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Chapter 632: Lethal Ambush!

Chapter 632: Lethal Ambush!

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"Wolf King, we still need to be cautious. What if…"

"Get away! You can take your men and get out of here, coward! Don’t waste my time here! When I take the middle land, you will not get your share! You will get nothing! Get away!"

Wolf King shouted and laughed. He and his best troops rushed over like tides.

Hundreds of thousand men were all shouting and moving like a whirlwind…

The man who stopped the Wolf King halted for a while. He watched their grassland people rushing forward, entering into an undefended flat land. At that moment, he finally couldn’t bear just looking. He shouted, "We are going too! Let’s go! Hurry up…"


The last grassland troop was also shouting and rushing into the camp of the Northern Army. After that, they all got out from the camp from the other side, rushing up to the main force, shouting and crashing everything on their way…

[Glories! Wealth! Mountains! Rivers! Beauties… We are coming!]

Ye Nantian, who had planned all this, was standing on top of a mountain.

He gazed at the battle coldly.

He watched his men crashing like a collapsing mountain, fleeing to where they should lead the enemy to!

As the losing Northern Army just crossed the line, sound of the horse steps thundered up!

It sounded like drums beating with rhythm!

"The iron riders of Grassland Wolf are invincible in the world!" Ye Nantian sighed. "Those men grew up on the back of the horses… They are born to fight on the horses. That is… shocking! No wonder the kingdoms are never ever able to conquer them, even when the kingdoms were in their prime age!"

"However, this time, it is done. No matter how invincible they are, they will fall here! After this, Northern Army will be the only army who dares to claim inviolability!"

The grassland troops’ flags were flying in the wind in front. They rushed into the canyon, almost catching up with the losing Northern Army. They were shouting, raging, and swaying their weapons.

Behind the flags, there were countless men riding on their horses running into the canyon fiercely…

"The grassland folks are truly… reckless and foolhardy… Such an obvious ambush, they actually never doubted at all. They just ran into it…" A general beside Ye Nantian sighed.

"If they are smart as the guys in our court, they would have ruled the entire land for a long time already," another general coldly spoke.

"Maybe not." Ye Nantian smiled. He lightly smiled. "Things always have both sides. If they are really that smart… they may not be able to grow into such a threat to us like now."

The generals around Ye Nantian felt like laughing when they heard him.

He seemed talking about the grassland folks, but in fact he was sneering at those officials in the court. That was a cruel sarcasm indeed!

The grassland folks rushed like wild wind. Two hours had passed, yet they still couldn’t catch up with the Northern Army. They could see them in their sight, but never really able to catch them!

They were like a flood trying to get those men, but could never really do…

"Now, three fourth of them have crossed the line. It is almost time! As time passes, I am afraid we can no longer be able to lock the way out in time. If there is a hole there, we will need more work to fix it…" Ye Nantian’s eyes turned cold. "Do it now! Detonate!"

"Yes, Commander!"

A loud clarion resounded around the mountains. It shocked everybody’s heart, as well as the war!

- Dudu! Dudu… -

Clarion resounded from all the mountains all of a sudden.

The rushing grassland folks were frightened. Their hearts were all shaken!

[Amb… Ambush?]


[How come? This should be an easy fight!]

The next moment, what happened crushed their hope for luck!

Within seconds, detonation resounded from everywhere in the hundreds mile canyon!

It exploded!

That was a loud explosion. The entire land was even quivering because of it. It exploded everywhere… The horses of the grassland folks were panicking at the same time. Many horses were exploded into parts, and a lot of them wildly ran away. The grassland troops were not so tidily marching anymore. Eighty percent of the riders were damaged by the explosion!

It suddenly looked like the end of the world.

Whatever could be seen was men and horses being exploded into small parts…

The detonation was still going on. Horses were running away in panic, and some soldiers were stepped on by the horses and died…

After a while, another loud and terrifying sound reverberated.

Ye Nantian’s men set rolling rocks, and now, they were all rolling down to the canyon. They smashed those who didn’t died from explosion or stampede!

The land shook, as well as the mountains…

Lots of huge rocks started to roll down to the grassland folks because of the shake…

A thundering noise sounded. The cliff on the east side totally fell down! The explosion shook the mountain so badly that it led to a landslide!

That was such an enormous falling mountain!

Endless huge rocks fell down! It felt like the sky was collapsing, like a huge cloth was covering the entire land!

Tens of thousands of the grassland folks were smashed. Moans and scream echoed everywhere.

The grassland troops were divided into two parts by the falling mountain!