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Chapter 636: World Memorial Ceremony (3)

Chapter 636: World Memorial Ceremony (3)

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After Master Bai finished his speech, huge masses of dark smoke rolled up from everywhere in the world. There had been a few masses of dark smokes everywhere, but now it was like dark clouds covering the sky!

Darkness covered the lights from the sky!

The entire land was covered by dark clouds!

When the dark smoke rose up about ten meters high, it suddenly boosted up to the sky. The wild wind from east to west blew it away immediately!

Master Bai stood in the sky with his flying clothes and a solemn face.

As he finished speaking, the World Memorial Ceremony had come to the end!

The world was still in silence!

Everyone could clearly feel the souls with resentment showed up and then disappeared.

It was a relief.

It was a release!

What happened was like god’s marvelous work!

The House of the Chaotic Storm left the world. It was a good news to all kings in the Land of Han-Yang. At the same time, it was also their relief. It was like the sword on their necks were suddenly gone.

Master Bai looked around, smiling all along.

At the moment, a brilliant sword rose up to the sky from inside the royal house of the Kingdom of Chen. It shot to Master Bai.

On the sword, there was a piece of white cloth.

Master Bai waved his hand and the sword fell to his hand.

He unfolded the cloth and then smiled. It was not the same smile now. It wasn’t the solemn and serious smile, but a casual smile!

‘The stranded souls are blessed and released in the World Memorial Ceremony you are holding. You admitted your mistake. How impressive and admirable. However, to err is human. You are right to admit your faults, but what about your achievements?’

‘During the years when the House of the Chaotic Storms ruled, all kings lived in fear. They feared they would be replaced someday by someone else. That is why all kings in nine thousand years are barely tyrannous. They all worked hard on ruling the kingdom and loved their own people. On one hand, they strengthened themselves so that the kingdom would solve the problems there might be in the future, and on the other, they wouldn’t want to replaced by the House of the Chaotic Storms with some other king.’

‘The deterrence made all the kings in the Land of Han-Yang good kings in nine thousand years! People in the world enjoyed the peaceful world for over eight thousand years. What you did for it cannot be forgotten.’

‘I think this memorial ceremony is not necessary. It surely may relieve you from your own guilt, however, the kings to come in the future will be beyond restraints. If people suffer because of it, isn’t it a sorrowful thing?’

‘Nine thousand years with you and the House of the Chaotic Storms, and there are only dozens of years in misery. If there weren’t you around, would any kingdom be eternal? Absolutely not!’

‘Human beings are greedy. They long for the glory of being king. That is unchangeable.’

‘Now that you are leaving, I don’t have anything proper to give as a gift. These words are my sincere wish for you. Hope your future is full of glorious light in Human Realm Upon Heavens!’

No signature on it.

However, it was obviously Chen Xuantian, king of Kingdom of Chen!

Master Bai turned around and looked at the royal house of the Kingdom of Chen. He smiled and spoke blandly, "Very kind of you."

He then waved his hand and the sword suddenly shined in golden lights. It became like a different sword, full of monarchical lights.

And then he pointed on the sword and blandly said, "It is kind of you to try to relieve me from guilt. I shall give you a sword as a gift! This sword is named Holy Providence. It can help you protect your kingdom. I wonder whether you can hold it stably!"

As he finished talking, the sword emitted enormous lights, flying up to the sky, lighting up the entire firmament.

Two words showed up in the white lights.

‘Holy Providence’!

After that, the white lights followed the sword, flying fast to the royal house of the Kingdom of Chen like a shooting star.

After the the king asked Master Sun to throw that sword out, he sighed and stopped watching the altar in the sky.

At the moment, he was frowning while lost in thoughts. The words written on the cloth was words from his heart. The House of the Chaotic Storms had planned to collapse Kingdom of Chen, so it was definitely Kingdom of Chen’s enemy.

However, the king might be hostile to it, but he didn’t hate it. The House of the Chaotic Storms and Master Bai collapsed many kingdoms. They chose their targets for certain reasons. What they did, in a further perspective, was positive for the development of the world. No wise kings would hate it.

The House of the Chaotic Storms told the world they were leaving. Like what Chen Xuantian wrote on the cloth, the kings would be released from the restraint, as House of the Chaotic Storms left in such a resounding way.

Once the constraining force was gone, the kings would become egoistic. Nobody knew what that would lead to in the future.

Chen Xuantian, as a king of a big kingdom, knew exactly what was going on.

That was why he was so worried. He couldn’t calm down.

At this moment, white lights lit up the sky and a stream of bright light shot over to him.

Under countless people’s watch, it shot into the King’s study room!

It was where he stayed right now!

That sword was so overwhelming that it might ruin half of the royal house at once, not to mention the study room!

However, as the white light entered the study room, it turned into silence, like an ox made of clay sinking in the sea.

The king was stunned. He hurriedly entered the inner room and found that the sword was back on the wall!

It was the King’s private sword that he used in the battles he attended long ago. It was hung on the wall for a long time.

Master Bai was so far away, yet he could actually throw it back to where it had been accurately. The sword was even back to the scabbard.

How amazing!

In fact, the truly amazing thing happened after this!

The King grabbed the sword and drew the sword out! - Clang! -

The sword was half out of the scabbard, yet it already emitted cold glows. Suddenly, the entire room was filled with the aura of the universe!