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Chapter 631: Marching in the Grassland!

Chapter 631: Marching in the Grassland!

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At the same time.

In Ye Nantian’s secret tent.

"We have shown weakness to them to an extreme extent. I believe they will make their final attack soon. When the fight begins, we should pretend defenseless, so that they will get in! We will sweep them all at once! Once and for all!"

"Yes, Commander!"



"Bow and arrow?"

"One hundred thousand archers in ten groups all stand by! Three quivers for each archer. Thirty arrows in each quiver! Everything were checked and confirmed for three times!"

"So we have nine million arrows in total?"

"We do, Commander!"

"Hmm. We can reuse some of them too. That’s good. Arrowhead?"

"Half of them are envenomed. We are working on the rest. Enemies are coming at any second. I don’t think we can make it. I didn’t finish my mission, so please, I will bear the punishment."

"What punishment? To finish half in such a short time. That is marvelous. Half of the nine million arrows. That is enough… Fire?"


"Where is my cavalry?"

"Commander, they have finished preparing. What they need is the order from you before they rush into the grassland!"

"Battle pit? Long-handled hook? Heel rope?"

"All set!"

"Rolling Stones on the mountains both sides?"

"All ready! I shall chop off my own head if anything goes wrong here!"

"Your head means nothing to me! I want everything ready!"

"Yes. All set!"


Ye Nantian stood up. He was so tall that he was like a sharp sword pointing up to the heavens. In his eyes, there was only gold killing qi. "Three day! We are in superior war preparedness! I think the attack from the grassland people will come tonight or tomorrow night… No matter what, as the fight begins, all I want is… that no more Grassland Wolves in the world!"

"All troops stand by! Three horses for every one of you. Two hundred thousand cavalrymen will be our vanguard. Seven hundred thousand soldiers will march in the grassland following the vanguard!"

"We will sweep the north to the end of the wasteland!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"No prisoners wanted this time! Women or men, elderly or children, we kill them all!"

"Yes, Commander!"

All the men in the tent stood up. They were thrilled and their eyes were filled with fever!

Grassland Wolf army had been a great danger for all kingdoms in the Land of Han-Yang. For so many years, they kept harassing the kingdoms at the borderland… They had even killed their way into the center of the land…

Wherever they went there was blood and flesh!

It was not simply a war between the kingdoms and the grassland men. That was ethnical enmity!

Enmity that would lead one to wipe out another!

Only when one side was extinct could it be ended!

Ye Nantian had planned this extinction fight for a long time before this!

In his heart, there would never be any grassland tribes in the world after this fight. The danger could be wiped out once and for all!

[That is when I finish what I promised to you!]

[My future will always be in Qing-Yun Realm!]

At the night.

It was purely dark in the sky because of the clouds. Wild wind was blowing!

The grassland was like an ocean in the dark rainstorm, rolling up and down…

In the waves of the grassland, a dark colored grassland troop was running like a group of ghosts!

More and more men on horses showed up after them. It became a huge army running along like seismic sea wave!

A sound of countless men shouting sounded all of a sudden.


Waves rolled like tides, rushing over to the camp of Ye Nantian’s Northern Army!

The fierceness and cruelness were in their nature. It made people scared even with a single glance.

At this moment, the Wolf King, who was in the second group of the marching forces, was actually making his speech on the horse. "This is the opportunity given by heavens! Our horses are stepping on the this land. Let me try to make a poem like those southerners!"

He thought and then suddenly pointed his horse whip forward, shouting, "Splash-ink in the sky while fierce wind blows; million waves marching to the middle land! Mountains and rivers come true from dreams; enmity from ancient days ends tonight!"

"Brilliant Wolf King!"

"Bravo! Great poem!"

"Hahahaha… Brothers! Come with me!"

"Kill them all!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"


The iron riders from grassland rushed into the camp of the Northern Army overwhelmingly. Everywhere was in chaos. Moaning, fighting, roaring, shouting, and all different sounds sounded.

It seemed the world fell into noise of chaos.

At the same time, fires were everywhere!

Almost half of the tents within a hundred miles were crashed in a short time!

"Grassland people are coming! Guys, we should retreat for now! Retreat!"

Someone loudly shouted, "Retreat! Retreat…"

After a short time of defense, everyone in the Northern Army was like having more feet to run. They suddenly ran so fast to all sides, spreading out. They looked just like running away from hunt…

They were running for their lives…

Countless of the soldiers didn’t even fight. They just kept running away.

Smoke rushed up to the sky, like it was going to cover all the glows from the sky. However, it was blown away by the wild wind immediately.

However, the grassland people had lost more people in this fight so far, at least thousands of them!

"Northern Army without Ye Nantian is no more the invincible army anymore! Completely cannot withstand a single blow! Go get them! Guys! Let’s go on the victory rush! We are going to rule the middle land!"

"Wolf King! Wait! Will this be a trap… We have been fighting against the Northern Ary for so many years. Since when they have become so easy to defeat? I am afraid this is their plan!"

"Hahaha… You fear Ye Nantian too much! You have lost your guts! If Ye Nantian is leading those men, I won’t be so rushing… But… Look how they flee! They are no more an army! Just a bunch of running dogs!"

"Look at the dust behind them. Look at that mess. You know how to rule soldiers. You know the battle too. I guess you know what elite troops look like, right? While the elite troops run, the dust rush up in tidiness! Look at them now…"

"If they truly set up a trap in that… then I must call it the strangest thing in the world…"