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Chapter 618: Unbelievably Wise

Chapter 618: Unbelievably Wise

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[Isn’t he too confident? Where does he get that unbelievable confidence?]

"I mean, what’s next?" Ye Xiao said, "What is your plan? While I am still in this world, tell me and maybe I can help?"

"I think you should just stay away from this. Whatever you do, it is always loud and big. Crown Prince and Second Prince are both down. The biggest opponents are gone. The only possible opponent left is the poor and weak Third Prince. It is just a good training object for Chen Zhi…"

Zuo Wuji blandly spoke, "So, please do leave the only training object to me. It must be a piece of cake to kill Third Prince. If you kill him, I will be incomparably disappointed…"

Ye Xiao bitterly smiled. "Really? Am I that sanguinary? To be honest, Third Prince is weak and foppish, also arrogant and ignorant, but he never has done anything wrong. Why would I kill him?"

Zuo Wuji humphed and said, "Haven’t you check on him already?"

Ye Xiao rubbed his nose and bitterly smiled.

"What if he also did things like Second Prince? Would you stay away from it?" Zuo Wuji coldly smiled.

Ye Xiao kept rubbing his nose.

That was hard to promise. If Third Prince was also that evil, Ye Xiao might wipe out his entire family too!

He wouldn’t mind a few princes of the Kingdom of Chen dying. He wouldn’t care if all the princes were dead!

"You are simply a slaughterer!" Zuo Wuji humphed.

Ye Xiao suddenly laughed. "Come on, Wuji! Well… One should set a higher goal for himself. You surely need Third Prince to be a training object for Chen Zhi, however, he is not the biggest opponent. In fact, it should be the king. Well… Urh… I helped the King… A few days ago… He should be able to live for another thirty years at least!"

Zuo Wuji was gloomy. "Gosh. I don’t know what to say to you know. You killed two of his sons and let him live for dozens more years. It may be a sorrowful thing for normal people, but it is absolutely a fantastic thing for a king."

"With dozens of years to live on, he can raise as many princes as he wants. Fine. Don’t show that ‘I am sorry’ face to me. I knew this earlier. Don’t look at me like that. I am not a fortune teller. I am not a magician… Gosh. The old man got home yesterday. He said something was strange. The king wiped out the Crown Prince’s Palace with fury. He killed everyone… There are a few servants and eunuchs that died in the royal house too. A few royal concubines died too, with their clans wiped out…"

"My grandpa thought there must be something disgraceful to the royal house… It must be related to Crown Prince. However, it is a sensitive topic, so he just mentioned a few words…"

What Zuo Wuji said shocked Ye Xiao.

That was a secret that had been hidden so well.

The old guys in the court actually made such a close guess according to some small things?

"Those secret missions didn’t really trouble my grandpa. The only thing my grandpa kept thinking about is that… the king has been getting worse and worse in health. He should be gone soon. The old men in court all knew it and they worried about it."

"However, the king should have spat out blood and fell down in bed when he got to know all those things. It would be reasonable if he died because of it… However, after he raged up with fury yesterday, he remained perfectly well. Nothing was wrong about his physical condition. The king is fine, and there is nothing wrong with his health…"

"That is strange. My grandpa knew that the king came here and went to Ling-Bao Hall. He believes Feng Monarch, the grandmaster of dan-making, saved the king! He must have cured the king’s disease…"

"My grandpa was quite happy about it. He drank a lot and murmured about things like ‘god bless the Kingdom of Chen’."

Zuo Wuji looked at Ye Xiao. "All these, is there anything wrong?"

Ye Xiao could only nod. "No. Nothing is wrong. You are right about everything!"

[What the hell are these young man and his grandpa’s brains are made of? There are only a few traces shown, yet they actually conjectured the entire truth behind it. That is unbelievable. They are like monsters!]

"However, the king is never an opponent. He wasn’t, isn’t, and will never be… He is recovered to the prime condition. It must be easy for him to take good care of the kingdom. He is a good king with kind heart… It must be a good thing that he lives a few more years. Besides, Chen Zhi is still too young…"

Zuo Wuji frowned and said, "I think it should be perfect that Chen Zhi becomes king when he is thirty… That is his prime age. The kingdom must be in peace by then. It is a good time for him to take over the throne and create an even more peaceful and wealthy kingdom in history!"

"However, Chen Zhi can wait, I can’t. The king was dying, so I tried to save all I can for the new king. Now, I don’t think I should wait for twenty years to serve the kingdom. I must stand out soon. When Chen Zhi becomes king, I should be influential in the court by then."

"I have to build up my own power group by then, to make sure everything goes well for Chen Zhi. Since the King is recovered now, nobody knows how many princes will show up in the coming days after all!"

"Besides, Chen Zhi shouldn’t act low profile like he always did. It must be changed."

"Hmm. He should stand out to play a good son. The king surely needs comfort at these special days…" He kept talking about his strategy.

Ye Xiao was impressed.

Zuo Wuji must have known that Ye Xiao had fully cured the King, instead of remitting the disease. He conjectured it himself.

That was why he would come up with all those talking afterwards.

He even planned everything in the twenty years to come…