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Chapter 610: So Many Dan Beads!

Chapter 610: So Many Dan Beads!

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Brother Egg jumped up and down for a while before realizing that there should be enough Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan before the massive supply would enter the Space, so it started to do it. Whirlwind started to blow in the Space.

All those medical materials instantly became ashes!

Some of them became pure spiritual qi, and then got out from under Brother Egg’s bottom…

This time, it didn’t preserve any of it.

The materials were all used to make dan beads.

Brother Egg knew that there were much more valuable materials for him to absorb after this… Brother Egg knew a small leak would sink a great ship.

After a while, the sound of something hitting the plate continuously sounded…

That was a good harvest.

Hmm. An astonishing harvest indeed… It couldn’t be described as surprising, instead, it should be described as terrifying!

Ye Xiao looked at Brother Egg working. He was stunned.

One, two, three, four… ten… thirty… fifty… one hundred… one hundred and fifty… two hundred… two hundred and fifty… He couldn’t believe his eyes!

When Brother Egg stopped, Ye Xiao took over the full plate of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads and counted. There were three hundred and sixty-nine beads in total!

"Holly heavens shxt!" Ye Xiao opened his eyes widely. He couldn’t believe it.

Those were Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!

They were something that only existed in the history, and there had only been one bead in the history!

However, hundreds of it were thrown out like cheap cabbages so casually by the Egg.

[Isn’t this success rate too high? There are only one thousand and five hundred portions of materials, yet over three hundred and sixty dan beads are made! What is going on? What is the theory behind it?]

[Is this thing… really that valuable?]

[Maybe the top classed, supreme master dan-makers in the history are actually all useless. They are even worse than an Egg?]

Ye Xiao was looking at the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. He felt like his brain was in chaos.

Master Bai only needed fifty beads. In fact, Ye Xiao had given them over a dozen. They needed only over thirty more.

Ye Xiao realized he would have over three hundred left…

He felt dizzy.

He was dizzy, blank, and lost. However, Brother Egg was not. It was waiting for the enormous amount of supplies after making those Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads…

[You promised!]

[Keep your word!]

It realized Ye Xiao was lost in the moment, and it didn’t know when he would be back to himself. Brother Egg was annoyed. It jumped over up and down in front of Ye Xiao. After jumping for a while, it realized Ye Xiao was still lost, so it directly went beyond his head and then… fell down fast to hit his head!

- Bang! -

Brother Egg had smashed a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, Gu Jinlong to death!

Sparks flew before Ye Xiao’s eyes because of that hit. A bump showed up on his head, and he looked just like an unicorn.

"What the hell are you doing?" He was angry!

"&…^$£.*(&….*_$£…" The Egg flew around and around. That meant, "Where is my supplies?"

Ye Xiao was hit so heavily. He had really lost his mood right now. He spoke in a mean voice, "None! I will feed them to pigs later!"

Brother Egg was nervous. It flew up and down in front of Ye Xiao and then got into his arms, trying to act coquettishly…

"Holy heavens!" Ye Xiao touched the bump on the head and inhaled. "Don’t you dare to hit me again, prick!"

Brother Egg was begging him. It talked through its mind, promising that it wouldn’t do that again.

Ye Xiao finally felt at ease. He humphed and then started to throw the good stuffs into Wood Space.

Sky Space was ready for accepting materials. Cosmic Hades was inside it. It truly recovered fast. After the massive absorption of the Egg, it only took a few days for it to recover lots of its energy. It was emitting some cold qi again.

If Ye Xiao threw a small piece of special metal into the Sky Space, maybe Cosmic Hades would go mad again…

Brother Egg never refused any spiritual qi. It absorbed even the cold qi. However, it only absorbed the cold qi from Cosmic Hades when it had to. Normally, it wouldn’t do that. That was why Brother Egg didn’t consume the spiritual qi in Sky Space, but only those in other Spaces!

Now that the Space lacked of resources, the seven Spaces were all short for spiritual qi. Ye Xiao couldn’t let the Cosmic Hades burst at the moment. He just couldn’t afford it.

However, it turned out so good to put those materials into the Wood Space. Ye Xiao felt quite comforted.

Brother Egg only turned a small part of the materials into ashes and left most of them to be planted in the Space. That meant Brother Egg considered those as renewable materials.

In other words, those were truly valuable things.

Even Brother Egg approved them, so Ye Xiao of course would cherish them.

After the materials were planted in the Wood Space, the medical materials field was expanding fast…

The medical materials Xiu-Er gave him were in absolute high level.

Ye Xiao only put one third of all the medical materials he had, and the medical materials field was expanded twice already!

The living qi was coming out from those spiritual medicines. Ye Xiao felt that the Space was more stable now.

The 25 ten thousand years old Snow Lotus, he wouldn’t make them into dan beads directly. He planted them in the Wood Space right away.

Not only the Snow Lotus, he also planted Blood Lotus, Blood Ginseng and the others. All the ten thousand years old materials were planted at the same area.

In Wood Space, these materials were in the same sort, the Ten Thousand Years Old Meds!

Brother Egg could wait for the spiritual qi storm to begin in the Space!

Under Brother Egg’s bottom, there were supreme dan beads coming out one after another.