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Chapter 639: Reward Warrant Back

Chapter 639: Reward Warrant Back

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Bing-Er rolled her eyes and said, "It is a good thing to be invincible. That is peerless achievement. You should feel proud of it. Even if you may feel lonely, you should feel lonely some time later."

Ye Xiao was surprised. "Urh…"

"I read some novels in my spare time. There are some local tyrants. They are invincible in small places… They can bully people as they wish. They can even humiliate people’s family. They are just doing whatever they want." Bing-Er kept rolling her eyes, trying to prove how ‘good’ it is to be invincible.

Ye Xiao was speechless. [I mean, my girl, am I a local tyrant to you? Is that a praise or…]

"You are bored. Why don’t we try bullying others?" Bing-Er spoke with wide opened eyes, "Those tyrants bully poor people. Let’s bully the tyrants then… How’s that sound? It should be interesting! No matter what, you won’t feel bored!"

Ye Xiao didn’t seem thrilled at all. His face turned red. "Do you mean, I am a tyrant out of tyrants?"

"I do not mean it. You think so yourself. There is a saying… What is it… Oh… Not so, but quite close…" Bing-Er giggled, with her hand on the mouth.

"Humphed. Tyrants are bad guys. They do bad things on people. Do you understand? They capture girls. Do you know that? When a tyrant sees a beautiful girl like you, he will forcibly take her home to be his concubine… Do you know that…"

Ye Xiao gritted with his teeth and then realized deep in his heart, he wanted to be a tyrant right now. He couldn’t hold it anymore. He wanted to be a tyrant here, at least for once…

Bing-Er moved coquettishly in his arms and said, "Master, you are not a tyrant…"

"Yes, I am! I am a tyrant! At least for now!" Ye Xiao’s fire of desire in his heart was aroused by Bing-Er’s coquettish act. He gasped and grabbed Bing-Er. He talked and ogled, "Little girl. Smooth skin. Perfect shape. How gorgeous. You are mine now. Come on. Come with me and you will have a happy and enjoyable life ever…"

"No… No… Help… Somebody help…" Bing-Er shouted, to cooperate.

"Humph! No? I want you! You can only say yes! It won’t get you off no matter how loudly you shout! Why don’t you save some energy for… what will happen next between us… Jajajaja…" Ye Xiao laughed in a weird voice. He held Bing-Er’s waist and took her to the room. He kicked back on the door to close it… - Bang! -

In the room, there was a pornographic play taking place…

Ahem. Thirty million words abridged…

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Master Bai left this world in a world-shocking way. It aroused a huge disturbance in the world.

The House of the Chaotic Storms was finally gone!

Kings of the kingdoms all celebrated it!

[That bastard. Finally! He is gone! For so many years, I am suppressed like hell…]

[But… Before he left, he gave a sword… something called Holy Providence… to the Kingdom of Chen! Does it mean… the Kingdom of Chen is recognized as the heaven-sent?]

[How is that possible?]

[That is intolerable!]

Because of the sword, all the other kingdoms and forces in the Land of Han-Yang were sharing a bitter hatred.

They declared war to the Kingdom of Chen together!

All they wanted was to take the sword, Holy Providence!

The war was turning more and more dramatic.

The Kingdom of Chen had been fighting on four sides already. It wasn’t sure to win, but was not defeated for sure!

On the west, Kingdom of Lan-Feng was pushing so hard. That was the only positive side for the enemies. The other three were not even close.

Zhan Qianshan was fighting against Prince Hua-Yang, Su Dingguo. The two great generals were fighting with lots of wise schemes. That was a fine match…

On the south, General Lan was shielded by the great mountain from the sky. It blocked the southern barbarians and the Kingdom of Jin-Yang.

General Lan didn’t let them cross the line any closer.

The north…

There was no new reports from the north yet.

All people knew was that a huge fight happened a few days earlier. Ye Nantian won and kept chasing the grassland folks into the grassland. No news about him yet.

However, it was done in the north, as long as Ye Nantian’s troops didn’t get wiped out in the grassland.

To wipe out Ye Nantian’s iron army… was just impossible.

In other words, the north was settled!

Hmm. Not entirely settled though. The only question would be, how long would the Northern Army dash about in the grassland. Once they were done in the north and went to the other three battles, the war would be entirely changed. The Kingdom of Chen would seize the victory for sure!

The next few days, Ling-Bao Hall was busy again.

The reward warrants were coming back to the Ling-Bao Hall from everywhere in the world.

That was weird. Ling-Bao Hall had branches everywhere in the world. Feng Monarch had said that people could get the reward in any branch, as long as there was proof of mission complete. However, the assassins still chose to come to the headquarters in Kingdom of Chen no matter how far they were from!

It was like… those who didn’t get to the headquarters and didn’t see Feng Monarch in person… would not be recognized as qualified for the reward…

After all, even Master Bai, who was like a god, recognized Feng Monarch as his rival!

During these days, the guards on the gates of Kingdom of Chen could see many men of martial world, smiling, holding swords, taking a wooden box, walking into the city.

They looked like visiting their friends with great gifts.

Those wooden boxes were so exquisite like something priceless.

That was reasonable. In those boxes were the futures of these assassins… How could they not keep them safe?

However, the guards found that all that in the boxes were heads of dead men! That was not even close to exquisite!

The assassins wouldn’t mind. They just want to exchange for money with it…

Thus, during these days, Ling-Bao Hall kept giving out money like water-sprinkling.