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Chapter 621: My Woman!

Chapter 621: My Woman!

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However, he surely knew what Xiu-Er was going to say after ‘if he takes these twenty…’ That was obvious.

Fourteen dan beads, he recovered nearly fifty percent.

The three of them shared them. Two or four for the two ladies, it didn’t matter. No matter how, the twenty dan beads would surely make him fully recovered…

That meant Master Bai only needed about thirty dan beads. It should be more than enough now, but he had asked for fifty!

There were about twenty dan beads that they didn’t need.

In fact, Master Bai didn’t really try to get more than he needed. He reckoned that at least forty of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads were enough for him to fully recover. Wan and Xiu should at least need four for each.

Fifty wasn’t really that safe.

Master Bai didn’t know that Feng Zhiling would actually successfully make the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads so fast. He thought it was impossible to make fifty dan beads within half a year, no matter how capable Feng Zhiling was.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zhiling made lots of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads within a short time. He brought hope to this plan.

When Master Bai took the first dan bead, he found that the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead from Feng Zhiling was actually much more efficient than he expected. That was why there were twenty dan beads left at the moment!

If Ye Xiao brought up the topic about the twenty more dan beads, this deal might be closed in advance!

House of the Chaotic Storms wouldn’t blame Feng Zhiling or Ling-Bao Hall at all!

That was why Xiu-Er didn’t want Ye Xiao to know the truth.

The twenty more dan beads were extremely important for Master Bai really!

Heaven Seizing Supermen Dan beads were powerful in Human Realm Upon Heavens!

If they returned with twenty of these dan beads, nobody would dare to mess with them.

If Feng Monarch stopped making dan beads for them now…

Master Bai would lose far more than just the twenty dan beads!

However, Feng Zhiling acted like he didn’t know at all. Instead, he promised to finish all the dan beads in three days! Xiu-Er was surprised and happy about it for sure!

"We, House of the Chaotic Storm, feel grateful for you great favor. We will take leave now."

Xiu-Er didn’t dare to stay longer. Feng Monarch was so smart. If he got any other information from her now, she would never be able to make it up for Master Bai…

So they hurriedly left.

Ye Xiao looked at the figures of their backs, smiling.

How would he not know the truth. However, he valued promises the most in his life. He promised he would give them fifty dan beads, so he would give them fifty, no less, no more. Even though Master Bai might become his biggest enemy in the future, he would never break his promise for that. He would disdain himself if he did!

For him, to keep a promise was much more important to keep twenty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads!

"You are saying… after you said it, Feng Monarch still didn’t say anything about it?" Master Bai was dressed in white clothes and golden hat in the bamboo forest. His face was like jade and his eyes were profound, like there was ocean and stars in them.

Since he started to recover, he was changing bit by bit, turning to his prime status!

It happened fast. Master Bai became more experienced too.

"That’s right." Xiu-Er lowered her head with a pale face.

She knew that she had done something seriously wrong.

That was why she reported it to Master Bai as soon as she returned.

"That’s alright." Ling Wuxie wanted to say something, but Master Bai stopped him. Before he said anything, Master Bai took a breath out with relief and said with a smile, "Feng Zhiling won’t stick on such a thing. You didn’t make anything worse. Why are you becoming craven now, Xiu-Er? You are Xiu of the Heavens! Come on!"

Xiu-Er realized Master Bai was joking now, so she felt relieved. She said, "I truly shouldn’t have said that. It concerns Master’s future after all. I shouldn’t be so reckless."

Master Bai laughed. "You silly girl. Even if Feng Monarch doesn’t want to make the rest for me, so what? Who on earth can repudiate a debt from me? You are blinded by that minor things. If you should be punished, that should be underestimating your master!"

Xiu-Er thought deeper and agreed!

[There are no more than ten people in the universe who dares to repudiate a debt from Master!]

[Feng Zhiling is absolutely not included!]

[How would he dare!]

[Even if he is so stupid to do so, it would never end up as he wishes! I was being silly!]

And then she laughed. She didn’t feel troubled anymore.

Xiu-Er and Wan-Er left to their room. Ling Wuxie said, "That was not true. There may not be many people who dares to break a promise to you, but Feng Zhiling must be one!"

Master Bai smiled. "Certainly, Feng Zhiling dares to mess with me that way! Even though you don’t, he does!"

"Then why can’t I say it?" Ling Wuxie was unsatisfied. He was annoyed because Master Bai didn’t let him talk, and also looked down upon him!

"You tell the truth at any time any place. Do you know if you said it, Xiu-Er would be sad for a long time!" Master Bai looked at him and said, "Xiu-Er is my woman. She did something wrong, so what? I will take the responsibility myself! If a man cannot make his woman happy and only let her live in sorrow and guilt… he must be an awful man!"

Ling Wuxie’s face turned red. He raised up his hands and said, "Okay... You are right… I was wrong..."