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Chapter 624: Leave With Joy!

Chapter 624: Leave With Joy!

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Ling Wuxie was definitely upset. "God damn it. I came here working so hard. Am I not doing it for you? You conscienceless prick! You don’t even give me two dan beads? You are definitely the kind that will cut your friend for women!"

Bai Chen looked at him with disdainfulness and blandly said, "Shut up! Your sister!"

Ling Wuxie was annoyed, but he stopped talking.

Bai Chen spoke out the two words he didn’t want to hear the most again…

That was embarrassing!

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were both stunned!

When they took over the two bottles, their hands were shaking. "Thank you, Feng Monarch, for the great favor!"

They knew exactly how important the dan beads in the two bottles were to them!

People in Human Realm Upon Heavens might not dare to hurt Bai Chen, but there were plenty of them who dared to hurt the two ladies!

They weren’t accepted in that world as Bai Chen’s women after all.

Nobody liked them there. They couldn’t be his wives or concubines.

The stress and danger they were about to face were countless!

There were lots of people up there wanted to kill them both, no matter for what.

However, with the dan beads, they could at least survive three times!

No gift could be more valuable than this.

"Feng Monarch, we were enemies back then…" Wan-Er was a bit embarrassed. Her face was red. "We even made quite some troubles for you. Now we have such a great gift from you… I feel regret."

"I guess we are going to be enemies in the future too." Ye Xiao laughed and said, "In fact, I have never thought about being friends with you… Even though one day I will go to Human Realm Upon Heavens, I will still be your master’s enemy, not friend!"

The ladies were shocked.

They didn’t expect Feng Zhiling would be so frank.

"However, even so, I still need to give you this as a thanks for what you have done for me. Besides… when we meet in the future as enemies to each other, even though we will have a fatal fight against each other, I hope that you will die in my hands, not others."

Ye Xiao spoke in a heavy voice, "Do not die in other’s hands!"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er stayed silent for a while. They knew he was trying to let them feel better to take the dan beads. They understood. Both of them bowed with gratitude, "Thank you, Feng Monarch!"

They stood up and solemnly spoke, "Feng Monarch, you are being so kind. We should take it cheekily then. No matter we are going to be friends or enemies in the future, we will always remember what you did for us today!"

"If we are friends, we will definitely be honest to you full-heartedly. If we are enemies, we will not show any weakness as it is disrespecting. We would love to be your enemy, also your friend!" Wan-Er and Xiu-Er both said so.

"Good! Well said!" Ye Xiao laughed out loud. "When that day comes, I won’t be merciful either. I never show mercy to my enemy ever. Ladies, you must watch out. I am quite cunning. Oh right, you have experience of it…"

The ladies smiled sincerely, like two blossoming splendid flowers.

No matter how greedy and vile they thought Feng Monarch was earlier… they changed their minds now!

They even felt a bit guilty for thinking about Feng Zhiling like that.

"Then… we should get going?" The two ladies bowed. That was a sincere bow.


He stopped them again.

The two ladies just turned around, and they turned around again.

They saw Feng Monarch smiling and speaking, "I mean… Ladies… You are going to miss something most splendid here. Why so soon? Don’t you want the Agerasia Dan now?"

He then turned over his hand, and two more crystal jade bottles appeared. In the bottles, one supreme dan bead in each bottle with dan clouds rolling around, like hundreds of flowers blossoming at the same time!

"Ahh!" Xiu-Er couldn’t help exclaiming with joy! She nearly rushed over and held Feng Zhiling tight!

She was so excited!

They were so surprised!

They were so shocked!

They were… so… everything!

After they got the dan beads, they left with joy like two happy birds!

Ye Xiao smiled warmly watching the two ladies leaving happily.

No matter whether they were enemies or friends in the future, he felt that… it was always right thing to make a girl’s dream come true.

Girls were after all… the most beautiful beings in the world.

"I mean… Bai Bai." Ling Wuxie rubbed his lower jaw with confusion on his face. "I feel like there is something wrong in this. Don’t you have that feeling?"

Master Bai asked, "What is wrong? I don’t feel anything."

Ling Wuxie said, "He kept giving things to the two girls. Look at his roguish face. Friends and enemies. Isn’t it obvious… Does he want to have your girls? You should watch out a little… Don’t let him snatch your women… He is so good at pleasing girls. Don’t you see Xiu-Er nearly wanted to be friends to that guy there? Hey, hey…"

He laughed weirdly after talking.

Master Bai was annoyed. He slapped on Ling Wuxie’s head and said with anger, "Your sister! You should put down all those evil and vicious thoughts in your head! You shameless prick! Can’t you just be like an honorable man? Just follow me down to him now!"

Ling Wuxie held his head. He was speechless.

"You said it again… And you hit me… I was just joking… Look how loyal the two girls are to you. I guess nobody can take them away from you… You miser! You will definitely kill your friend for women! Your sister!"

As he was murmuring in a low voice, Master Bai had flew down to Ye Xiao.

Ling Wuxie followed him, annoyed.

Ye Xiao was deep in thought after he saw off Xiu of the Clouds and Wan of the Heavens. He silently sat on his chair, like he was thinking about something, also waiting for something.

He was even a bit disappointed somehow.

And then he sighed lightly.

At this moment, a clear voice sounded behind him. "Brother Feng, why sigh as there is nothing to sigh for? What on earth can make you sigh now?"

Ye Xiao didn’t look back but only answered with a smile, "Things can’t all go as I wish. I sighed for a certain reason. Brother Bai, you are smart and wise. Why don’t you have a guess why I sighed?"