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Chapter 630: Keep the Regret

Chapter 630: Keep the Regret

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Ling Wuxie held the jade bottle tight in his hand. After he reconfirmed that they were really Nine Turns Heart Dan, he still couldn’t quite believe it. His mouth and eyes were opened. He couldn’t even speak a word.

That was such a surprise!

[How could I possibly know that I would have such a big gain coming to Land of Han-Yang this time!]

[I really have mine too!]

[I have two! One more than Bai Chen! Twice of his! Does it mean… Feng Monarch likes me more?]

[What a surprise!]

[Oh my god! Gods do bless nice people.]

[I was so nice to come down trying to help Bai and tell him what happened up there. Otherwise, I would never get such a great opportunity. Heavens bless kind hearts really! I am a nice man with a kind heart!]


Ling Wuxie grinned ear to ear, laughing loudly. He kept rolling the jade bottle with the dan beads in it, laughing and laughing, until he saw Master Bai’s eyes, which were staring at the dan beads in his hand. He finally realized he should put it away immediately. He held it tight and said, "These are mine!"

Master Bai was embarrassed. "I won’t take it from you… You good for nothing…"

"Ah, only fools believe you! Being good for nothing is much better than having nothing!" Ling Wuxie was quite happy. "I won’t even let you look at these. They are mine…"

Master Bai was speechless.

Before they left, Master Bai stood in front of Ye Xiao and said with a sigh, "You know what, Feng Monarch, I was planning to help you become stronger. However, it turns out you are helping me. Things change. One can never predict the heaven’s will!"

"There is end to the world, but there is never end to the future. The stronger you are…" Ye Xiao smiled, "the better I will feel when I defeat you!"

Bai Chen was surprised and then laughed out loud.

While he was laughing, he said, "You know what. I do have one thing to regret in this world."

"Oh?" Ye Xiao asked.

"That is… I never saw your real face even till now." Master Bai looked at Feng Zhiling’s face and said, "This is not your face."

"No." Ye Xiao smiled. "But I don’t think you want to know the truth."

Bai Chen smiled. "That’s right. I won’t see it. I don’t want to know it. Just let the puzzle stay to the future. Let’s just get to it when we meet in Human Realm Upon Heavens. I want to see if I am having a correct guess!"

"Alright! Let’s wait and see!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke.

Two tall and strong figures walked out the door.

Ye Xiao’s voice sounded from inside, "Master Bai, please don’t mind me talking too much. Before you leave this world, you need to do something for those who died in the nine thousand years!"

Master Bai stopped and solemnly spoke, "I know. I am ready to do that!"

Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "Merits or demerits, if you just leave, it will be a regret."

Master Bai stayed silent for a while and then he said, "That is true."

Ling Wuxie’s voice sounded, "Feng Monarch, you are my friend. When you go to Human Realm Upon Heavens, I will do whatever I can to help. I may beat Bai Chen up to a pig head!"

Ye Xiao said thanks to him, but in fact he sighed in his heart.

[You are never going to stand on my side if the fight between me and him begins.]


The two men were apparently gone.

The speaking voice came from distance, "The tunnel will be blocked after half a year! Feng Monarch, are you ready?"

That was exactly Master Bai.

The first moment he was so close, yet the next moment, he was already gone off sight. He had recovered to his true cultivation. That was much powerful than what Ye Xiao could understand.

However, Ye Xiao knew he would be unbelievably powerful. It was the words from Master Bai which

shocked him. [Half year? That soon.]

Back to the bamboo forest, Ling Wuxie started to make trouble.

"Give me half of your Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads!"

"Piss off! Why don’t you give me one of your Nine Turns Heart Dan beads?"

"Get away! Fine. Can’t you just give me two of the Yin Yang Should Dan beads?"

"I won’t give you a damn thing!"

"Fine! Watch and see! Humph…"

"Humph your fat ass! A deal is a deal. That shop in Human Realm Upon Heavens is mine now!"

"You are a monster Bai Chen! Ahhhhh…"

Then they fought and fought, rolling on the floor…

- Puff! Puff! Puff! -

"Give it to me!"

- Puff! Puff! Puff! -

"No way! Give yours to me!"

"I won’t give in… I won’t give you anything! I mean it…"

At the same day.

In the north battle.

Ye Nantian finally got the fine weather he wanted so badly.

The Grassland Wolf also had the good day to go on their plan.

"Humph! If not the rainstorms earlier, the south troops without the lead of Ye Nantian would be defeated thoroughly long ago. Those southerners are truly lucky! However, today is the day their good luck ends! Without Ye Nantian, they are nothing!"

"That’s right! As reported, Ye Nantian should still be in Chen-Xing City. All assassins in the world gathered in the capital of Kingdom of Chen earlier. Their city is in a chaos. Their stupid king is terribly in trouble. He needs Ye Nantian’s support there to maintain the peace in the city."

"I heard their Second Prince’s family is wiped? Their Crown Prince committed treason? Their king lost two sons. He must be seriously sick at the moment. He won’t let Ye Nantian leave. Hahahaha… God bless me! The southerners are stupid. There are actually people among them who chose to commit treason at this time… Isn’t it a great help to us?"

"That’s right! Wolf King, please give the order! Let’s march out and enter the north! Kill their Northern Army and go straight to the south! As long as we break their forces now, even Ye Nantian couldn’t do anything when he returns. What a great opportunity!"

"That’s right! Give us the order, my Wolf King! As long as we entered the boundary, we can capture many of their women and kill many of their men… We will rule this world!"

"Right! The gold mountains of Kingdom of Chen are waiting. I can’t wait…"

"Since so, let’s march at midnight tonight! Let’s crash them!"


Cheering filled the tents in the grassland.