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Chapter 612: Burn the Incense for Help!

Chapter 612: Burn the Incense for Help!

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Ye Xiao didn’t know. Bing-Er didn’t know either.

In fact, Bing-Er was the head elder Xuan Bing in Misty Cloud Palace.

Nobody knew how long she had lived and cultivated. This time, she had been seriously injured and fell to this mortal world. She just temporarily lost her memory, that was all.

However, her body was still the same.

After all that she cultivated, she had long reached the incomparable level. Her body had become supreme soma long ago.

However, she had been fighting for so many years. Even though she got improved for so many times and refreshed her status many times, there were some fundamental damages in her body. There was a great loss of her life essence. Her life essence seemed increasing, but that was because she made up the loss and brought up more to it. That was a huge difference.

The Creation Agerasia Dan bead refilled all life essence that she had lost in the past at one time!

Everything… All of it… She was back to her perfection!

Even some hidden wounds inside her body were cured.

All negative effects on her body was gone because of this Creation Agerasia Dan bead!

Bing-Er was in an incomparable strong status at the moment.

Her body was nearly good enough to awake her memory. However, Bing-Er loved the life she was living now, so subconsciously, she resisted the memory. That was why she still didn’t get her memory back by then…

No matter how she resisted, it would come to her sooner or later. Once it was activated, all memory would be back to her at once!

In other words, it could be next second, or maybe the next minute. Bing-Er would eventually became one of the most powerful martial artists in Qing-Yun Realm, the Head Elder Xuan Bing of Misty Cloud Palace!

Bing-Er had no idea. Nor had Ye Xiao!

The next morning.

Ye Xiao saw Bing-Er and he was totally stunned!

He had been shocked so many times recently, and he was going to get used to it soon!

What he saw was… Bing-Er, as gorgeous and beautiful as she was the previous day, was even more more gorgeous and beautiful today.

Her eyes were limpid, her eyebrows were like crescent moons, and the shape of her body was like a fantastic picture… It was hard to describe this beauty…

Ye Xiao couldn’t find a word to describe how beautiful she was.

There was some aesthetic feeling added on her pure charm.

Even though she was just in front of Ye Xiao, he felt like she was fake. She was sweet and wonderful like a dream to him.

"Master, are you alright? Are you lost?" Bing-Er saw Ye Xiao staring back at her, so she blushed and asked bashfully.

"Bing-Er… You…" Ye Xiao swallowed. "It has only been one night… How… Why… What is this change on you? Come, c-come... to my room."

Bing-Er was confused. She looked at herself and walked after Ye Xiao into the room. She spoke in confusion, "Change? Where? I…"

Ye Xiao held her tight in his arms the second when she entered the room. "Let me have a look. I have to have a closer look. How come you have changed this much… I have to check carefully…" While he was talking, he had ripped off all clothes on her…

Bing-Er finally realized what he wanted to do, but it was too late to stop it…

That was how he wanted to check…

"You are so annoying master…" This was the only thing Bing-Er could say…

A long distance away from them…

It was the base area of Sunlight Sect, one of the two great sects.

Several Sky Origin Stage master cultivators stared at the burning incense. They looked hurried and sincere.

"I wonder whether our ancestral masters will send people down to us…" One of them was talking with worry.

"There is nothing else we can do now. The only thing we can do is to pray that our ancestral masters will hear us and send some powerful men down to kill that Feng Zhiling. We are too weak to defeat him right now… If we forcibly try, we will die…" another man said.

"I hope… This will reach them…"

"It will. This is the only way we can communicate with the masters in Qing-Yun Realm. It will definitely work! They have to hear us…"

In another great sect, the same thing was happening.

When the Lunisolar Glory group, the twenty-eight men first fought against someone, half of them were killed. The rest of them returned to their sects and reported it. Both sects were shocked.

They all couldn’t believe that the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall was actually so overwhelmingly powerful!

Bu JIngtian couldn’t kill him. Even two dozens of men together couldn’t kill him. The most powerful force they had couldn’t defeat Feng Monarch. The two great sects really had no idea how to deal with Feng Zhiling.

The only thing they could do was exactly to burn some incense and pray!

If Feng Monarch got back on them, they would all be wiped out.

Feng Monarch and the two great sects were in opposite positions after all. Feng Monarch was in charge of Ling-Bao Hall, and he controlled so many assassins. Apparently, he was not a merciful man.

The two great sects had been trying suppress Feng Monarch, and they even fought several times trying to kill him. There was no room for negotiation at the moment.

Feng Monarch would definitely come for revenge sooner or later.

That was why the two great sects wanted their fontal masters to come down and help them as soon as possible.

They wished it could be the next minute that their men could come down and kill Feng Zhiling.

People in the two sects were really getting through a bad time these days…

They knew if Feng Zhiling arrived, they would die out…


The two great sects were praying sincerely almost at the same time…

In Sunlight Sect, the smoke of the burning incense suddenly started to sway. The statuary of their Grand Ancestral Master suddenly lit up and then…

- Pop! -

A small cloth bag showed up.

There was a note in that bag, with some words on it. ‘What is it? Write it down and put it back to the bag!’

People of Sunlight Sect nearly cried with warm tears.