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Chapter 616: Reveal Your Secret

Chapter 616: Reveal Your Secret

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"Heh, heh, heh… There is no absolute thing in the world. Come on. Maybe there are people from Ling-Bao Hall searching around and hear our conversation by coincidence. They loved your idea, so they did it. It is not totally impossible, is it? You should know that there are three top assassins, Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun in Ling-Bao Hall. It is never a difficult thing for any of them to overhear us in your house!" Ye Xiao didn’t admit it. He just brought up whatever he could think of to deny it. That was, however, a possible situation anyway!

"Pah! Don’t you know those men of Boundless Lake were staying in my house? Even Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian couldn’t just come and listen to our conversation easily! Why do you have to deny it!"

"You said it yourself. Boundless Lake people were staying in your house. Ning Biluo knew their enemies were living in your place, that was why he went there and coincidentally heard our conversation! Isn’t it reasonable?"

"Damn it! Do you really have to be so tough on this. Coincidence? Humph!" Zuo Wuji was annoyed. "Fine. One more. A few days ago, you dropped in and asked me about the princes’ followers. I felt strange about it then… Anyway, what you asked for is secret information that only my house has… I gave it to you. That night, Second Prince’s family was wiped out. His followers were all killed…"

"Well that doesn’t…" Ye Xiao wanted to deny that too.

"Stop it! Let me finish first! That day, I gave you information about Crown Prince too. A few days later, Crown Prince’s treason was exposed." Zuo Wuji wouldn’t let him deny.

"If people knew it long ago, why would they wait till the kingdom was in a troublesome situation?"

"These are things only you and me knew. I didn’t leak it, who did then?"

"Heh, heh… Heh, heh… Maybe… Well…" Ye Xiao tried to cover it.

Zuo Wuji angrily spoke, "Moreover… You showed your slip a long time ago. When I said I was sick and Lan Langlang was worrying about his head… you actually said you could cure us…"

Ye Xiao didn’t know what to respond, "Urhhhh…"

[Damn it! He truly has a smart brain. He actually put all those things together.]

"Lan Langlang and me believed you. It was such a thrilling thing for us. And it turned out it was true. Lan Langlang’s head is cured. Even his crossed-eyes are cured… Even… His bowleg is getting better too!" Zuo Wuji said, "I asked Lan Langlang. He told me that you gave him some medicine. Well… I don’t think you have the capability to get that medicine. However, Feng Monarch is an expert on this. What do you want to say about it?"

Ye Xiao clicked on his tongue. He finally couldn’t say anything.

"Don’t even think about stopping this. You don’t have anything to say, I do a lot. I had no idea how to start my career. Recently, I do. Chen Zhi it is what I should fight for. This is my deepest thought in my heart. You are the only one who knows about it…"

"Tell me. How many days since I told you this? God damn it. Things happened one after another. Everything happened right in the way to my joy! I was just thinking about putting off Crown Prince and Second Prince, and we should begin with Second Prince. Second Prince was taken care of right after that! And then I thought, since Second Prince was gone, I should do something about the Crown Prince. Well, he committed treason…"

Zuo Wuji was a bit confused. "Everything happened as I wanted. Those are things that I have to succeed so that I can push Chen Zhi to the throne… Now it is all done for me. Just as I wish."

"The only person in the world who would do so, knows how to do so, and was capable of doing so is you! I guess I don’t need to repeat it again, do I?"

"No matter how you keep denying it, you can’t. Everything that happened was related to Ling-Bao Hall! How dare you still deny it?" Zuo Wuji stood up in anger and shouted all of a sudden. He stepped one foot on the chair and pointed at Ye Xiao’s nose as he angrily shouted, "Why are you still playing dumb in front of me? Say it!"

Ye Xiao was embarrassed. He humbly spoke, "Urhhh… Well… I was wrong…"

Zuo Wuji didn’t calm down any bit. "So you admit it?"

Ye Xiao shrugged. "You are so determined. What else can I do?"

Zuo Wuji stared at him carefully for a while and then started laughing. He was proud and vigorous. "It is you! I thought I was wrong, since you were denying it so hard…"

Ye Xiao was stunned again!

[Damn it! He got me again!]

[He has no proof at all! All he did is talking and talking! He set me up!]

[But… Why… Why was I that easy to fool!]

[Bloody heavens! He said he wasn’t fooling me so I believed it! What a cunning prick!]

Ye Xiao pointed at Zuo Wuji with a shaking finger. "You… You… You… Fine… Alright…"

Zuo Wuji humphed and rolled up his eyes. "What? What fine? I am perfectly fine! Answer me. Ling-Bao Hall fights for survival, that is reasonable. Why do you have to fight around my house? Half of my house was gone! Do you know how much it costed us to repair it? Ling-Bao Hall is rich. You don’t care about money. We do! Now we are here talking about this, what is it that you will do to make it up for me?"

Ye Xiao was angry because he was embarrassed. "What do you want me to do? Your house comes from flesh and blood of the people! Good to get it destroyed!"

Zuo Wuji raged up. "Pah! How the fxck do you dare you to say so! You mean you are not going to pay me a damn thing, is it?"

Ye Xiao sat on the chair like a losing rooster. "I have no money!"

Zuo Wuji stared at him fiercely and Ye Xiao stared back. After a while, they started to laugh!

After laughing for a while, Ye Xiao stopped first. He said, "God damn, it you are smart. Holy heavens. I feel lucky that you are not my enemy. God bless me."