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Chapter 613: Take You Out

Chapter 613: Take You Out

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The leader of Sunlight Sect hurriedly wrote down the inquests and put it into the bag, and then they kept burning more incense…

After a while, that bag disappeared. - Shoot! -

They were all surprised.

"Our grand ancestral master is among the gods now. He surely has many fantastic methods that we cannot even imagine. We are surprised by what we just saw, but it should be just an insignificant skill for our grand ancestral master!"

The leader solemnly talked, "No matter how miraculous it is, it is normal for our ancestral master."

At the same time, the same magical thing happened in Starlight Sect.

The only difference was that they didn’t get a bag, but a sword.

If Wan Zhenghao knew what the two sects were doing, he would be surprised. [I am not the only one in this world… They also only burn incense and pray when they are in trouble… I am not the only one who did this…]

After a while, when the two great sects all got their replies, they felt relieved. All negative feelings were gone.

All they needed to do was to wait till their ancestral masters send people to kill Feng Zhiling. [Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect would always stand strong in the Land of Han-Yang forever…]

In another side, Ye Xiao was relieved too.

He made more than enough Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads.

Also, he had made more than enough Agerasia Dan beads, although it cost too much.

Ye Xiao was enjoying the leisure days recently. He went to Ling-Bao Hall every day, but only for a while, and then went back home to stay with Bing-Er. He was almost obsessed with that special sport…

There was one thing Ye Xiao found really weird though. After Bing-Er ate the Agerasia Dan, she became much more beautiful and gorgeous, but even though she was still loving Ye Xiao, she seemed slightly getting colder and colder…

Ye Xiao didn’t know why and whether he should worry about it.

[What is wrong?]

[Bing-Er is not cultivating any coldness attribute martial art. Why is this happening…]

That was why Ye Xiao decided to take Bing-Er to Ling-Bao Hall from time to time.

In Ye Xiao’s heart, Bing-Er was the person he trusted the most. He thought it was right to let Bing-Er knew something about himself.

He wanted Bing-Er to follow up with him in the future.

Besides, Bing-Er had shown how smart she was earlier. It was absolutely possible that she could be his capable assistant.

The sooner it started, the sooner it succeeded!

He couldn’t let people know he was actually both Ye Xiao and Feng Zhiling at the same time, but Bing-Er… he could totally trust her.

It was something he had to do sooner or later after all!

In the morning, Ye Xiao secretly took Bing-Er out.

Song Jue acted like he didn’t know it. He thought Ye Xiao must be taking Bing-Er out for fun. He asked him about it, but indifferently…

"These juniors are ridiculous… With that smart and fast-rolling head, why not spend more time to learn more things. You have been out hanging around all day, and stayed with the woman all the time while you’re at home. Fine. Now you actually take the woman out for fun. Heavens. Look how our world changes…"

Song Jue sighed. "I thought the little prick will be sensible since he is much stronger now. It turns out he hasn’t changed a bit, except stronger. Damn it." He sighed and then started to go around the house and began the practice of the blood guards.

Apparently, in Song Jue’s heart, it was not a big deal what Ye Xiao went out for fun in brothels. He thought it was normal… and it was something all men should do!

However, it was not right to always stay around a woman at home!

Well… That truly made people speechless when he thought of it.

However, he thought it went too far that Ye Xiao took the woman out for fun together, but, after all, he was just a steward who earned money from the House of Ye, so he felt there was nothing he could do to discipline this nephew…

[He saved me, gave me back a bright future, recovered my cultivation… How could I reproach him?]

[That is wrong…]

When they arrived at a secret place, Bing-er saw Ye Xiao touching his own face and then his bones started making cracking sound. After a while, he became someone else! Bing-Er was shocked, stunned, and astonished!

[Is… Is this a magic?]

[You actually changed to somebody else?]

And then she felt happy about it. [Master can change appearance!]

Ye Xiao turned over and looked at Bing-Er’s surprised eyes. "What is it?"

"Master, you can actually change yourself! You are so capable and marvelous!" Bing-Er was admiring. "Can you bring out a rabbit by magic? That kind like a snowball… I really want one…"

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[Capable? Marvelous? You’re praising me like that? I feel shameful to accept it…]

[Magic? A rabbit? White like snow? That is too much!]

[You really want it? Why so coquettish all of a sudden?]

[What is this?]

[What is wrong?]

[Is this a mistake?] …

Suddenly, something dirty came up in his mind. [Well… I guess I don’t need to bring anything up… White rabbits… like snowballs… There are exactly two on your chest… and I would love to have them now!]

Hmm. That was gross. When a girl did this, it was adorable. When a man… that made people puke!

"Heh, heh… It is just a disguise art. Mine is just in a higher level… Bing-Er, you can do it too. As long as you know the method, it is not that hard really." Ye Xiao solemnly said, "Come on. Let me teach you. It is simple."

Ye Xiao was exactly like a weird middle-aged man fooling a little girl. That was gross.

Actually, Ye Xiao wanted to see Bing-Er’s painful face when she first change her appearance and crack her bones…

It was painful to operate such a disguise art for the first time.

Bing-Er would definitely moan with tears in her eyes. That would make her look even much more gorgeous…

However, what happened astonished him seriously!

Bing-Er operated the energy like Ye Xiao told her. Expectedly, her bones started to crack… And then it was done. She completely changed.

She didn’t even make a sound during the process. No painful expression on her face at all, not to mention tears dropping down…

[What the hell is going on?]

Ye Xiao was totally stunned…