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Chapter 626: Hammer and Sword

Chapter 626: Hammer and Sword

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"Those things that you seemed irrelevant to Ling-Bao Hall, especially those concerned to national affair and the war. They didn’t seem like something that can be affected by a private business… however, if we think deeper about it, those things were all related to Ling-Bao Hall!"

"Such achievement. Brother Feng, you only used Ling-Bao Hall to get it done, and you did it within only one year… I have to be impressed and I shall admire you for that."

"With such capability, Brother Feng, you are incomparable in this world! The way you deal with things is significant!"

Master Bai blandly spoke, "However… your opponent, is me! House of the Chaotic Storms!"

"If I am not the owner of House of the Chaotic Storms… if Wan-Er and Xiu-Er are just two ordinary girls in this land, even though they are still powerful, the House of the Chaotic Storms would definitely be destroyed by you!"

"However, that is the problem. No matter how smart and wise you are, how profound you are, what you can do means barely anything in front of my absolute power!"

"You knew it, but it was an unchangeable fact!"

Master Bai smiled and his eyebrows raised up a bit.

Ye Xiao was listening to Master Bai concentratedly. Suddenly, he felt that the raised eyebrows of Bai Chen were like two hidden cyan dragons flying up!

That was significant pride that was like dragons flying in the firmament!

Ye Xiao frowned. He was emulative! He didn’t want to admit defeat!

Bai Chen suddenly felt the vigor of Feng Monarch at the same time.

The glow shined in Feng Zhiling’s eyes were full of pride, looking down upon the entire firmament!

That was… unyielding vigor! Absolute pride! Absolute… confidence!

All he could read was, [I am not any weaker than you!]

That feeling made him stop talking for a while after all that he said.

Everything was brought to silence.

"That’s right. I couldn’t do anything," Ye Xiao blandly spoke.

Bai Chen smiled. "So, no matter what you tried, what you did, what you planned, you have been under my suppression! No matter in what aspect… you were suppressed by the House of the Chaotic Storms.

"You don’t like it, but you were helpless.

"Because what suppressed you is my absolute power! Even though you are capable, you are not as capable as I am. You are far weaker.

"Under that suppression, you kept struggling and fighting! You wanted to ease the suppression, but only to find no matter what you tried, you couldn’t do it.

"The absolute power we have is beyond the limitation of this world! You… You are just fighting against a god with all that you can gather in this mortal world!

"You looked powerful and loud, but you were in fact foolish and you knew would never win!

"You knew there was no hope, but you didn’t yield. You even became more and more combative!

"My suppression made you so. It forced the combativeness out of you! It aroused your absolute confidence… When you face an enemy you can never defeat but you never give up, you fight more and more vigorous!

"When you face others in the future, what will you be like?

"You will be proud, confident, fearless and aggressive! You didn’t back off when you were fighting against me… You always had hope in your heart. When you face the others… you won’t fear them at all!

"The absolute power of the House of the Chaotic Storms may crash all the others in this world, even in Qing-Yun Realm, except you! For you, it spurs you up and up!

"It made you who you are today!

"You are unique in the ten thousand years history!

"Now that things are changed and we need to leave this world, Land of Han-Yang will be your own stage now! But… you have no opponents here.

"When we leave, you will only feel unaccustomed… Because there is nobody in this world who could make you really strike!

"It was like the suppression suddenly disappeared when you are used to it already! Maybe you will feel excited, thrilled, and happy, but when you realize that you didn’t defeat that suppression and it vanished just like that, you will get lost for a certain period of time!

"Especially you! Such a proud man. What you have been thinking… must be ‘if only Master Bai won’t leave but stay here to be my opponent forever’.

"That is why you sighed.

"Royal house, the world, the martial world or anything else… Maybe there are still people who can threaten your life. However, there is really none… that you can’t defeat!"

Bai Chen spoke in a low voice, "Feng Monarch, sometimes, when a hammer strikes down, it may crush many things… However, the thing that the hammer doesn’t crush, will become a sharp sword eventually! It will be sharp and invincible!

"I am glad that I can be the hammer! I am also disappointed that I didn’t crush you!

"I thought that I could easily destroy everything in this world, however, no matter how hard I strike, how I continually strike… I can’t break your confidence!"

"That is why… I would love to be your opponent!"