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Chapter 627: Dare Not to Bet!

Chapter 627: Dare Not to Bet!

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Bai Chen spoke in a heavy voice, "Surely, you are my opponent in tje Land of Han-Yang!"

Ye Xiao listened to him carefully and finally he said with a low voice, "You will find that I am your opponent not only in Land of Han-Yang!"

"Maybe someday, you will be too weak to be my opponent!" Ye Xiao raised his head while looking at Bai Chen with sharp eyes.

In Bai Chen’s eyes, it shined sharp glow and he smiled. "I will wait then! If you really are going to be so powerful, I will be looking at you, admiring you."

"When that day comes, I will show you… no mercy!"

Bai Chen blandly spoke.

"The same to you. I won’t show you any mercy!" Ye Xiao laughed. "Wait and see. I will be the one to defeat you!"

He spoke in a heavy voice, "In any aspect!"

Master Bai laughed!

The next moment, he said in a low voice, "However, for what you gave me earlier, I will never forget to be grateful! Enemies or friends, I will never forget what you did!"

Master Bai knew that he owed Feng Zhiling a great deal deep in his heart, as Wan-Er and Xiu-Er got those dan beads from Feng Zhiling!

That was his responsibility now!

Those were good stuffs he would dream for.

"Brother Bai, you are being too polite now." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "They have helped me a lot, so I gave them a few dan beads in return before they leave with you. That is all. It really isn’t about you at all. Don’t bear it in mind.Brother Bai you are being too serious on this. That makes me feel ashamed!"

Master Bai was calm as he solemnly spoke, "Thanks!"

That was extremely sincere!

Ye Xiao was a bit surprised, and then he answered, "You are welcome!"

That was also solemn and sincere! He also felt Master Bai’s special feeling for Wan-Er and Xiu-Er.

He was doing what a man should do.

Ling Wuxie made a long sigh. He looked downhearted.

He felt that he had already lost the bet already…

He watched the two men start to show respect and admiration to each other…

[Holy heavens! Aren’t they enemies?]

[To be friends and also enemies, huh? This is to be friends definitely not enemies!]

In fact, they were actually treating each other as the biggest enemy now!

To respect and protect one’s enemy was to respect oneself furthest!

Ye Xiao gave them the dan beads, because he knew it clearly.

Master Bai agreed to whatever Ye Xiao asked for earlier, because he knew it clearly too.

[I will let you become great! I will wait until you become great! I will wait till the day you and me fight in the firmament!]

[I believe no matter how strong you become, I will become stronger! I will never lose!]

[Definitely not!]

[I will sweep all difficulties in front of you! I will take care of your concerns behind you! I will help you ascend to the upper realm! Wait for me! Wait for the day when me and you fight in the firmament! I would love to do all this, because I know I will win!]

[I definitely will!]

From this moment, they completely took each other as their life-long rivals!

What they wanted in their lives, was to defeat the one another!

Master Bai wouldn’t slack even when he was back to Human Realm Upon Heavens, because in this low realm, Feng Zhiling could totally stand up to him as an equal!

Now that he was in such a dominant position, he wouldn’t want to be caught up by Feng Zhiling.

It would be a huge failure! It didn’t even need a real fight to sentence him as lost!

That was absolutely disgraceful.

Master bai started to really feel the stress from his opponent!

This stress spirited him up!

[Feng Monarch, I will not let you catch up!]

[The gap between you and me will only go wider and wider! I will be further and further away from you!]

Ye Xiao also stressed on this. He was also spirited up!

[Although you are up in the sky!]

[Although you are in a higher position!]

[Although you are already a figure in Human Realm Upon Heavens while I am just a mortal man!]

[Although you are like god!]

[I will catch up with you! I will get you! I will defeat you! Completely!]

[I will do it no matter what cost!]

[I believe I can!]

When he was just reborn, he only wanted to go back to Qing-Yun Realm and take revenge. He wanted to conquer the Qing-Yun Realm. However, he had changed it now! Completely!

[Master Bai!]

[Bai Chen!]

[He is my destined opponent!]

Ling Wuxie, the only man who witnessed this great moment in history, was completely ignorant at the moment. He didn’t know how important it was now. He was still feeling angry and unsatisfied!

"Now, time is up for me here in this mortal world. It has to be. My life here is going to end because of someone who I didn’t think much of before, who is blessed by fate!"

Bai Chen smiled and said, "I am here to say goodbye to you, Brother Feng. Maybe for the next thousands of years, you and me will never meet again."

His eyes looked sharp and he said, "Or maybe you will never have the opportunity to see me again in your life."

Ye Xiao smiled. "In my life? How about we bet on it?"

Master Bai was a bit surprised and then he laughed. "I don’t think so. I only bet when I have at least eighty percent chance to win. I never lost, except being set up one time. I think I only have thirty percent chance to win if I bet with you on this. I don’t think I will do it!"

Ling Wuxie thought, [Damn it. Bai Chen! Can you stop talking about it? That is long in the past. I did set you up that time. So what? You lost it to me! … He never bet unless he has over eighty percent chance to win. No wonder he always won. That is it. I see. I should never bet with him!]

[Eighty percent! Only fools will bet with you!]

And then he sighed. [I just became a fool a few days ago…]

He remembered he and Master Bai bet in the bamboo forest, on whether Feng Monarch would give them a gift or not!

Now as things happened…

He lost it again!