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Chapter 623: Yin Yang Soul Dan!

Chapter 623: Yin Yang Soul Dan!

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Wan-Er and Xiu-Er didn’t know what to say. That was difficult to respond.

If they said no, they were lying. If they said yes, they didn’t really feel it now…

"Ladies, you are both from the upper realm. You may stay in this mortal world for many years, but you always know that you are beyond all of us. You don’t care about mortal things here. You wouldn’t know the suffering for mortal people like me to climb up step by step." Ye Xiao sighed. "Although you two had most of your cultivation restrained, you still didn’t need anything mortal here in this world… Those priceless materials, treasures, I believe you two have never really thought highly of any."

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er finally nodded lightly to agree.

That was true. They never did.

They were from a higher realm, so they had more profound sight. That was natural.

For example, if a one hundred years old Snow Ginseng could provide ten years of cultivation in Land of Han-Yang, while one normal grass could provide one month of cultivation in Human Realm Upon Heavens, the two ladies would definitely choose the grass instead of the one hundred years old Snow Ginseng.

Two different worlds had different concepts of cultivation.

The ten years cultivation in Land of Han-Yang against the one month cultivation was in Human Realm Upon Heavens…

That was a huge difference!

Two totally different concepts!

"However, those materials are our hopes. We depend on them to improve ourselves!" Ye Xiao gloomily spoke, "That is why no matter what it takes, I will do whatever I can to get more materials from you… It is a good thing that I got them. No matter whether we are enemies or friends, no matter whether you are willing to give them to me or not, I got them. That is the only thing that matters."

Master Bai smiled and spoke to Ling Wuxie in the sky, "Feng Zhiling is not talking to the two girls."

Ling Wuxie nodded. "I know. He is talking to you. Maybe he wants to give you an explanation."

"It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t. I understand." Bai Chen sighed. "To fight for a path to get beyond the boundary of this world… It is just too difficult!"

Ling Wuxie was a bit sorrowful.

Feng Monarch spoke again.

"… Since I did get what I wanted, I have prepared something as a gift before you leave… A small gift."

Ye Xiao took out a space ring and grabbed two jade bottles out of it.

"Six dan beads in each bottle. You can take them now." Ye Xiao took a long breath out and said, "The dan beads I have that can improve cultivation or cure wounds… I guess you don’t need them, considering how powerful you are… However, the six dan beads here can be your savior when you are really going to die!"

Back from death!

Xiu of the Heavens and Wan of the Clouds were both motivated!

If those dan beads could really save their lives when they were going to die, that was a great favor!

Was it true?

"May I ask, Monarch, what is this dan?" Xiu-Er asked confusedly.

They surely wouldn’t easily trust him. They were so powerful now that they should know much more than the people in this world.

However, Feng Monarch actually showed them something they couldn’t understand. They wouldn’t easily trust it. In fact, they simply couldn’t believe it.

"The six dan beads are Yin Yang Soul Dan!" Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice. "Martial world in Human Realm Upon Heavens must be more dangerous than here… Ladies, you may be invincible in this world, even in Qing-Yun Realm, but not in Human Realm Upon Heavens… When you go back, please give Master Bai one bottle… And you two can share the six dan beads in the other bottle. Just take one dan bead with you when you are out for a mission or something. No matter how dangerous it is to you, you will survive with it."

"If you truly are in a fatal situation, like you are going to have both your body and soul vanish… or if you have to explode yourself to solve the problem, just swallow one dan bead and operate your martial art to digest it quickly."

"Swallow the dan bead and you can at least save the spirit essence of yourself, even if your body is completely vanished…" Ye Xiao gloomily spoke, "As long as Master Bai swallows one dan bead too and goes to the place where you died when you swallow the dan bead in a month, he can definitely sense your spirit essence…"

"I believe no matter how far away he is, he can always get to the place he wants to go within one month, right? Even in Human Realm Upon Heavens."

Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, "I believe Master Bai is capable enough to bring you back from death as long as he can find your spirit essence!"

He finally finished it.

Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens who were in front of Ye Xiao, even Master Bai and Ling Wuxie who were in the sky, were all stunned!

When Ye Xiao talked about the ladies’ death, he talked like they were definitely going to die in the future. If the dan beads were really that brilliant like he said, it must be something against the nature’s rule!

Even after self-explosion, they could still leave a piece of their spirit essence?

That meant… they could use self-explosion as a powerful attack!

In Human Realm Upon Heavens, as long as there was still a piece of spirit essence, they weren’t dead! They wouldn’t die!

Three dan beads meant three chances!

They hadn’t ever seen, even heard about such wonderful dan!

"We owe him a huge one this time," Bai Chen murmured in the sky. He sounded like complaining, but in fact he was so happy. He would love to owe Feng Zhiling anything as long as it was good for Wan and Xiu!

Ling Wuxie was a bit jealous when he got to know the dan beads. "Heavens and hell. That is some absolute great stuff. Bai Chen, you have to give me two dan beads…"

Bai Chen rudely spoke, "Get off! I’ll give you not a damn thing!"