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Chapter 635: World Memorial Ceremony (2)

Chapter 635: World Memorial Ceremony (2)

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Three kingdoms collapsed!

That was what the House of the Chaotic Storms had done in history!

How many people died?

How many families were torn apart?

How many dreams were broken?

That was impossible to count, just like sands of Ganges River!

Now, the House of the Chaotic Storms set the altar up in the sky with fanfare.

This World Memorial Ceremony shocked the entire world!

Was it held for the people who died?

Those people who died because of the House of the Chaotic Storms!

People all stayed quiet and calm, waiting for what was going to happen next!

Suddenly, a sound of drum beat sounded and broke the silence the world!

- Drum! -

That sound came from the sky. However, people all felt like it was resounding in their hearts!

Their hearts were shaking along with it!

They kept shaking!

- Drum, drum, drum… -

The drum beats kept sounding.

The rainbows in the sky started to fall down one after another, like a stairway.

It was exactly the size for one person to step on.

When the last stair was done, the drum stopped.

It had sounded ninety-nine times in total!

And there were ninety-nine stairs of the stairway in total.

The ninety-nine stairs led to the World Memorial Ceremony altar!

The world was turned into silence again!

Everything was waiting!

However, was there really anybody who could step on the stairs and walk to the altar?

That was beyond human capability!

Only gods or ghosts could do that!

While everybody was looking at the sky, three figures started to rise up to the sky all of a sudden.

All were dressed in white like snow!

They showed up in the sky all of a sudden!

Among them there was a young man wearing white. His face was like jade, and his hair was dark.

On the two sides of this handsome young man, there were two pretty and exquisite ladies!

Even the most ignorant people knew who they were the moment when they showed up!

Everybody, no matter how unenlightened, could recognized them after the three of them showed up after the words ‘House of the Chaotic Storms’.

Master Bai!

The young man was the mysterious Master Bai, who was known as the true owner of House of the Chaotic Storms. He had controlled the rise and fall of the world for nine thousand years. However, nobody had ever seen his true face!

Now, he finally showed himself!

The ladies were absolutely Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens!

‘On the left stood Wan of the Clouds;’

‘On the right stood Xiu of the Heavens.’

‘With a wave of his hand, he could summon winds and cloud;’

‘By extending his arms, he could even grasp the universe!’

Everybody knew it in the Land of Han-Yang!

This moment, they finally saw their faces.

They were shocked and stunned.

They couldn’t believe these three figures would show up like this!

Many of them believed that they were old scary monsters with long white hairs and rickety bodies…

Stories about them were from nine thousand years earlier after all!

Who could imagine that they were still so young and energetic?

The three figures walked up to the sky step by step on the stairway. Everybody was watching them.

The wind blew.

Their white clothes were flying, as well as their hair. They looked so elegant.

They were solemn, looking straight forward.

Step by step, their strong vigor made everybody silent!

That was a long stairway, but it ended.

Master Baii stood in the middle. He raised his head a bit and looked at the altar, which was like the altar in a myth. He sighed and waved his hand. Three rainbows fell on his hand.

They became three burning incense sticks.

"To be witnessed by the sun and the moon, on the altar formed between sky and earth, with the incense made from rainbows, I here hold this memorial ceremony for the deaths!" Master Bai spoke loudly, "Many times, the House of the Chaotic Storm watched those lives fading away. We might not mean to do that, but we are to be blamed."

"Today, as requested by destiny, with the name of the world conqueror, I hereby commemorate the faded lives, and release our souls from purgatory. It is not enough, but I shall do what I can to show my sincerity to make it up for the deaths."

As he spoke, he bowed slightly with the incense sticks in his hands.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er bowed after him too.

"First, to the kingdoms, their kings and officials, which collapsed because of me, I wish them happy and peaceful afterlives…"

"Second, to those who fought and died for me, I wish them happy and peaceful afterlives!"

"Third, to the innocent citizens who died because of me, I wish them happy and peaceful afterlives!"

"Fourth, for the living beings that died because of me…"

"Fifth, …"


His voice was loud and clear.

It wasn’t blaring, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear it clearly.

From many places in the world, some dark smoke started to roll up and fade away in the air.

Those were the grievances that hadn’t been cleared up for all those years. They were finally released.

Endless resentful souls were finally released and went to transmigration!

As Master Bai’s ceremony went on, more and more dark smoke showed up and then disappeared.

People in the world all watched the shocking scene.

While Master Bai said ‘I wish them happy and peaceful afterlives’, it was more like an order than a wish!

In fact, he was giving orders!

[Whoever died because of me, no matter what, should be released to the transmigration of their next life!]

[Who on earth dares to stop them?]

Nobody dared to!

The world was in silence!

Only his voice was resounding in the sky again and again.

Even the wind didn’t make a sound, like it didn’t dare to interrupt Master Bai’s talking.

"Chaotic storm for nine thousand years. How many kingdoms rise and fall. Thousands of wars. Billion people in misery…" Master Bai sounded heavy-hearted. "Here, I shall apologize to the world. I apologize."

"From now on, there will be no more House of the Chaotic Storm!"

"Wan of the Clouds, Xiu of the Heavens, they will disappear in this world forever!"

"Now I will leave and never return!"

"Here I hold the World Memorial Ceremony!"

"I bow to the glorious souls!"

"I wish you all wealthy and peaceful afterlives!"

"Gods and spirits in the world shall follow my command!"

"The dark hell underground should be under my lead!"

"Open the gate for all these souls; there shall not be delays!"

"Requested by destiny, for the name of the world conqueror!"

"Who violates should be doomed eternally!"