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Chapter 619: Solve Your Problem!

Chapter 619: Solve Your Problem!

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The plan Zuo Wuji made perfectly matched Chen Zhi’s personality. It was exactly what the king would like. It was definitely a fantastic plan, which was thorough and thoughtful…

"Wuji…" Ye Xiao took in a deep breath. "Your talent… My god. Such a waste."

Zuo Wuji blandly smiled. "Stop there. I do what I like."

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "I understand. I totally do. Alright then. We are brothers. Let me do something for you."

Zu Wuji stared at him right in the eyes, "Thanks."

Ye Xiao shook his head and said, "No need to say that between brothers. However, I have something that I need to say it in advance."

"Alright," Zuo Wuji seriously spoke.

"If you fulfill your dream someday, and I need your help, you can’t say no to me," Ye Xiao solemnly spoke.

"Hahaha… When I fulfill my dream, I must be old enough to say goodbye to the world. Maybe I will die before my dream comes true." Zuo Wuji laughed and then became serious. "However, I promise! No matter what you need by then, I will say yes!"

"Good! Deal is a deal! Whoever breaks the promise becomes Lan Langlang!" Ye Xiao laughed loudly. That was the first joke he made the night.

"Alright! Becomes Lan Langlang!" Zuo Wuji laughed so happily too.

It was a very long time after this when Zuo Wuji finally knew what his promise to Ye Xiao really meant for himself!

His future was completely changed because of this promise!

"Oh right. One more thing. The important thing. I have a gift for you." Ye Xiao smiled and grabbed a jade bottle out. "There are three dan beads inside… Take them all and the problem you have will be gone in three days."

"I…" Zuo Wuji’s face turned red.

Surely, he knew what the problem was.

A private problem!

Something he couldn’t tell others!

Because of this disease, he was still a virgin, even though he was already nineteen… That was worse than Ye Xiao…

"Come on. I am a grandmaster dan-maker. It will work." Ye Xiao spoke in a light voice, "In fact, Wuji, you should be thankful to this disease… You know, because of it, you became who you are now. If somebody else has such a disease, he may have gone crazy long ago."

Zuo Wuji was shocked. He thought of all the hard work he had done and said, "That is right! It hurts me, but also helps me!"

"Now it will be cured! Everything will be fine. It is not late at all!" Ye Xiao blinked, talking like he was quite experienced.

Zuo Wuji blushed.

‘It is not late at all!’ … That was… ahem… quite ambiguous.

Zuo Wuji would never argue with Ye Xiao at this moment. He wouldn’t want Ye Xiao to take back the dan beads really…

He knew Ye Xiao would definitely do so!

That would be such a sad story of him…

Hmm. His life would be doomed!

Thus, he swallowed the three dan beads right away with tea. [Hmm. Let me swallow them before talking.]

[This is the most important.]

"And more. Three jade bottles, each of which has three dan beads. You take one of each and then give your future wife one of each… The last three, you keep them, in case you will need more. I am sure you will live longer as you expect!"

Ye Xiao gave Zuo Wuji three jade bottles and said, "Remember. Only one of each! Do not forget this!"

Zuo Wuji took in a deep breath. He sounded quivering, "I won’t!"

He was such a smart man. He knew that the dan beads in his hands were absolutely a miracle that happened to him! It should be… a miracle for… him and his family!

Ye Xiao was a bit regretful. "I could give you a few more, but I have less than ten of these kinds of dan beads. I need to save some for Langlang. That is for sure… Three should be enough for you. Besides… Maybe I will come down to see you in the future."

Zuo Wuji looked up at him. "Hmm? You are leaving now?"

Suddenly, he felt so reluctant and sad.

"What are you doing? Why put on such a moonstruck scene. I am not leaving now. At least, I won’t leave in the coming half year…" Ye Xiao wasn’t sure. "When I decide to leave, I will let you know first and arrange everything well."

Zuo Wuji lowered his head and deeply sighed.

Zuo Wuji honestly had been used to hanging out with Ye Xiao in the capital. They used to be ‘three lords in town’, and now they were fighting for their own lives. In the future, when they all got great achievements, they should still be together like brothers forever.

[Brothers in the world.]

The world was surely Land of Han-Yang. Even though Ye Xiao was now in a higher position in the world, the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, the world’s best dan-maker, the richest man in the world, Zuo Wuji didn’t mind. He simply felt happy for Ye Xiao!

The three of them were on the same line at the beginning.

Nobody expected them to be figures. Only they supported each other.

They rose up together.

How could Zuo Wuji be jealous anyhow?

When Ye Xiao said he wanted to break the limit of this world and become No. 1 in this world, Zuo Wuji didn’t know he was being serious. That was so like a joke. It had been too long since the last man in the Land of Han-Yang flew up to the upper realm in history!

Now, Zuo Wuji heard that Ye Xiao was actually going to leave this world and there was not much time before he left. Suddenly, he felt so sad!

Although Ye Xiao was still around, when he said he would leave this world, Zuo Wuji’s heart was filled with sad feeling of separation.

No matter how calm Zuo Wuji was, he couldn’t suppress that feeling in his chest!