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Chapter 634: World Memorial Ceremony (1)

Chapter 634: World Memorial Ceremony (1)

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The next day after Ye Nantian started the massacre.

The sky over Chen-Xing City, capital of the Kingdom of Chen, showed a strange phenomenon.

That was a sunny day with clear sky!

The sky was blue and the air temperature was pleasing. Everybody felt good.

The wind blew on their faces and they breath in the air. Everything made them feel comfortable.

Many old people breathed the air greedily and sighed. [This is the best day I ever have in Chen-Xing City!

They even felt less painful on their worn-out bodies…

At this day, the depression that had been in the sky for a long time and the bloody smell of killings were all gone…

That was such a peaceful day! Full of happiness and quietness!

While the sun was rising up in the sky, suddenly, one rainbow after another showed up around the sun.

There was no rain. How come there was a rainbow’?

People looked to the sky.

It wasn’t illusion. Rainbows showed up in the sky.

Suddenly, a lightning struck in the sky!

- Crack! - It was like making a crack in the sky!

There was even no clouds in the sky, only rainbows. How could there be lightnings?

Everybody was shocked!

However, everybody realized something serious was going to happen next…

They all looked at the rainbow up in the sky!

Ye Xiao walked out his room while holding Bing-Er, then looked at the sky, lost in thoughts.

Even the king, who was almost broken down, slowly walked out his bedroom looking at the sky, frowning without saying a word.

He didn’t know what was going to happen next.

More and more rainbows showed up. After a while, they slowly gathered together in the sky…

As they moved and moved…

It seemed the rainbows were gathering into a sign?

Everybody noticed there was a huge sign showing up in the sky.

They stared at the sky, not willing to miss any detail.

Apparently, they all realized that… this might be their only chance to see such a scene in the sky.

That was a rare opportunity, so how could they miss it.

As more and more rainbows gathered together, it formed something like stairs in the sky…

It was going up and up.

The rainbows on top gathered together too, making new structures upstair…

Step by step…

They all realized what it was going to be…

"Oh! That… looks like an…" somebody shouted.

"That’s right… It looks like an… altar?"

"Alright… Now that is going to be desk for fiesta… What is going on?"

"That’s a rainbow altar? That… is our god… going to do something in memory of somebody?"

"That’s not true… Whywould gods put an altar here, no matter who they are holding this for!"

"That’s true…"

"That is obviously something beyond human capability…"

"Well it is. Even the king, even the best martial artist in Sky Origin Stage, even the legendary Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall couldn’t do that…"

"This is so weird… So weird…"

"Hmm… fathomless…"

"Hush! Cut the crap! The god will hear you…"

"That’s right. Don’t talk. We must not disturb the gods. We will regret for the rest of our lives if we miss this chance…"

Under people’s watch, an altar actually formed with rainbows in the sky.

It was surrounded by mist. The rainbows formed into three sticks of incense too which burned on the desk.

The rainbows suddenly gathered faster.

Finally, there showed up three words.

‘World Memorial Ceremony’!

The words just showed up in the sky all of a sudden. It struck on everybody’s heart. Everybody was shocked.

[So it is an altar!]

The rainbows were still moving over from all sides. One after another, more and more words were formed in the sky beyond the altar.

‘All lands bow;’

‘All seas kowtow.’

‘Control the rise and fall with one hand;’

‘House of the Chaotic Storms!’

These were the words that first showed up.

The last line explained a lot to everybody.

"House of the Chaotic Storms! This is House of the Chaotic Storms!" It sounded extremely startling.

The king was reading the words slowly. "House of the Chaotic Storms… What is Master Bai trying to do here with all this magic?"

"What is House of the Chaotic Storms trying to do making such a huge scene?"

"This… Hmm… This is unfathomable…"

Two straight lines of words showed up one by one on the sides of the altar as the rainbows moved!

One word showed up after another.

Those were like elegiac couplets.

On the left, it said, ‘How many heroic figures died in the nine thousand years of chaos!’

On the right, it said, ‘How many countries collapsed during the three hundred times of decay!’

The words showed up one by one in the sky. It nearly covered the entire sky. The entire Land of Han-Yang seemed to be so solemn and filled with sorrow.

Countless people were standing on the ground looking up at the sky like they were fixed on the floor.

They all felt like sighing.

Nine thousand years of chaos was exactly what the House of the Chaotic Storms brought to the world. No matter how powerful and strong the ruling kingdom was in the world, as long as House of the Chaotic Storms showed up, it would become weak and fragile.

Another force would take place of it!

The shifts required so many battles, killings, blood and flesh. Countless heroic men died in the battles because of that.

The kingdoms shifted one after another. It only took House of the Chaotic Storms one snap of the finger!

There was no exception ever!

All those kingdoms, big or small, all vanished in the history and became names on the history books.