myth, however, once it is replicated, the myth is no longer a myth. Once I am skillful on making any special dan, it won’t be so difficult. All dan beads are the same. Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is no exception."

Xiu-Er smiled while holding the two bottles tight. She said, "Feng Monarch is indeed the best dan-maker in the world. Brilliant… Hmm. Well, you have those Snow Lotus already, so…"

Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, "I know what you want, Lady Xiu-Er. Relax. After I finish the work on Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, I will get on the Agerasia Dan right away. I have been focusing on Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, so really, I need to practice on making other dans first."

Xiu-Er was a bit nervous. "Please be careful. There is no more ten thousand years old Snow Lotus in the world except those I just gave you…"

"I am just a bit rusty on other dans, but I am sure I can make it!" Ye Xiao slapped on his chest. "With all these materials, if I still can’t make Agerasia Dan, I should just crash my head on the wall to kill myself… Lady Xiu-Er, please relax. I can guarantee your Agerasia Dan. What I am going to make must be not only in supreme level, but also in supreme quality…"

"As long as you eat the Agerasia Dan bead I make, you can be young forever. Even when you are at the end of your life, you will remain young and beautiful!" Ye Xiao was confident.

"Pah! You are at the end of your life!" Xiu-Er cursed but in a happy way. She then flew away with great joy.

Right after Xiu-Er left, Ye Xiao threw all the materials into the Space.

"Brother Egg, listen. You have to make me more Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads this time." Ye Xiao was complaisant. "As long as you make enough for me, I will put all those materials into this place for you. You saw them yourself, right? Think about it. You will get whatever you want! Understand?"

When Xiu-Er took out the medical materials, Brother Egg knew that it was going to have some juicy supplies!

Now that Ye Xiao said so to it, it started to jump up and down. It jumped up high from the plate and fell down, again and again.

Apparently, it was too happy at the moment.

At the moment, the Egg hit the plate, yet the Egg didn’t crack. How amazing!

Ye Xiao was frightened. When he saw the Egg was fine, he cursed, "Fxck! You are just an egg! You know what an egg is? You prick! What if you crack the yolk the hell out of you?"

The Egg just ignored him, no matter how he shouted.

It was like a colorful watermelon jumping up and down in the air, hitting the plate…

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[For fxck’s sake. I have never seen an egg like this…]

Not to mention Ye Xiao, nobody in the universe had!

An egg was dancing, rolling and jumping up and down…

It was embarrassing just to have a glance at it!