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Chapter 629: You Will Have It Too!

Chapter 629: You Will Have It Too!

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Ye Xiao and Bai Chen were surprised. [What was that? This is a conversation between the two of us. We say take care and goodbye to each other, that is normal. What is wrong with you?]

How ever, since Ling Wuxie had said it already, Ye Xiao politely replied, "I wish you two both a safe trip. Fare well!"

And then… Ling Wuxie stood there without moving a bit or saying a word. The three of them just held there. Ling Wuxie said, "Feng Monarch, I said, TAKE CARE!"

He then looked at Ye Xiao with fever in his eyes!

[What? What is it?]

[What does he want?]

Ye Xiao and Bai Chen, two superior smart men in the world, were both shocked! They couldn’t understand it!

Ling Wuxie was complaining in his mind. [Feng Monarch should be a clever man. What is wrong with him? This is such a strong hint I am giving! Why the hell doesn’t he say ‘wait’ again!]

In fact, Ling Wuxie shouldn’t be blamed. Four people in a group came to Feng Zhiling. Two girls came first and said goodbye twice, then they got two times of ‘wait’, along with priceless dan beads. Master Bai also said goodbye and then Feng Zhiling said ‘wait’ before he gave Master Bai the Nine Turns Heart Dan.

[I have said take care to him, why hasn’t he said ‘wait’ yet?]

[Is Feng Zhiling out of his mind? He just gave his enemy such a supreme-stage treasure? And he doesn’t give me any? If he gives me some, maybe I can help him a little in the future…]

After a while, Bai Chen saw the greediness in Ling Wuxie’s glowing eyes. He knew his friend’s personality, so he was enlightened all of a sudden. He just didn’t know how to explain it to Feng Zhiling, so he said, "I mean, Wuxie, are you waiting for the ‘wait’ from Feng Monarch?"

Ye Xiao was confused and then finally understood. He smiled and said, "Lord Ling is such an interesting man. I said several times of ‘wait’ because they just happened. I gave the two ladies Yin Yang Soul Dan because they helped me a lot. Besides, they are Master Bai’s lovers, so I don’t want Master Bai to worry too much about the two ladies and affect his own cultivation."

"I gave them Agerasia Dan because I promised I would. I just made it yesterday, so I gave it to them today. The dan bead I gave Master Bai is nothing. It is merely a small gift of farewell. How could a small dan bead be of any importance to Master Bai. Heh, heh…"

Ling Wuxie felt frustrated. Bai Chen moved the jade bottle which contained the Nine Turns Heart Dan bead up and down like he was gloating. Ling felt jealous..

- Tick tick tick… -

Ling Wuxie opened his mouth while saliva came out from the corner of his mouth, dropping down to the floor. His eyes of greediness was showing that he could snatch that dan bead at any second.

Master Bai hurriedly put it in to his space rin. He knew Ling Wuxie was good at doing such things. If Ling took the dan bead, it would be quite difficult to take it back from him.

As Master Bai put away the jade bottle, he smiled and said, "Excuse me. This is what Ling Wuxie is like. He has been ignorant since he was a kid. He barely knows much and always wants the things he hasn’t seen. However, he is not a bad one. He will be jealous, but won’t hate or snatch it… That is his personality…"

Ling Wuxie stared at Master Bai with anger and thought, [God damn it. He actually said so, then I can’t snatch it anymore.] He felt extremely desired of Master Bai’s death at this very moment… He shouted, "You are ignorant, prick! Why don’t you give me that Nine Turns Heart Dan if you are so good… Give it to me then… Damn it! You prick! You got what you like so you talk like you don’t care… But I…"

He was venting the anger in his chest and being gloomy, "I have nothing… I just don’t like it this way… It is just…" Tears nearly came out of his eyes…

At this moment, suddenly a jade bottle showed up in front of him.

"Oh?" Ling Wuxie opened up his eyes widely looking at the jade bottle. He couldn’t believe it.

Ye Xiao was smiling warmly. "Brother Feng, you gave me a treasure, so that I can escape the punishment after making the dan beads. That is such a great favor. I thought you wouldn’t want my small dan beads. The only thing I am good at is making dan beads. I don’t have any other things to give you, so I didn’t prepare to give you anything. However, I am flattered when I just knew that you like my dan beads so much. There are two Nine Turns Heart Dan beads in the jade bottle. Please take it! Promise me don’t dislike it!"

[Take it? Dislike? Two!] Ling Wuxie was stunned.

Master Bai’s eyes were filled with extremely complex expressions.

[This Feng Monarch must not be any normal figure!]

[He is definitely an extremely dangerous figure!]

What surprised Bai Chen was how Feng Zhiling gave the dan beads!

Feng Zhiling and Bai Chen were destined to be enemies. Ling Wuxie was a great support on Bai Chen’s side. Besides, they were like brothers to each other, so he was confident that there was nothing to shake the firm relation between them!

However, as the Nine Turns Heart Dan showed up, even Bai Chen’s mind was shaken. Usually, he would have given Ling Wuxie that dan bead as Ling Wuxie wanted it so badly. However…

Ye Xiao knew there was something wrong with their relationship, and he didn’t ignore it. He actually gave Ling Wuxie two of the Nine Turns Heart Dan. That was such an overwhelming strategy.

Some might think that Ye Xiao wanted to enlarge the discordance, but Bai Chen knew that in turn, Feng Zhiling was trying to solve the problem. That was marvelous.

He knew Ling Wuxie and Bai Chen were best friends that nobody could easily break their relationship, so he actually did another favor for Bai Chen…

Bai Chen thought even more highly of Feng Zhiling now!

Ling Wuxie was totally freaked out because of the dan beads he got. His face was red and he incoherently spoke, "This… That… Truly… So… I’ll be damned… I… Really? For me?… Not joking? I… Me… Fxck!…"

Apparently, he didn’t know what he himself was talking about either!

"I am good friend to Brother Ling. How would I make such a joke to you?" Ye Xiao was still smiling warmly and gently.