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Chapter 614: Different Aesthetic Standards

Chapter 614: Different Aesthetic Standards

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[What the hell is this?]

[When I first did this, I nearly passed out because of the pain. Why doesn’t she feel a damn thing?]

[Why is it so different?]

"This is fantastic! Marvelous!" Bing-Er learned a new skill, which was cool and magical. She kept using it again and again, with her bones making sounds of cracking…

She even wanted to make a rabbit, but she surely failed.

Ye Xiao’s disguise art was to transform the bones of human body. It couldn’t just make up something. It was not magic!

"Master, this is so brilliant!" Bing-Er looked at him admiringly, with an expression like ‘you are so knowledgeable’. She was totally worshiping him.

Ye Xiao’s fact twisted. [I am totally broken down by you. Please do not worship me. I should worship you. What a difference! …]

He suddenly became a bit childish. He grabbed a bottle of dark disguising liquid and smeared it on Bing-Er’s face…

He was actually a bit surprised by how childish he could be.

It seemed his personality had been changed since he was reborn. Xiao Monarch was calm and stable all the time, yet he was like a child…

Bing-Er held a small mirror, looking at her face. That was ugly. She stopped talking to Ye Xiao for quite a long time.

All women wanted to be beautiful. Nobody was allowed to challenge their beauty!

In fact, for many men, it was also important to have a pretty face!

[Master is so annoying!]

[How could he make me look so ugly… This is worse than a pig face…]

Ye Xiao felt happy now. He finally vented out his grudge, and he even explained that this was just one of all the unpleasant things that would have to happen in one’s life, as if it was good to happen on her.

He also told her where he was taking her.

Bing-Er was shocked!


[Master is so powerful!]

[He actually achieved so much out there…]

[My brilliant master indeed!]

And then she was admiring again…

She was so happy to know the secret!

That was a secret Ye Xiao only shared to her!

It meant so much to her! That was awesome!

Bing-Er nodded like chicken pecking. "Don’t worry, Master. I will keep the secret! I won’t tell anybody!"

She wouldn’t know that she truly had kept the secret for her entire life…

No matter when she was Bing-Er… or Xuan-Bing!

Feng Monarch stayed in Ling-Bao Hall for a short time and then left with a girl soon.

Wan Zhenghao got ten bottles of dan beads.

For Wan Zhenghao, the dan beads were now more important than his life!

Any two dan beads could bring him money more than his one year of profit!

That was such a huge wealth!

Other than that, Wan Zhenghao finally knew the answer to the question that haunted him for a long time. He couldn’t help giggling after Feng Monarch took leave.

"Like I said… Feng Monarch is so capable and young, so powerful and rich, how could he not have a beauty to stay with… I se… Now I get it."

"Feng Monarch is not only superior in dan-making, but also in aesthetic standard… Unbelievable… He doesn’t like beautiful girls… He only likes ugly ones… Gosh. This girl he brought over this time… Well, how do I put it… The only good side of her in my eyes is that she is female… She is so ugly. Dark skin. Slim skeleton body. Terrible body shape and terrible face. But Monarch is so close to her. I could never think of this. How could I… Oh my heavens…"

Ye Xiao didn’t talk much to Bing-Er, but the way they looked at each other was never going to lie. Wan Zhenghao had lived thousands of years after all.

Wan Zhenghao half closed his eyes. He was lost in imagination. [Now, I finally have one thing that is better than Monarch. The aesthetic standard of beautiful girls… It doesn’t have to be a pretty face. Just not too ugly. Must be perfect shaped. I love white and a bit overweight women…"

They stayed in Ling-Bao Hall for only a short time. Bing-Er realized what great business her master was doing, as she had such great memory and she was so wise. She understood what Ye Xiao wanted her to do.


She knew it, and then started it right away.

As she started to take care of things, it truly shocked Ye Xiao again.

No matter what she was dealing with, she was so skillful and experienced. Even Ye Xiao couldn’t do as well as she did…

That not only shocked Ye Xiao, but also Bing-Er herself. She couldn’t believe it too. According to her own explanation, she didn’t know what exactly was going on. It felt like she was born with such capabilities. Maybe she had done a lot of such things before!

[The girl is definitely a monster!] Ye Xiao was shocked again so he thought.

Ye Xiao didn’t know what Wan Zhenghao was thinking, fortunately. If he did, he would definitely spat out blood immediately.

[What the hell. Why is that a wrong aesthetic standard to you? I did this to cover her real face, you pig. And… I don’t want her to become more glaring than me. You haven’t seen her real gorgeous face, you stupid Wan Zhenghao. If you see her, you will be thrilled to death!]

"From now on, you can just come over and take care the business. But, remember to keep your face this way. That is the only way to keep it a secret and keep it safe." Ye Xiao said. It shocked Bing-Er.

[He didn’t make me look ugly just because he wanted to?]

[Do I have to be this ugly when I come here?]

Bing-Er nearly freaked out as she loved to be beautiful so much.