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Chapter 617: Talk Like Controlling the Kingdom

Chapter 617: Talk Like Controlling the Kingdom

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Zuo Wuji humphed and said, "God bless you? Pah! Let me tell you more. I am not the only one who have questions about Ling-Bao Hall. Those officials in the court are all cunning and experienced men. They will surely think of Feng Monarch on these cases. Even though they can’t be entirely sure, they can at least make a close guess! Currently, they are simply shocked by the five hundred billion bounty… That is all… They don’t want to be listed on the warrant because of any word they say. It is everybody’s duty after all, but it is their own lives that are at risk…"

"For them, outlaws like you is the most dangerous and horrible thing. Only a few assassins could already wipe their families out… Who dares to mess with you under such circumstances?" Zuo Wuji continued, "Besides, Ling-Bao Hall has done things that people praise. Nobody would blame you."

Ye Xiao nodded. "Indeed. I have thought about that myself."

"However, Xiao Xiao, if this lasts long, Ling-Bao Hall will become the biggest enemy of all the forces in the Land of Han-Yang. You must realize it. Do not just enjoy the current pleasure and ignore the hidden danger in the future."

Zuo Wuji said, "Ling-Bao Hall is indeed powerful in the Land of Han-Yang. However, it is not strong enough to fight against all royal houses in the world. You can’t do things like this again if you want Ling-Bao Hall to develop further. The next thing you need to do is to rest and save power. Sometimes, an unseen force is the most terrifying one."

Ye Xiao couldn’t agree more.

After a powerful strike, there should be some soft tactics after.

Otherwise, he would become an enemy to the entire world.

Zuo Wuji was right about it!

In fact, Ye Xiao could kill everyone else in the world, but when there were nobody else in the world, what was left meaningful…

Ye Xiao looked at Zu Wuji and was suddenly enlightened.

He said, "The little prince you are so faithful to, how is he?"

Zuo Wuji smiled. "Chen Zhi has a strong will. He is tough. Besides, he is still a kid with pure heart, which hasn’t been infected by authority… It is still not too late to teach him something right. He is a diamond in the rough."

"Besides, Chen Zhi values ties of friendship a lot. He is just like the king. If he can finally sit on the throne, Kingdom of Chen… can at least last for fifty years on top of the world!"

He talked slowly, looking ever so solemn.

Since there was no more secret between them, they should just talk about serious matters. Besides, what they were talking now concerned the future of the kingdom!

In fact, that was why Zuo Wuji came to see Ye Xiao.

To plan before acting, that was Zuo Wuji’s way!

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes and said, "To be honest, I am really not interested. However, since you want to do it, I will help. We are brothers after all."

Zuo Wuji was a bit surprised. He looked at Ye Xiao for a while and then slowly smiled. He said, "Xiao Xiao, aren’t you afraid that I will take the power and bring misery to the world? Maybe… I will gather forces to take over the throne myself."

Ye Xiao blandly said, "First, I don’t think you would do that! You are wise and smart, full of schemes, but you are not that ambitious. That explains many things already."

"So you must be quite clear about your own position. You will become a powerful figure in the court. That is a true, however, you will always be an official, loyal to a king. You won’t be a king yourself! Never!"

"Second…" Ye Xiao smiled and blandly said, "Even if you do take over the throne and sit on it, it has nothing to do with me. Do it or not, it is up to you. I don’t care. If you become a king, you are still my brother. If you bring disaster to the world, you are still my brother. No matter what you do in the future, you are my brother. That is all!"

Zuo Wuji bitterly smiled. "You are unconcerned about that! Now, I am finally certain that you truly have no nostalgia to this world! Maybe you never really cared about this world, but about the world… up there!"

"Yes!" Ye Xiao just admitted it this time.

"Well, you are right about me." Zuo Wuji deeply exhaled and stretched his two legs. He said, "There is one thing I love to do the most. To try to figure out what is hidden in people’s thought. To out-wit people. I will never feel tired doing such thing. However, to control the world, to be a king, to take that responsibility is never what I like!"

"When there is somebody beyond me, I can always feel respectful. As long as I remain respectful, I won’t push things too hard. Besides, it is only fun to out-wit people when they are in equal position with me. If I am a king, who dares to go against my will? That must be boring."

"Besides, it is quite a tough job to be a king. There is no freedom. It is enough for me to just do something for the world and stay under the king’s command. Think about it. It must feel so good to bring peace to the world! The billion people in the kingdom will have a peaceful life because of my work! That must be good!"

"That feeling of achievement… You cultivators only chase after higher cultivation. You will never understand what I long for!"

Zuo Wuji’s face was glowing. He talked and talked, like he was holding the kingdom in his hands.

Ye Xiao looked at Zuo Wuji and only felt speechless.

Zuo Wuji’s dream might be great in Land of Han-Yang… but for Ye Xiao, that only made him feel speechless.

Ye Xiao was nice. If other superior cultivators knew about it, they would probably just sneer at it.

Not to be king, not to be immortal, not to conquer the universe, not to be invincible…

For people like Ye Xiao, that was merely a dream. It was impenetrable.

However, Ye Xiao knew there was something people used to say in the old days, ‘Different people have different aspirations’!

Zuo Wuji’s aspiration… maybe was only able to reach this height.

Different people have different aspirations!

"You will succeed! You definitely will!" Ye Xiao sincerely spoke.

"I know. That is for sure!" Zuo Wuji wasn’t humble at all. Ye Xiao nearly choked when he heard that.