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Chapter 633: Settle the North

Chapter 633: Settle the North

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The detonation gradually subsided, but the canyon was still shaking, and the rocks were still falling down from the top of the mountains on the two sides of the hundreds mile long canyon. Some of them were pushed down, while the others were simply shaken off…

In fact, many soldiers fell off the mountain along with the rocks because they were careless when pushing them…

There were people rolling and lying down in the valley. The grassland folks all looked in despair…

That was a good plan. One after another layer of traps, striking again and again. They didn’t have any chance to escape at all.

It was their rattrap!

The one hundred mile long canyon had become full of blood and flesh. Dead bodies with blood were piled on the floor layer after layer!

"Make it faster! Push off all the rocks in seven minutes!" Ye Nantian shouted loudly. His voice shook the one hundred mile land!

- Boom… -

"Set the fire!"

In fact, he didn’t need to speak at all.

The canyon had already been covered by flames. Flames rose up everywhere, making it a splendid colorful valley.

The explosion had lit up all those fuel materials!

To lit up more was simply adding fuel to the fire.

However, that was a huge amount of fuel though! Endless dried firewoods were thrown down to the flame.

The fire were connected in the valley…

Smoke was rising up to the clouds.

Many grassland people were lit on fire already. They were moaning, running, rolling on the floor, trying to put the fire off…

However, as they rolled on the floor, there would be people or horses stepping over them…

The place was such a mess. Everybody was panicking. They ran without directions, with eyes filled with desperation.

"Archers ready!"


"Do not spare any men down there!"

Hundreds of thousand archers showed up on both side of the canyon. Arrow fell down like a rainstorm, falling to the crowd crazily…

The poisonous arrows were shooting rapidly. Fire and poison worked together to sweep all living beings!

"Reserve team ready! Come with me!"

Ye Nantian rushed out with his sword, shouting, "Kill!"

He then rushed off the mountaintop, riding over the collapsing mountain to the entrance of the valley. He swayed his long sword in the crowd which was the lucky one fourth of the grassland troops that were still outside the line. Hundreds of them fell down with blood splashing away under his sword attack!

The grassland troops in the valley would definitely die. He didn’t need to mind them at all. They had been killing each other and thirty percent were dead. Flames, bombs, and arrows were getting on them again and again. Inside the valley, it was like a hell!

Nobody could survive!

Ye Nantian crashed against the troops outside the valley!

He was like a tiger running into a bunch of sheep…

Hmm. No. It should be a huge tiger rushing into a bunch of rabbits!

Sheep would defend themselves with their horns, but rabbits only waited to be killed!

Ye Nantian was invincible at the moment. Wherever he passes, the grassland people all died!

"Ye Nantian!"

"Oh lord! He is Ye Nantian!"

"No wonder they could set up such an ambush… Ye Nantian was in command!"

"Heavens want us die!"

"We are done. We are done now. This godlike killer is leading them!"

"We must run…"

Ye Nantian’s name could arouse the deepest fear in the hearts of the grassland folks!

In this grassland, Northern Army or Grassland Wolf, nobody dared to violate Ye Nantian. Nobody dared to say that he could defeat Ye Nantian!

That was the prestige of the military god, Ye Nantian of the Kingdom of Chen!

He only showed himself, and the grassland folks were shocked badly already. They had lost will to fight. They could only flee and run for lives!

At this moment, they were stepping on each other.

Ye Nantian caught up with them. His long sword was shining splendid lights. That was a one way massacre…

One man was chasing and killing hundreds of thousand people in this one direction route…

He must be the only one in the history to do this!

He was unique!

After him, the horse steps sounded loudly. The cavalry that had been hiding for a long time showed up and rushed over like tides.

It was done!

It took them three full days to finish this fight!

Million grassland troops all died in this unnamed canyon!

After this battle, this unnamed canyon was named Extinction Canyon!

After this fight, the grassland tribes were all vanished in this place. They were only names in the history books!

Northern Army didn’t leave soon. Seven hundred thousand men searched the area again and again until they were sure no grassland people survived. All dead bodies were piled up separately.

As Ye Nantian gave the order, the dead bodies were all lit up in fire!

The army made a rally to pledge resolution before rushing into the grassland!

This was the fight that Ye Nantian would feel most guilty for his life. It was also the most cruel and bloody battle in the history of Land of Han-Yang!

The massacre began when Ye Nantian’s army marched to the grassland!

The young men in the grassland were all slaughtered within three months.

There was barely anybody in the grassland who survived, except a few really old people!

This was the ‘Hundred Massacre Days’ in history!

Ye Nantian settled the north with an extremely brutal fight!

He also got some infamy because of this. Butcher! Slayer! Inhuman…

After that, there was only civil war in the Land of Han-Yang. No invasion afterwards! There had never been any massacre and brutal outlanders.

How to judge Ye Nantian?

After this battle, Ye Nantian got to know that the Wolf King had made a poem once. He felt funny and he laughed.

"Splash-ink in the sky while fierce wind blows; million waves marching to the middle land! Mountains and rivers come true from dreams; enmity from ancient days ends tonight! Ha… I never knew this old man was actually good at this…" Ye Nantian read it and smiled. "Splash-ink in the sky while fierce wind blows; million wolves marching to the middle land! Victory brings peace to the kingdom; enmity from ancient days ends tonight! … Hmm. The last line is not bad. That tells the truth!"