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Chapter 620: Slip of Tongue?

Chapter 620: Slip of Tongue?

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Even though Ye Xiao tried to ease the tension by running a gag, it failed. After all, nobody knew when he would come back once he was gone!

After Zuo Wuji left, Ye Xiao felt a bit sad about it.

He must be affected by Zuo Wuji’s emotion…

The next few days were peaceful.

Ye Xiao was preparing to defend the attack from the two great sects. However, he had waited for over ten days now. The attack didn't happen.

He was curious. [They did it so quickly last time!]

[Why are they so slow this time?]

[Is it… they need one more month to prepare for the next strike?]

[This is awkwardly peaceful.]

Xiu-Er and Wan-Er had visited him five times in seven days. They didn’t say anything, but they looked nervous and worried.

No matter how powerful they were, when it was about the Agerasia Dan, they fell in. Women all cared about appearance.

When something concerned ‘beauty’, women could never ignore it!

Ye Xiao understood this, but he just kept comforting them. "I am going to make some marvelous level Agerasia Dan beads this time. It may not be unique in the future, but definitely unique in the history. To produce dan beads in such quality, it required high-quality materials, skillful dan-maker, and also good luck. Even though I am this good at dan-making, I failed three times. I was so close yesterday, but a minor mistake led to its failure… I only got a stove of half-done dan beads…"

The two ladies were shocked. Xiu-Er said, "Master Feng, is it short for materials? What should we do. We have collected all ten thousand years old Snow Lotus in this world. It is impossible to collect more in a short time…"

Wan-Er said, "If you are not confident about making that high quality Agerasia Dan, why not just use Snow Lotus less than ten thousand years old? Maybe it is really too hard to make it with the prime quality. In fact, as long as they are in supreme level, we will happily accept it!"

Ye Xiao was annoyed and he coldly spoke, "Ladies, are you questioning my capability now? You actually asked me to make lower quality dan beads. I would rather just make one dan bead in perfection, than make lots of commonplace things. You disappointed me!"

Wan and Xiu hurriedly apologized. Xiu-Er said, "We didn’t mean that at all. Master Feng, you successfully made the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, and you have made so many supreme dan beads. You are definitely the most capable dan-maker in the world… We truly cannot provide more ten thousand years old Snow Lotus, but it is surely our fault! We would never look down upon you…"

People wouldn’t believe Wan and Xiu would talk so humbly like this. Master Bai, Ling Wuxie, people in House of the Chaotic Storms, people in those sects in Land of Han-Yang, and people in the sects in Qing-Yun Realm, none of them would believe this!

Xiu of the Heavens and Wan of the Clouds actually begged so humbly?

Women could do anything to become beautiful!

Ye Xiao felt good, but didn’t dare to show it. He spoke in a deep voice, "Ladies, relax. I failed several times, and over a dozen Snow Lotus are wasted. However, I am confident now. There will be no more failure. I think I will have the Agerasia Dan beads by the day after tomorrow…"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were so looking forward when they heard that.

Ye Xiao wouldn’t take out the dan beads for them. If he took them out so soon… they would see him as a monster!

That was something even gods couldn’t do, yet he did it!

Moreover, if they knew it was so easy for him to make supreme dan beads, they would target him all the time.

The two ladies were so eager. Ten days were like ten years for them. Let them wait a few more days and they wouldn’t think it strange.

They would actually think that it was too slow!

That was human nature.

Ye Xiao was good at this.

In fact, it was not that he didn’t want to give them lower quality dan beads, he just couldn’t! Brother Egg only made good stuffs. It worked so concentratedly on it this time. There would never be ay low quality thing!

However, Ye Xiao gave them different dan beads! Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!

He gave them twenty beads this time!

That made it thirty-four already! He had given them thirty-four Heaven Seizing Dan beads in total!

It had been only half a month, five and a half months before they were due!

Now he gave them a lot of dan beads, and Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were so thrilled and happy that they nearly passed out.

Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan was the only thing that the two ladies wanted as much as Agerasia Dan!

[With all these Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads… Master will definitely…]

Ye Xiao clearly knew it. When he gave them the twenty dan beads, he casually asked, "Master Bai should almost be recovered, right?"

That was so casual like he was asking ‘how’s your day?’

However, that causal question could easily get the answer.

Especially when the two ladies were thrilled like crazy.

As expected, Xiu-Er spoke without hesitation, "Your Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads are fantastic. Master has been recovered nearly fifty percent. If he takes these twenty…"

Suddenly, she stopped.

Wan-Er loudly coughed, trying to stop her.

Xiu-Er’s face gradually turned red.

That was red with anger!

She stared at Ye Xiao.

[You prick! You set it up for my words!]

[And I fell in it again…]

[Why would I use ‘again’?]

[Son of a bxtch!]

Ye Xiao nodded and pretended that he didn’t see her angry eyes. He spoke in a deep voice, "Not a surprising answer though. I have worked with full effort. It should work well… Hmm. It should take me three days to finish the rest. As I said, it should work well, since I have been working with full effort."

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er took a breath out of relief. [He didn’t stick on this. What a surprise.] They didn’t care about his bragging at all. Maybe they didn’t think he was bragging. That was the truth. Even in Human Realm Upon Heavens, there was no dan-maker who could make supreme dan beads like making sugar beads casually, but Feng Zhiling could.