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Chapter 637: Farewell!

Chapter 637: Farewell!

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The king stared at the sword he had been using in the old days. It was definitely the same sword, yet it was so strange to him!

It was modified by Master Bai!

The sword had been in Master Bai’s hand for just a while, yet it was completely changed! It was much more elegant than before!

The sign of its old name had vanished, replaced by the two words.

‘Holy Providence’!

The ying quivered when he saw the two words!

[Is this his gift to me? As a response to my sincere words?]

[Holy Providence!]

[That means… before he leaves, he admits my royal position!]

[He admits to my fate!]

"This sword, from now on, is our Representative Sword of the Kingdom! Representative Sword of the Land! Representative Sword of the Fate! Only the peerless king of the entire world can hold this sword! In other words, whoever holds this sword, holds the world!"

The king took in a deep breath.

He was still quivering.

He didn’t expect to have such a precious return when he decided to say something deep from the bottom of his heart!

Feng Monarch had extended his life and now Master Bai gave him the sword, Holy Providence!

He gained the recognition of two of the most powerful men in the world!

Did it mean he was the only true king in this world?

At the same time, Master Bai’s voice resounded in the sky.

"The sword, Holy Providence, holds the fate of the world. Whoever gets it, gets it all!"

The entire Land of Han-Yang could hear him clearly!

And then he rolled his eyes and spoke in a low voice, "Feng Monarch, I’ll wait for you!"

In the House of Ye, Ye Xiao was staring at Master Bai, who was standing on the rainbows. His eyes were filled with complex expressions. He thought, [Don’t worry. I won’t let you wait too long!]

It was like they could do mind communication. As Ye Xiao just finished thinking, Master Bai laughed and said, "Now! Let the chaotic storms strike in Human Realm Upon Heavens!"

As he shouted, he jumped up of the rainbows and then flied up like a long dragon rising in the sky!

As he rose up, the altar and stairway exploded and became endless rainbows again that wrapped his body. Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens were on both sides of him. Their clothes were floating, as well as their hairs.

"I am coming!"

A cyan color figure flew up from the ground like lightning. The next moment, he was already shoulder to shoulder with Master Bai. They were rushing up to the firmament.

Everyone down in the earth was looking at them silently. They even tried not to blink, as they didn’t want to miss any detail of this.

They all knew that this was the most memorable thing they would see in their lives. Any tiny detail they missed now would lead to their lifelong regret for sure!

Suddenly, Master Bai loudly spoke, "One hand tears open the path in the firmament, while the other holds the sword with freedom. Reunion in Human Realm Upon Heavens, and rebuild the House of the Chaotic Storms!"

He then reached his both hands slowly and split something to two sides.

At this moment, his both hands showed up with colorful and splendid rainbow lights!

- Crack! -

It was like a glass bottle breaking into pieces, making a clear sound!

A strange fissure suddenly showed up in the sky. It seemed like he split the sky and made a fissure! Space was not something that could be split, yet it was like a paper in his hands! He just teared it from the middle!

In that fissure, there was boundless void with endless stars of the firmament.

Master Bai didn’t hesitate. He walked into the light of the stars, and the other three also entered after him.

The four of them entered the fissure and then the fissure started to close slowly.

They didn’t move fast, but they didn’t look back either. It seemed Land of Han-Yang, where they had left countless legendary stories, didn’t really mean that much to them!

As the space went back to normal, Master Bai disappeared with that fissure. He was never seen again.

At this moment.

The House of the Chaotic Storms, who controlled all kingdoms’ rise and fall, finally disappeared in the Land of Han-Yang.

Master Bai never returned to Land of Han-Yang in his life!

However, the stories about Master Bai, Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens, became more and more dramatic, and finally became a myth!

The Myth of Han-Yang!

‘Even if there was a man who occupied the highest position in the whole world, he wouldn’t be a match to the world’s No. 1 cultivator in white!’

This was known by the entire world!

That’s right. Even though you are in the highest position in the world, you can never be a match to Master Bai!

Because he could sweep everything you have if he wants, instantly!

If he wants, he could change history!

‘On the left stood Wan of the Clouds; on the right stood Xiu of the Heavens. With a wave of his hand, he could summon winds and cloud; by extending his arms, he could even grasp the universe!’

How vigorous!

How stylish!

How peerless!

How was this not a myth!

Especially… the scene that Master Bai showed up in the sky with Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens, it was so beautiful. His vigor and elegance could never be found again in the mortal world! They were beauties that could never be found in the world!

That was Master Bai!

Those were Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens!

They only existed upon the clouds, in the heavens!

‘It received complete respect from all countries. The seas bowed deeply, showing utter reverence. In front of them, empires were but mere child's play. This, is the House of the Chaotic Storm!’

It was an eternal legend, the ultimate myth.

It was irreplaceable!

It was unforgettable!

The only thing that people were still confused about was the last words Master Bai said before he left. ‘Feng Monarch, I will wait for you!’

[‘Feng Monarch’ is easy. Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, Feng Zhiling it is!]

[But ‘I will wait for you’, that is confusing!]

[Is Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall also… people from heavens?]

[Is he a recognized opponent to Master Bai?]

[It sounds just like so!]

[Well, since he is a recognized opponent to Master Bai, he should be in the same level as Master Bai!]

[By the way, who is the guy in cyan clothes? The one who flew up at the last minute? Nobody ever saw him before that…]

[He didn’t look like a servant to Master Bai. He flew side by side with Master Bai after all. Maybe he is a guard!]

[I never knew there were so many gods living around us in this world…]

Hmm. What would Ling Wuxie feel if he knew that was how people thought of him?

[Damn it! I am a guard now? Without a name? God damn the bloody heavens! I am in the same league with Bai Chen in Human Realm Upon Heavens… I am just a tiny bit weaker! That’s me, Ling Wuxie!]

Apparently, he had no chance to explain it to the people anymore!