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Chapter 611: Super Agerasia Dan!

Chapter 611: Super Agerasia Dan!

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Ye Xiao talked nicely, "Brother Egg, do what you like on others, but please, you have to make me some Agerasia Dan beads! Otherwise, we will have to return all these good stuffs…"

Brother Egg heard ‘we will have to return all these good stuffs…’

It was stunned and then worked even harder to make more supreme dan beads.

It was impossible to return those materials! Absolutely not!

That was exactly how Brother Egg felt.

From those ten thousand years old Snow Lotus, a strong whirlwind of spiritual qi blew over.

The spiritual qi was so dense.

It went over Brother Egg’s bottom and then something hit the plate and made sounds.

Over a dozen dan beads showed up there!

Agerasia Dan!

Ye Xiao grabbed some and had a look. He couldn’t recognize them at all. It seemed they were not the Agerasia Dan beads he expected. "Are these Agerasia Dan? Why are they not like how they are described in the book?"

Brother Egg shook proudly shook its body and made a mind transmission. "@%$&*^&$@$<..^^#…"

That meant, "My works are never ordinary things! These are Super Agerasia Dan that are made of ten thousand years old materials. They should be with better quality than the normal Supreme Agerasia Dan. It can not only make people stay young, but also offer capability to automatically heal the wound on the skin instantly! No scars left!"

"This Agerasia Dan is far beyond the level of the Agerasia Dan people knew about. It is called… Creation Agerasia Dan!"

"Creation Agerasia Dan…" Ye Xiao was surprised, but he felt there must be something wrong. "How many materials it took you to make these dan beads?"

Brother Egg stayed quiet for a while before it answered.

Ye Xiao heard it and totally freaked out. "You bloody squanderer…"

Brother Egg had used half of the ten thousand years old materials to make these dan beads!

They couldn’t use the materials again before it was fully recovered.

Ye Xiao was sad and speechless!

[That is so wasting! So extravagant! So… bad!]

[Didn’t you say I need to focus on making Agerasia Dan? You told me you would have to return those materials if I didn’t make it good. Besides, I didn’t kill those ten thousand years old materials. They can reproduce again anyway. Why do you have to be so angry…] Brother Egg was annoyed.

[You told me to do everything and now you call me squanderer?]

[Where is justice?]

[Do you think I wanted to make Agerasia Dan? You asked for it…]

[Well… I did keep most of the spiritual qi here… but I just can’t tell you.]

[Haha. I am not a fool!]

Ye Xiao was upset!

[Heavens. Why?]

[I asked for this!]

[Well, however… with all these Agerasia Dan beads… How many beautiful ladies can I manipulate?]

Thinking about that, he didn’t feel so upset anymore.

Jung Yinglian would totally get one. Bing-Er would get one too. Su Yeyue… Sure thing…

He felt so good about it and went home happily.

However, he didn’t know his dear Brother Egg just played a trick on him. What a memorable thing to successfully trick him!

Wan Zhenghao didn’t understand why Feng Monarch became so sneaky recently. Every time Feng Monarch came to Ling-Bao Hall, he only spent a little time to deal with the business. The rest of the time, he only stayed in his own room secretly as if he was making something serious…

And he left early…

[What is he doing?]

However, Feng Monarch had given him hundreds of Supreme Dan beads for the next auction…

There would be many more dan beads to come. It should be much more than this time.

Boss Wan was so happy and thrilled.

[The hundreds of dan beads I have now… are enough to refill half of my storage…]

[Not to mention a bunch more of dan beads are coming next time!]

[The only thing that I can’t understand is that how can Monarch be so efficient in making dan beads. That was some metamorphic level dan-making there. Unbelievable! That is historical!]

Ye Xiao returned to the House of Ye and directly went to his own yard.

"Bing-Er, open your mouth!" He sounded weird.

"Hmm? Why?" Bing-Er looked at him curiously.

"Just open your mouth. I brought something nice for you." Ye Xiao laughed and made himself sound mysterious.

"Master, you want to scare me again…" Bing-Er murmured, but she still opened her small mouth as he said.

The next moment, she felt an indescribable scent rushing in her throat. A moist warm feeling entered her body, then a mass of warm energy rose up all of a sudden.

After just a short time, she felt her arms and legs were filled with warm energy. She even felt so comfortable.

And then she had another clear feeling, that her body was fully recovered!

The feeling came up from the bottom of her heart. It confused her. [My body has always been well. Why would I feel that I was recovered?]

[Is that an illusion?]

[What’s happening to me recently? Something wrong here and there all the time!]

However, it wasn’t her illusion. She was recovered, thoroughly!

Not only her body and cultivation, but also one other thing!

Ye Xiao made himself a real trouble by giving Bing-Er that dan bead.

Because of that dan bead, Bing-Er wouldn’t let Ye Xiao get on bed for the entire night…

He couldn’t even get close to her, not to mention doing that thing…

Ye Xiao could only sigh with a long breath. "I did this to myself."

Bing-Er’s body was changing after she took that Agerasia Dan bead.

There were some filthy things slowly coming out from her skin. Those things were dark colored and also a bit stinky…

Bing-Er always loved to be clean and clear, so she cared so much about it. How could she allow her master to have sex with her under such circumstances?

She just locked the door and watched herself changing. She washed herself again and again… until early in the next morning when the filth was all gone…

She felt that she was finally clean again, and also felt that she seemed to exuviate within one night…