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Chapter 638: Eternal Legend!

Chapter 638: Eternal Legend!

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The bamboo forest, where Master Bai used to live.

There were hundreds of men on their knees together.

They looked up at the sky.

Even after the rainbows were all gone and Master Bai had left this world, these men were still staying on the floor sincerely.

They seemed like worshiping their god and escorting him back to the world of gods!

They were the superior cultivators who had been working for the House of the Chaotic Storms.

After a long time, somebody started to move.

"Master is gone."

"That’s right… He really is…"

"I guess he won’t return…"

They all felt lost.

Each of them had a ring on the finger.

In the rings, there were huge amount of money and books of secret cultivation method, also lots of treasures…

Any one of those rings was valuable enough for one man and his children to live a luxury life!

The wealth of any of these men could make Wan Zhenghao, even Ye Xiao jealous!

Master Bai did try what he could to make good arrangements for his loyal men.

"What should we do next?"

That was a question in all their hearts.

Hundreds of men here, all were in Sky Origin Stage, top levels, were all like kids, lost and blank, not knowing what to do next.

They really didn’t have any plan.

"I will find a covert place and focus on cultivation." A big man with wild beard still kneeled on the floor, with his head lowered. He gloomily said, "I will spend my life to cultivate myself. I will try to be strong enough to rush up to that realm… I wish one day I can work for Master again up there. Even though I may fail, it always feels better to be one tiny bit closer to him."

"That’s right! I will cultivate too! Master just said it. ‘Reunion in Human Realm Upon Heavens, and rebuild the House of the Chaotic Storms’! He has hope on us. He wants us to go to the real world he is from… and meet him again, and rebuild the House of the Chaotic Storm there!"

"That’s right! We should all keep cultivating!"

One of them spoke in a low voice, "Didn’t he say that if we feel lost, we can go to Ling-Bao Hall and pledge loyalty to Feng Monarch? He is the recognized opponent of Master. It should be the fastest way to get up to that realm to stay with Feng Monarch."

They all turned quiet all of a sudden. It was obviously a reasonable idea!

One man sighed. "Feng Monarch is truly brilliant man. If Master didn’t show up, it may be a good thing that we all follow Feng Monarch."

"But… After working for Master, who on earth can we serve with sincerity anymore? Not a king! Not Feng Monarch!"

"That’s true. If we follow him, it will be faster to get see Master again. But we will be Feng Monarch’s men by then. What would Master feel when he sees us!"

"Loyal man won’t serve two masters. We can never work for Feng Zhiling!"

"Agree! Let’s find another way to cultivate ourselves."

"Let’s go!"

Hundreds of them all stood up. They looked at the mountain, the bamboo forest, and the houses emotionally. Finally, tears was out!

They looked back again and again while walking out with tears on their faces.

When they walked out the bamboo forest, they all felt extreme pain in their hearts. Sorrow struck them.

They turned around and got down on their knees, shouting with tears, "Master… You must… Wait for us… Reunion in Human Realm Upon Heavens, and rebuild the House of the Chaotic Storm!"

These men left eventually.

None of them pledged loyalty to any forces.

They just disappeared in the world.

Nobody knew where they had gone.

After then, more and more martial artists rose up to the upper realm in the Land of Han-Yang…

Everyone was gone.

What was left were only the mountain, the bamboo forest and the houses.

They were still there, with silence.

This place remained a forbidden area.

No one was able to get in.

No one knew what was in it.

It just stayed there silently. The bamboo forest was still the same size. No leaves fell. It just stayed there time after time…

It became a mysterious area of the Land of Han-Yang…

Just like the legend of the House of the Chaotic Storms and Master Bai…

An eternal legend…

Master Bai finally left.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt a bit lost. A strange emotion was covering his heart, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

Master Bai said something a while ago, which made Ye Xiao sigh earlier.

He was right.

Since Ye Xiao was reborn to this world and knew the existence of the House of the Chaotic Storms, Master Bai had been his main rival all the time in his heart!

All that he did, all that he wanted, all that he aimed at, was to defeat Master Bai and the House of the Chaotic Storms.

It was nearly impossible to do it. However, Ye Xiao pushed himself for it!

Now, his goal was gone.

Feng Monarch, who had been fighting against such a powerful opponent for such a long time, wouldn’t think highly of anybody in this world.

Invincibility brings loneliness.

Nobody could defeat an invincible man, but an invincible man had nobody in the world to fight against!

They seemed the same, but the former one was his achievement, while the latter was his misery!

It was lonely at the top!

There was always only one person at the top. How could that not be lonely?

In fact, while Master Bai talked to him earlier, he had this feeling already, but not that deep-felt!

Suddenly, he felt so bored, and he sighed.

"What happened, Master? Do you feel ill?"

"No. It’s just… I feel lonely, now that I no longer have an opponent." Ye Xiao shook his head. "I just can’t get it together. I feel bored no matter what I do."

That was so arrogant.

Since Bing-Er knew Ye Xiao was also Feng Zhiling, she didn’t think it was arrogant at all. Especially since Master Bai had left this world.

She knew that he must be lonely deep in his heart.