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Chapter 625: Why Sigh?

Chapter 625: Why Sigh?

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As Ye Xiao spoke, he slowly turned around. What he saw were two guys standing behind him!

Master Bai and Ling Wuxie!

Ling Wuxie was wearing cyan clothes like smoke, while Master Bai was in white like snow. They stood there and made a beautiful scene, even though they were men!

Ling Wuxie rolled up his eyes and sighed. He thought, [These two are truly destined opponents. They actually started the logomachy right when they just met each other. That is a question that I definitely don’t know how to answer.]

[You sat here comfortably and suddenly sighed. Who on earth knows why you sighed?]

[You ask me why you sighed? Am I a worm in your belly or something? How the hell do I know…]

[Luckily, you asked Bai Chen, not me!]

[I guess I will just stay here and watch this play. No matter who wins, I won’t lose… It must be fun…]

Master Bai smiled and then paced a few steps. He blandly spoke, "I think, Brother Feng sighed, because you felt disappointed, you felt lost, and… you felt despondent. You have all these feelings, not because of others, but because of me!"

"Because of me, Bai Chen, you sighed, Feng Monarch," Master Bai affirmatively spoke.

Ling Wuxie was speechless.

[Because of you?]

[My heavens. Who do you think you are? You really love yourself too much… He just sighed, and you are so sure it was because of you? Can’t he sigh for the leaving of the two girls?]

[If I were him, I would definitely sigh for the two girls!]

[If I gave them a lot of things but didn’t get a hug in return, I would sigh. All he got was a few stupid words about friends and enemies and things like that. What else could he sigh for?]

[He sighed for this!]

[I am damn right!]


[I don’t want to embarrass you so I won’t say it! Don’t see me as a fool!]

However, when he heard what Feng Zhiling said, he was even more speechless.

"That’s right. I sighed because of you. You do know me, Brother Bai." Feng Monarch just admitted it.

He admitted that he, as a man, sighed for another man who knew him well!

Ling Wuxie felt it extremely baffling.

[What the hell is going on?]

[You didn’t see him! You could never notice us up there, because you are still too weak to do that.]

[Why the hell would you sigh for a man right after two beautiful girls left you?]

[Are you in love with Bai Chen?]

[Bai Chen doesn’t even like me, such a handsome guy! How would he like you? A low class native country man?]

[Pah! What am I talking about. Even if Bai Chen likes me, I won’t… Pah! What the hell is wrong with me! Anyway, I guess Feng Zhiling must be sick! He must be totally sick in the head!]

Feng Monarch continued, "Brother Bai, since you know I sighed for you, you must know why I sighed for you?"

Ling Wuxie was totally lost this time!

[What the fxck…]

[Is this still a conversation between two human beings?]

[Why does it so look like two psychos playing puzzles?]

[Yo, guess what I am thinking about?]

[Yo, I know you are thinking about that…]

[You are damn right. Guess why I am thinking about that…]

[What the bloody hell!]

Ling Wuxie could only feel headache.

If Feng Zhiling really was in love with Bai Chen, it would be much easier for Ling Wuxie to understand the current situation!

[I know Bai Chen is smarter than me, but I don’t think he is that much smarter than me… He actually knows what Feng Monarch is thinking? He actually knows what Feng Zhiling wants?]

[This is… I must be dreaming!]

[Wait! That is a conversation between two guys!]

[Feng Monarch… Is he also that smart like Bai Chen?]

[If he is, then doesn’t it mean he is also much cleverer than me?]

[Why would I say ‘also’?]

[Bloody heavens!]

[I am the only stupid one among the three of us?]

He was embarrassed, but he stood there maintaining a cool posture with his mouth shut, saying no words…

He knew whatever he said would be deemed as wrong.

Suddenly, Feng Zhiling and Bai Chen looked at him at the same time.

In their eyes, there was a sneer. They were expressing their thought, [What a fool!]

"Damn it! How dare you call me a fool?" Ling Wuxie burst with anger!

The two gentlemen looked at him with surprise. They obviously didn’t know he would actually say it. They looked at each other and their eyes were still smiling.

They read something clear in each other’s eyes!

They were expressing the same thing. [The fool actually knows what we mean by looking at our eyes… Such a clever fool… I never knew before…]

Ling Wuxie was completely defeated. He was disdained.

He walked to the table and made some tea for himself… He drank alone…

"Just tell me when you finish this." He then sat straight up on the chair facing the wall.

[I don’t see you. That should be fine now…]

[I am a fool. I don’t understand your evil minds… Alright?]


Master Bai gently spoke, "I surely know you sighed because of me, Brother Feng. And I also know why you sighed."

"I would love to hear it." Ye Xiao smiled.

"For such a long time, you thought I am your final opponent!" Bai Chen smiled and slowly spoke, "I guess you started to think so before I noticed it!"

"Brother Feng, you can stir up any disturbance in the world. You control the world here! You bring up chaos by waving your hand. Compared to House of the Chaotic Storms, you are much more capable of it!"

"You are running Ling-Bao Hall, but actually doing the same thing as I do. You are… controlling the situation of the world."

"If what I did was to go right, then what you did was to push me back to the left!"

"That is what you have been doing."

Bai Chen thought for a while and then said, "As a civilian organization, Ling-Bao Hall influenced the war, and the national affair, and even the situation of the entire Land of Han-Yang, including the different clans and sects in the martial world."

"Brother Feng, you even mobilized both the legal and illegal forces in the martial world!"