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Chapter 622: Three Days

Chapter 622: Three Days

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Master Bai tapped his shoulder and said, "Wuxie, as a man, no matter what evil things you do outside, how high key you are, you have to be honest and gentle to your own woman, sincerely!"

"That is the most basic rule that a man should follow!"

Master Bai’s smile was warm.

Ling Wuxie felt respectful all of a sudden.

Bai Chen said, "There is definitely a loss because of what she said though. Feng Monarch will do something in return for sure, as I said. He made two dan beads with those materials a few days ago… When he finishes making it, he will definitely have more than fifty… He is truly the most capable dan-maker I have ever known in my life. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see this with my own eyes. There is actually such a talented dan-maker in the world, in such a low class realm."

Ling Wuxie interrupted, "Stop. Stop it now. I know he is a marvelous dan-maker. I know. I agree. But this is not a good time to praise him, is it? Just go on with what he may go after finishing the fifty dan beads, will you?"

"I thought he may give us a few more as a gift after the fifty dan beads. It won’t be many. Maybe eight or ten… Other than that, he may also give us something else."

"Stop it. Stop. What the hell are you talking about? Eight or ten? Not many? You think that is a small favor? And you think he will give you something else? Come on, Bai Chen. Are you serious? Don’t you know what Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan means? Eight or ten? Even one of it is already a great favor! Since when did you become so ignorant and arrogant?" Ling Wuxie was surprised.

"Oh, for everybody else, Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan must be a priceless treasure. However, for him, a grandmaster dan-maker, it means nothing. Maybe it is too easy for him to make it, or maybe he isn’t well informed enough to know the true value of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. Different man has different fate. Supreme Dan means a great deal to us, but for him, it is normal!" Master Bai explained.

"That’s true. As long as he has enough materials, supreme dan isn’t hard to have for him. Hmm… So how many supreme dan beads do you think he will give us when we leave?" Ling Wuxie asked.

"None. What Xiu-Er said today ruined it all. He is so smart. He certainly knows that the we won’t need to use the twenty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. However, he didn’t say anything about it. Apparently, those twenty dan beads are all that he will give up as gifts."

"He won’t need to give us anything else, since we will have the twenty more Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. If he gives us more, it will only show how valueless his dan beads are. Feng Zhiling is too smart to do such a stupid thing."

Bai Chen sighed. "In other words… her words… ruined at least eight people’s fast upgrading chances! If she didn’t say that, we may get at least thirty other kinds of Supreme Dan beads. What a shame. However, that is destiny. We can never ask more."

Ling Wuxie laughed. "Twenty more is already a surprise. Besides, I guess you won’t need to use up all that you have now, right?"

Bai Chen laughed. "One should never be too greedy."

And then he said, "Since so, me and you, we shall go visit Feng Monarch in three days." He half closed his eyes and said, "When he said he will finish it in three days, he wanted me to know… that I should go see him by then!"

"He knows that we should have a meeting soon! Maybe it is going to be the last chance we meet each other!"

Bai Chen smiled.

Ling Wuxie said, "That man is interesting."

"Indeed…" Bai Chen thought for a while and said. His eyes were glowing.

Three days after!

Xiu-Er and Wan-Er came to Ling-Bao Hall as promised.

"Feng Monarch." The two ladies were so solemn, speaking in an official tone.

Two men hid in the clouds up in the sky.

"Greetings, ladies." Feng Monarch looked tired. He hadn’t slept for a few days. Now, he nearly lied on the chair with a pale face. He said, "Finally! It’s done!"

Wan and Xiu were so happy to hear that. "Really?"

"Why would I lie?" Ye Xiao smiled and took out eight jade bottles. He seemed exhausted. "All here. You have taken thirty-four, so there are sixteen more in these bottles. Fifty dan beads, no less no more! You can count it if you like."

The two ladies tried so hard to suppress the excitement in their hearts. They knew Feng Zhiling wouldn’t lie about that, but they still didn’t want to risk it. They took over the bottles and started to check and count. After it was done, they took a long breath out with relief. "Feng Monarch, you are an honorable man!"

They looked at each other and said, "Now that you have kept your promise and made us all the dan beads. House of the Chaotic Storm is grateful. We appreciate your hard work. We have something else to do, so I guess we should take leave now."

Their master would come down to talk, so they decided to leave.

"Wait." Ye Xiao smiled and stopped them. He said in a low voice, "Maybe I am never going to see you two in the future, ladies… No matter what, we have known each other for a long time. It was lots of fun even when we were fighting against each other. These days, you two have helped me a great deal. Friends or enemies, time flies. I guess we are both friends and enemies at the same time."

The two ladies were shocked. They looked at him with confusion. [What is he talking about? Is it a gag or something?]

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath and said, "Look. You may think I am greedy because of what I have done these days… I asked for everything good that I heard and saw. I did everything to get what I wanted. I guess you must feel uncomfortable about it."