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Chapter 628: Nine Turns Heart Dan!

Chapter 628: Nine Turns Heart Dan!

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"Heh, heh. Master Bai, you don’t even believe what you just said," Ye Xiao spoke with disdainfulness, "how could you say that. That opened my eyes really!"

Master bai was a bit embarrassed so he rubbed his nose.

What he said sounded encouraging, but he wanted to give a blow to Feng Zhiling’s confidence. However, he actually showed lack of self-confidence. He didn’t even dare to answer Feng Zhiling.

He was certain that Feng Monarch would go up to Human Realm Upon Heavens after all!

He was totally sure, not just seventy percent!

There was no doubt!

"Take care." Master Bai was willing to leave.

"Wait," Ye Xiao said again.

Why is it ‘again’?

Because he had already said it twice earlier. This was the third time!

Master Bai clearly knew he might do so. He said, "Feng Monarch, is there anything you want to give me?"

Ye Xiao laughed. "That is why I told you to wait. Don’t rush. By the way, you looked pretty awkward when you prepared to leave."

"You need to learn to be nice." Master Bai bitterly smiled as he rubbed his nose.

The worst thing about Feng Zhiling was that he would speak out everything when he noticed what others were thinking, no matter when and no matter where they were. He might even try to strike you by that, and every strike hurts!

"We have been fighting in this mortal world. Now that you are leaving and I took much of advantages of you earlier," Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "I guess I should at least make it up a bit."

Master Bai was interested. "Oh?"

"You have about twenty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads ready to be used. I guess it must be more than enough. I won’t give you more of that then. You have countless of treasures, so I guess any treasure from me will only be ordinary. What I can give you now is only one dan bead."

Ye Xiao took out a bottle carefully. "I spent all the ten thousand years old materials and some other strange stuffs to make two stoves of Nine Turns Heart Dan!

"It is equally difficult as making Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. It requires many different kinds of materials and all materials should be old enough. Other than that, it also requires much of good luck. Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan doesn’t really mean anything special to me now. The success rate would be quite high as long as I get the materials right. This Nine Turns Heart Dan is the real masterpiece of mine!

"I used all those valuable materials from Wan and Xiu as the basic materials and put in many of the great stuffs I collected these years. I also poured in some Primordial Spiritual Qi I recently got by luck. Two stoves were successful. Each stove has three dan beads. That was such a great luck to have these dan beads done. They are very likely the only Nine Turns Heart Dan I can make in my life!

"There is one of them in this jade bottle!

"I will only give you this one!"

Ye Xiao blandly spoke.

"Nine Turns Heart Dan!" Ling Wuxie and Master Bai were both shocked when they heard the name of it. They stood up at the same time!

"Supreme Nine Turns Heart Dan!" Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "Maybe it is not as good as the ones made from materials of Human Realm Upon Heavens, but it is already the most valuable thing I made in my life."

Master Bai coughed. He seemed going to lose control.

He had thought that since Wan-Er and Xiu-Er had taken something from Feng Zhiling, he should already had his share.

He didn’t want to accept more from Feng Monarch, because he didn’t want to owe him too much.

However, when he saw this Nine Turns Heart Dan, he immediately changed his mind!

[That is Nine Turns Heart Dan in supreme level!]

How precious was Nine Turns Heart Dan then?

Since the beginning of the history, there had only shown up one Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead.

There was one dan bead that had been made in history after all!

However, Nine Turns Heart Dan in supreme level had never shown in the universe since the universe was created.


Some great dan masters spent their entire lives in Human Realm Upon Heavens and only made some normal-grade Nine Turns Heart Dan!

There was never dan clouds on it! Not even dan mist!

Those with dan glow were already supreme-grade in their eyes!

That was already a rare treasure in Human Realm Upon Heavens already! That was truly difficult to see in there. Once there was one of it shown, it would stir a disturbance in Human Realm Upon Heavens!

If Master Bai took this back to Human Realm Upon Heavens, even the four great dominators would start a big fight for it!

Nine Turns Heart Dan was dan that would act on mental state.

What was the most difficult thing to do while one was trying to break through a new stage?

Not the martial art level or any other cultivation capability, but only the upgrade of the mental state!

That was the key!

Once there was a saying, ‘one thought change leads to saint’!

That meant to become saint from a mortal man only needed an upgrade of the mental state!

How important mental state was to a cultivator!

That was why Nine Turns Heart Dan was so precious!

"Thank you!" Master Bai bowed sincerely and took over the jade bottle.

At this moment, he was thrilled.

Ye Xiao took a long breath out and said, "You are welcome. From now on, as I give you this dan bead, we owe each other nothing. I took advantages from your side. I know that you knew it. You just let it be. This dan bead is what I make it up for you. I will be released if you can rise up to the supreme."

He smiled and said, "You know how important it is to feel released for me as it is for you."

Master Bai nodded slowly and said, "That is right. In my opinion, you have already made it all up without giving me this dan bead. It was already beyond my expectation. Apparently, it was not for you. What you want is to release the burden on your heart. I understand."

Ye Xiao smiled. "True. I just want to be released."

Ling Wuxie looked at the small bottle in Master Bai’s hand with jealousy in eyes. His hands were moving out and back, as if he was going to grab it!

[Oh my almighty heavens… That is Nine Turns Heart Dan! In supreme level… Oh my great mother…]

[How come nobody gives me anything?]

Ling Wuxie was shouting in anger in his mind. Suddenly, he was enlightened. [Oh right. This isn’t finished yet. He should say that one more time, shouldn’t he? Maybe I still have the chance to get something!]

[Should I say… ‘take care’ like they did?]

Master Bai spoke in a deep voice, "Feng Monarch, everything comes to an end. I guess this is the end of our conversation. We will take leave now!"

Ye Xiao said, "That’s right. I won’t hold you for any longer. Safe trip. Take care!"

Ling Wuxie stepped forward and spoke in a strange voice, "We will leave now. TAKE CARE!"